Annas Angels contacted me today to ask if I’d be available to entertain a couple this evening. It was to be a duo with Kim Bentley. I’ve done some amazing duo sessions with Kim in the past so I jumped at the chance.

The session was a birthday present from a loving husband for his very beautiful young wife.

When I arrived I was greeted by Mr N and introduced to Mrs N. He was handsome in a Richard Gere kind of way and she was spectacular. Like a young Claudia Schiffer. Balloons, flowers, shopping bags etc were in abundance and a bottle of champagne chilled on ice. We soon toasted happy birthday and settled into their sofa to get to know each other.

Mr N was straight and wanted only to show Mrs N a good time. I made no secret how attractive I found Mrs N and she was all adorable smiles as she received my compliments. Soon she asked about my massage skills and I was only too happy to help her undress and get her onto the bed to demonstrate exactly how talented a masseur I am.

Kim arrived looking formidably beautiful as always to find Mrs N and I already naked in bed together but she knows what I’m like and wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

Some highlights of our session in no particular order =

Seeing Mrs N taking her first hit of poppers. Enthusiastically administered at the experienced hand of Kim. Corrupting innocent and inexperienced adults with their first anything is a delight not unfamiliar to me.

Catching Mrs N with one hand whilst not dropping the champagne flute held in my other hand as she almost toppled off the bed after her first ever hit of poppers.

Muffled moans of pleasure and wet licking noises coming from between Kim’s legs seated on Mr N’s face.

Kim and I taking turns licking Mrs N’s clit, fingering her g spot and using the magic wand on her in efforts to get her to squirt. By this time Kim and Mrs N were best friends and kept getting distracted since they were having too much fun gossiping in Russian and giggling to focus on the job at hand. So we failed to achieve squirting but succeeded in having a lot of fun.

Play fighting with Kim after I said something cheeky and was immediately punished via Kim smiling and laughing as she locked in a vice like choke hold around my neck. Kim is one of the strongest, fittest, most muscular Mistresses I’ve met. If she puts you in a headlock it’s like being embraced by a playful anaconda.

My own anaconda and I eventually gave Mrs N a happy birthday orgasm worthy of the occasion. Kim actually gave me a high five at this point having forgotten for now about wanting to choke me out, and we all toasted with champagne again.

Kim and I stayed well over the appointed time but we made sure the birthday girl was dressed and ready for a table reservation for her next birthday treat. By the time we left, they were ready for their restaurant dinner date. Mr N was looking very dashing and Mrs N was resplendent in a little black dress, louboutins and Chanel purse. Very little makeup necessary as she was already accessorised with an afterglow provided by yours truly 😉

Sandra and I have arranged our latest gangbang party for tonight and one of the gents who’ll be attending uses the nickname “orgasmatron” on fetlife. I just Googled Orgasmatron to see where he got the name and ended up researching the concept in great detail. Possibly the best Wikipedia article ever.

Barbarella experiencing the tender ministrations of the orgasmatron with the mad scientist dubbed in German is a cinematic masterpiece.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Viking Gangbang

My trip to Reykjavík with Sandra was very relaxing. We had three days there to see the spectacular scenery on a Golden Circle tour, went out late at night far from the city lights to see the Aurora, soaked in the geothermally heated waters of Blue Lagoon Spa surrounded by snow capped mountains and Volcanic vents blasting superheated steam into the sky. We tried delicious local seafood, drank Brennivín and advertised a Viking Gangbang Party on FetLife.

Thanks to Odin, Loki and Thor for being benevolent Norse Gods and allowing me to use their likenesses in my Blue Lagoon pics above.

During my time in Iceland I was reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman which seemed appropriate given the Viking History of the region. Not long prior to our trip we watched I Remember You a very creepy Icelandic horror movie which haunted us a bit since many of the locations we visited had an eerie resemblance to some of the film sets.

