Viking Gangbang

My trip to Reykjavík with Sandra was very relaxing. We had three days there to see the spectacular scenery on a Golden Circle tour, went out late at night far from the city lights to see the Aurora, soaked in the geothermally heated waters of Blue Lagoon Spa surrounded by snow capped mountains and Volcanic vents blasting superheated steam into the sky. We tried delicious local seafood, drank Brennivín and advertised a Viking Gangbang Party on FetLife.

Thanks to Odin, Loki and Thor for being benevolent Norse Gods and allowing me to use their likenesses in my Blue Lagoon pics above.

During my time in Iceland I was reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman which seemed appropriate given the Viking History of the region. Not long prior to our trip we watched I Remember You a very creepy Icelandic horror movie which haunted us a bit since many of the locations we visited had an eerie resemblance to some of the film sets.

The gangbang we advertised was well received on fetlife with plenty of local guys rsvping and messaging us to say they were coming. We’d requested that they either be fully naked for the party or come dressed in viking costumes. Unfortunately only one Icelander managed to show up and he wasn’t dressed as a viking. He did have a Viking look about him with his beard, toned physique and a certain marauding, village sacking potential. He and I gave Sandra a DP session of viking epic proportions. By the time we were done with her she looked like she’d been pillaged and plundered by all of Valhalla 🙂

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Hashtags above thanks to switter, a new social network for sexworkers. It’s a beautifully designed site made by and for sexworkers. Unfortunately certain political stunts in the USA aka SESTA/FOSTA. These new laws are supposedly to fight trafficking.

All they really do is garner political support for the politicians proposing the laws. They don’t actually believe the laws will do anything positive. They just want a popular platform. Lawmakers don’t care about the actual effect these laws have. IE makes it more difficult for independent escorts to advertise their own services and remain independent.

This puts more money into the hands of brothels, pimps etc who are more likely to be real criminals. Such positions do attract a certain type of scumbag who gets off on manipulating and exploiting sexworkers.

Any legislation against sexwork always makes it more dangerous to be a sexworker.

Sites like switter which are sex work positive and aren’t based in USA are the future.

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