The gangbang we advertised was well received on fetlife with plenty of local guys rsvping and messaging us to say they were coming. We’d requested that they either be fully naked for the party or come dressed in viking costumes. Unfortunately only one Icelander managed to show up and he wasn’t dressed as a viking. He did have a Viking look about him with his beard, toned physique and a certain marauding, village sacking potential. He and I gave Sandra a DP session of viking epic proportions. By the time we were done with her she looked like she’d been pillaged and plundered by all of Valhalla 🙂


#escort #dom #prodom #maleescort #duos #couples #cuckolding #forcedbi #Reykjavik #Iceland #ozbigdownunder and @SandraMasseuse #maleescort #duos #gangbang

Hashtags above thanks to switter, a new social network for sexworkers. It’s a beautifully designed site made by and for sexworkers. Unfortunately certain political stunts in the USA aka SESTA/FOSTA. These new laws are supposedly to fight trafficking.

All they really do is garner political support for the politicians proposing the laws. They don’t actually believe the laws will do anything positive. They just want a popular platform. Lawmakers don’t care about the actual effect these laws have. IE makes it more difficult for independent escorts to advertise their own services and remain independent.

This puts more money into the hands of brothels, pimps etc who are more likely to be real criminals. Such positions do attract a certain type of scumbag who gets off on manipulating and exploiting sexworkers.

Any legislation against sexwork always makes it more dangerous to be a sexworker.

Sites like switter which are sex work positive and aren’t based in USA are the future.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.



Bukakke Party

My Slave, Sandra and I, held a Bukakke Party the other day. Advertised via Fetlife with the intention of extending our hospitality to a small group of gentlemen to attend Chez Oz for repartee, aperitifs and multiple facial cumshots.

FetLife is a social networking website that serves people interested in BDSM, fetishism, and kink.

A fetish in pornography, the hallmarks of which is multiple men orgasming onto the face and body of a single girl. The genre was pretty much created by japanese adult film director Kazuhiko Matsumoto. The word itself is a conjugation of two japanese words, and roughly means “splash”

Our small but intimate soirée went swimmingly! Much fun was had by all. Libations were consumed, new friends were made and Sandra had her face absolutely drenched by 8 generous loads of semen.

I was very impressed that of the 12 responses we had on fetlife, 8 of them showed up within minutes of the agreed time. Those who couldn’t attend did let us know beforehand as we’d requested. Zero no shows. All 8 gentlemen brought with them the requested fee and all were polite, respectful and and in good spirits.

In no time our little group of ejaculators were comfortable enough in one anothers company to chat, laugh, have a drink, get naked and start jerking off onto Sandra’s face. Everyone got hard and with minimal guidance from myself, everyone was positioned where they needed to be at key moments for unobstructed access to inseminate Sandra’s face.

Sandra had a great time teasing our guests, giving them each a funny nickname. Skillfully getting each of them excited, talking dirty, spitting on a cock here, licking some balls there, stroking a nipple. With poise she bent over and spread her legs to show her wet pussy and then got back on her knees ready for the next cumshot. She worked the crowd expertly and to great effect. Said effect measured in ever increasing quantities of cum smeared across her face.

All attendees excelled themselves in behaving with grace and decorum and in admirable performance. We’ve added them as our friends on fetlife and they’ll receive invitations to all our future Bukakke and Gangbang parties. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Mistress Absolute and Mistress Aleera

Today I was invited by Mistress Absolute and Mistress Aleera to join a session with their pocket sized slave boy.

I’d been recommended by Miss Mighty who’s familiar with my work having sessioned together as a duo several times on some very enjoyable forced bi sessions.

The session was a welcome back for Mistress Absolute’s slave who’d been forced to take a break from sessions due to illness. Now recovered, she’d prepared something special for him as a treat. He had once written a wish list under mistress’s orders and had perhaps forgotten that the list existed.

Mistress Absolute decided this was to be the day for one listed item to be ticked off that list at long last. That item being his desire to be handed over to a master in servitude and to experience his very first ever cock sucking and ass fucking experience with a real cock.

Our slave had already served Mistress Absolute faithfully for many years and such extensive training at the hand of a very experienced domme with a genuine passion for BDSM had instilled him with impeccable obedience. Their rapport was such that the mood was light-hearted and fun.

When I arrived Mistresses Absolute and Aleera were playfully jousting with dildos attached to knuckle duster style hand grips and doing He Man impersonations “By the Power of Greyskull!” much to my nerdy delight. Also must mention the amazing logo on Mistress Absolute’s T-Shirt saying “Crying is Not a Safeword.”

They assured me he’d been thoroughly cleansed in preparation for taking my cock having received several espresso coffee infused enemas. I’d never heard of putting coffee in an enema before and joked that it will be the next new addition to Starbucks menu. They loved the idea!

Our Slave was suspended on a sling from an awesome four point suspension system. Electric winches to raise and lower him into position. Wrist and ankle cuffs immobilising him at our mercy.

Mistresses Absolute, Aleera and I toasted with glasses of wine. All three of us in high spirits, enjoying our newfound friendship and rejoicing at the prospect of abusing our helpless slave.

We allowed Slave a taste of wine too. Via mistress Absolute spitting a generous mouthful over his face. Some might have gone in his mouth but equally up his nose and in his eyes. Couldn’t help but laugh as we joked at our suspended connoisseur appreciating the wine by eye and nose.

Soon we were tag teaming away happily, High fiving each other over slaves tiny body dangling like a little fly in a spider web before us on the suspension cables.

I kept catching a glimpse of a diabolical grin and bloodthirsty gleam in the eye of Mistress Aleera. She really delights in what she does in quite a primal way. Teasing slaves cock through his cock cage with the magic wand, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and then denying him. She was in her element. And poor slave was beside himself relishing the pleasure of the vibrations but terrified by the prospect of accidentally cumming without Mistress Absolute’s permission.

In the end we rewarded slave for taking a rough ass fucking from me like a pro. We removed his cock cage and allowing him to demonstrate his special skill developed over years of expert training from his Mistress. He’s able to cum on demand with a ten second countdown! With my cock still in his ass, a strapon in his mouth and the magic wand on his little erection, we counted down. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and sure enough on 1 he obediently shot his little load. A tiny cum tribute to his Mistresses and Master 🙂

Mistress Absolute kindly offered to write a quote for me to post here =


I’m blushing! Mistress Absolute is a legend. It’s very special for me to receive this praise from her. And also an invitation to One of the club nights she runs – Club Subversion. I’ll be there 🙂

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Mistresses Chatterley, Mariangela and Charlotte

Yesterday I forced bi on two gentlemen in two separate sessions. The first was at the invitation of Mistresses Chatterley and Mariangela and the latter with Mistress Charlotte.

Mistresses Chatterley, Mariangela and I collaborated today for the first time as a trio. Both mistresses are tall, blonde, Busty, long legged, very beautiful and extremely talented dommes.

Our client is our regular and a repeat offender. His roleplay of choice being naughty schoolboy, strict mistresses and sometimes with myself joining in his sessions as a sadistic, very well endowed master to impart a much needed education on the finer points of forced bi.

On this occasion he’d already received a severe punishment just before I’d arrived. For his transgressions, he’d had Tabasco sauce smeared on his delicate little balls. Poor thing was writhing in agony but as both mistresses ministered to him with ice packs it soon became apparent that his suffering wasn’t altogether genuine. Ghastly boy was putting on a show because he was enjoying being fussed over and excited that his little tiny cock was receiving unaccustomed attention from his beautiful mistresses.

Naturally this was cause for further punishment. In the form of a severe caning from Mistress Chatterley. She wields said weapon with impeccable form. Mariangela I sat back and enjoyed the spectacle and each other. By the time our incorrigible charge begged for mercy, I was rock hard and wasted no time, applying protection, lubricant and approaching his prone form, buttocks spread, bent over the whipping bench.

I penetrated him slowly at first. Mistresses Chatterley and Mariangela both correcting our boys stance and posture. Verbally berating him, roughly handling him and applying a hard slap when necessary to get him in the perfect position.

I increased the power and rhythm of my thrusts until I was pounding him at full force and balls deep. He’s clearly been receiving the very best extracurricular ass training. He was able to take a very hard, deep and sustained pounding from me.

By the time I withdrew, his legs were shaking so much he could barely stand. The intense stimulation of his prostate had built to an almost unbearable intensity for him.

As I left he was being instructed to ejaculate within a time limit or else receive another 20 strokes of the cane.

Later that evening I got a call from Mistress Charlotte requesting my assistance with another forced bi session. This time with a sissy called Francesca.

Charlotte lives just 2 blocks from me and I’m very fortunate to have such a sexy neighbour. Whenever I see her I always try and fail not to stare at her tits too much. They’re a work of art. Truly hypnotic.

Francesca was crossdressed in fishnet stockings and a latex maids outfit. Her sissification completed with stiletto heels, make up and even stick on nails.

She had requested that Charlotte and I be her doting parents for the evening so we were addressed as mummy and daddy. Our little girl performed a titillating catwalk show for us at mummy’s instruction. She was then rewarded with the realisation of her secret hearts desire. To suck on daddy’s big cock.

Francesca gave me a very enthusiastic and sloppy blowjob with impressive deep throat, minimal choking and gagging and followed instructions obediently eg when told to lick my balls she went to work immediately. Her efforts were redoubled when mummy shoved a butt plug up her arse to further motivate her to suck cock like a pro.

Being a dirty slut came naturally to Francesca and with Charlotte and I to expertly guide her she demonstrated an aptitude for lap dancing and proved a gifted cum whore.

Later we relaxed and had a chat about our session and all agreed it had been a lot of fun and would be the first of many for Francesca. I mentioned that I’d been to London Alternative Market (LAM) the day before and bought some new nipple clamps. It was fun browsing all the kinky stalls at the market and I attended an awesome needleplay workshop presented by Mz_Mutley


Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Number One in the World


Someone on reddit the other day asked me how I became a male escort and wanted to know how I got to be number one in the world.

My ex gf became an escort and it seemed fun and profitable. I gave it a try and found I had certain marketable skills and attributes.

At that time I had an office job where I felt exploited, undervalued, overworked, unable to stand up for myself against a variety of sadists and sociopaths in management for fear of losing my job. I was getting paid just barely enough to cover my rent and bills from one payday to the next.

When I started escorting I suddenly found myself with a cash income massively in excess of my old salary. No managers. Complete freedom to work when I wanted and nothing stopping me from rejecting any client I didn’t want to see for any reason without even needing to offer an explanation.

I was accepting clients who seemed polite, respectful. My preference is to meet people who demonstrate that they’ve read my ad, understood which services I offered and which services I didn’t offer and were ready to book an appointment, show up, pay and have a good time. I rejected any who seemed rude, pushy, drunk or high on drugs and any who tried to haggle or pressure me to provide services my ad states that I don’t offer like bareback.

A lot of my clients were paying to experience something that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible for them to experience. eg Married men who had been bi curious their whole lives but never experimented for fear of possible repercussions if anyone found out. Guys who’d been fantasising and watching gay porn for years or decades finally getting the chance to suck a real cock.

I know I’m not exactly Mother Theresa but I’ve always felt like I’m making a difference in peoples lives. Doing something that makes them happy. I don’t think being repressed and sexually frustrated is healthy for anyone. Including for their loved ones. I think acting on their fantasies makes my clients better functioning spouses and parents, friends, and employees. I’m not curing cancer or solving world hunger but I’m satisfied that what I’m doing is good.

From the beginning I did my best to promote the services I enjoy most. eg seeing couples and doing duo sessions like cuckolding and forced bi with female escorts and mistresses. As a result I got a reputation for specialising in these kind of sessions. I got more and more of these bookings from good word of mouth, from reviews, and from recommendations from one escort to another of me as a duo partner.

After I set my website up and started blogging about the sessions that stood out for me, I started trending higher and higher on google for search terms relating to duos and couples. I’ve always been very hardworking when it comes to SEO and networking with other escorts. So now I’m number one in the world on google for search terms relating to those kind of sessions and I have a huge and always growing network of duo partners. Now almost all of my business is duos and couples.

I originally planned to keep working until I’d finished paying off my mortgage and then quit escorting and start my own ecotourism business. I already paid it but no plans to retire. Still having too much fun 😉

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Country Mansion Porn Scenes


I recently filmed some new porn scenes with my friend Emma at a country mansion location she’d rented for one day for a photoshoot.

I arrived, as arranged, just as the photographers were finishing up so that we could use the remaining few hours we had access to the mansion to film some scenes there.

Nick, the photographer, had taken some great pics. His website is The location was spectacular. A sprawling country mansion with numerous rooms each decorated in some odd take on quirky, old fashioned, eccentric luxury decor. The large bay windows throughout the house let in plenty of natural light since it was a bright sunny afternoon. They also let in the gaze of various neighbours and passers by much to our exhibitionist delight.

I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoyed producing them!

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Strictly Miss Brown

Just had a brilliant forced bi duo session with the inimitable Strictly Miss Brown. accompanied by a naughty schoolboy badly in need of punishment.

Miss Brown had lost patience with his poor performance in her classroom and brought him to the headmasters office. He was to receive a disciplinary spanking, flogging, paddling, caning and face fucking.

We took pity on his delicate buttocks and dressed him in black latex shorts. These protected him from being marked with bruises whilst I could still inflict considerable pain on his latex clad bottom.

The shorts had the added side effect of substantially amplifying every stroke of each implement to a volume far louder than can be achieved by striking bare skin. The paddle sounded like gunshots and the flogger like a bull whip crack.

The cane retained its characteristic whistling sound as it carved through the air en route to his ass. Upon impact emitting a very loud and pleasing report like a cannon shot echoing off my high ceiling.

The symphony I created was at times interrupted by whimpering and pleading but these outbursts where succinctly dealt with each time via a few sharp words from Miss Brown. Her experience and skill at domination is second to none, her discipline justly feared and her authority irresistible.

The session for the most part was about myself and her sub and her role was to be primarily as an observer. But each small involvement of hers in the session was like a work of art. I’m very impressed and can’t wait for another session where I can see a full demonstration of her mastery of corporal punishment!

At length I laid down my weapons of ass destruction and explained to the detainee in my charge the nature of his final punishment. Naturally, it would be a forced face fucking of a depth of brutality befitting his school yard crimes. To his credit he took my full 9 inches balls deep down his throat without gagging. Miss Brown noted this as evidence that he’d lied to her about the extent of his experience with cock.

He withdrew from my bigdownunder briefly to respond to her interrogation. Like a good boy he knows not to speak with his mouth full. He couldn’t conceal the truth from Miss Brown and confessed that he’d actually been sucking cock at every opportunity. Just two more things we’ll need to punish him for. Lying and being a cock slut.

With renewed vigour I thrusted full force down his throat until I was ready to cum then pulled out and shot a huge load all over his eager up turned face. Smiling beatifically up at us with gobs of cum dripping down his cheeks, and thanking us both for lessons and sperm bestowed.

Once our client had retreated to my bathroom to make himself respectable, Miss Brown whispered her compliments to me regarding my performance in comparison to other male escorts she’d booked in the past for forced bi sessions.

An oft repeated mantra amongst Mistresses I’ve sessioned with. = A surprising number of male escorts can’t get hard properly. Those who can eventually get hard hard, often can’t stay hard. Those who do manage to stay hard usually can’t cum when required.

I’ve never failed in this regard and my performance has become near legendary in Pro Domme circles. This session as well as many others came from word of mouth resulting from previous successful sessions. I love duo sessions and I hope this will be the first of many with the most elegant and intelligent of disciplinarians, Strictly Miss Brown ❤

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

TV Isabel and Helena

My long time regular and fellow pervert, Mike, booked a duo (trio) with TV Isabel , Helena and I the other night. A very good time was had by all. Mike loves cuckolding scenarios, TV s, stockings and voyeurism.

Our session was a roleplay scene where his wife and girlfriend had found out about one another. They were punishing him with some verbal humiliation, using him as an oral slave and forcing him to watch as they both had fun with a very well endowed Aussie stud.

Helena’s tits are adorably nicknamed jiji and juju! A fine pair and looked even finer liberally splattered in my cum at the end of the session.

As per Mike’s request they finished me off with Isabel’s stockinged foot stroking my balls while Helena expertly sucked me off. Mike proposed that I should cum on Isabel’s stockings but Helena playfully objected to this idea with the counter proposal that I should cum on her tits. Heated debate ensued. Stockings, tits, tits, stockings etc.

Happily I was able to resolve the argument. I’m a very heavy cummer so I reassured them I had a load more than sufficient to decorate both stockings on Isabel’s long, gorgeous legs and Helena’s ample bosom. The stockings were a mess but Isabel assured me lightweight nylon is the quickest and easiest thing to wash. Almost like they were designed to be spunked on.

Helena declined the wet wipes preferring to keep jiji and juju bathed in a healthy dose of vitamin S.

Helena’s ad description= blonde and busty 5’7 tall woman with 36DD breast, silky skin, a SEXY full figure, nice voluptuous, soft&curvy. I’m very relaxed and sensual, fun and friendly to all people.

Her advertised services = GFE, OWO, 69, CIM, MASSAGE, dinner date & overnight. Role Plays: Sexy Secretary, Mild Domination, Tie and Tease, Body Warship, Face sitting. Strap-on, Prostate massage, Golden shower, Cross-Dressing, Duo with TS or female friend, Foot Fetish and Party.

Isabel’s profile says she’s a Top with 8 inch cock fully functional hard and bottom with natural big ass. I do everything you want for your fantasy. I also cater to fetish fantasies.

She lists her likes as Dogging, Fetish Fairs, Hotels, Pubs, Anal, Sex. Big, Black Cocks, Bisexuality, Blow Jobs, Cock, Cum, Deep Throat, Dildos, Fisting, Forced-Bi, Fucking, Hard Sports. Straight Sex, Poppers, Pussy, Rimming, Sixty-Nine, Wanking, Watersports, Adult Baby, Babydolls. Basques, Corsets, Gloves, High Heels, Latex, Lingerie, Mini Skirts, PVC, Thigh Boots, Uniforms, Wigs, Age Play, Feet, Heavy Makeup, Nipples, Photo Sessions. Schoolgirl, Secretaries, Role Play, Verbal Abuse, Voyeurism and Crossdressing.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


I had a fun duo session last night with Charlie Green.

I got the call from Anna’s Angels agency to say my services were needed ASAP for a kinky double domination and forced bi session with Charlie and her client.

When I arrived I quickly said hi to Charlie, looking very sexy in a little nurses uniform top and naked from the waist down. Greeted her client who was spreadeagled on the bed with a big dildo up his bottom clearly having the time of his life. Then excused myself to go wash up quickly. When I returned Charlie kindly fixed me a drink, we clinked glasses and enjoyed a drink. Our client still impaled on 10 inches of silicone cock. The second I got undressed he had his lips around my Bigdownunder having lunged for it from across the room with his jaw almost unhinged, agape in eager anticipation of swallowing me balls deep into his throat.

Not a lot of forced component to this forced bi.

Charlie soon got him under control and following instructions again with a few good slaps across the buttocks to remind him who wears the strapon in that relationship. Speaking of which, Charlie wields a very mean strapon. Some time later after prolonged and energetic rogering of our gentleman friend from both ends. A tag team spitroast effort with repeated ass to mouth. At intervals when the play became too intense even for our very eager and enthusiastic cock and dildo recipient, we paused for a sip of wine a chat and a laugh. Then resumed with intensity redoubled. He took a truly impressive pounding from us both and when he couldn’t take another thrust we rewarded him with a load of cum in his mouth.

Charlie Green is the escort men and women dream about, she manifests class, and sophistication. Not only a lady of sexual prowess, coupled with model looks, but a burning desire to spend her time entertaining the likes of intellectual discerning gentleman.

Charlie’s companions instantly feel at ease by her charismatic, charming yet confident personality. She is a well-educated and refined women that always treats her lovers with compassion

Naturally she exudes style and intellect. She has so much to offer and can’t wait to accommodate your most cheeky rendezvous.


Age: 20
Height: 5’7″ / 170CM
Dress: 10
Curves: 34B
Smoking: NO
Tattoos or Piercings: NONE
Orientation: BISEXUAL
Availability: MOST DAYS
Available Hours: 10AM TO 3AM


Naughty Things:
Strap-on M


enjoy LIST

Rimming Giving
Role play
Sees women clients
Strap-on play

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.