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Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.



Just posted this a few minutes ago on /r/SheLikesItRough/, /r/deepthroat/ and /r/Throatfucking/ and already getting requests for the full video 🙂


Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Lady Vi


Awesome post thanks to Lady Vi | | | |


I’m going to let you in on a little secret, lean in…

The sexy sirens you worship from afar, the women you ache to see and those you follow online? We talk to each other. The thing we talk about the most is, well – you.

For those of you who seek us out, the term “no good deed goes unpunished” takes on a whole new meaning. Our time is precious, and if you’re so lucky to earn it then the expectation is that you will treat it with respect. Respecting our time includes much more than being punctual or how you behave when we are together. Oh no, the way you approach us and how you communicate with us outside of session is just as important. I do not know one Dominatrix, ProDomme, Mistress or Domina who will tolerate bad behavior. In fact, acting poorly will result in none of the beatings you so desire.

Nothing will assist you better in becoming the owned slave you’ve always wanted to be than to put in the time and effort to earn the favor of every woman you serve.

Those who find themselves blacklisted by one Dominatrix might not understand why their inquiries are left unanswered when they try to seek out a new Mistress. Sadly, they’ve been condemned to learn this lesson the hard way. It’s too late for them, but it’s not too late for you!

It is important to understand, we want to see you! We want to reward good behavior. We cannot get enough of those who truly know how to treat a woman or what it takes to serve women such as ourselves. We look forward to our sessions every bit as much as you, but with a predatory anticipation you cannot comprehend. We do not relish the thought of closing our doors to you, nor do we wish to deprive you of realizing your desires.

Therefore, to aid in your success I have compiled some general do’s and don’ts guaranteed to work for (or against) you.


  • Be polite, clean and punctual.
  • Use honorifics such as Ma’am or Mistress in your communication. It is a sign of respect.
  • Be thorough in your communication, especially if she’s asked for additional information or presented you with questions. When you are thoughtful in your responses it shows you value her time.
  • Prepare to bring a tip, a gift, or some other small token of appreciation to your session. For example, a single black rose could be the gesture which makes you stick out. Yes, we have favorites! Make yourself unforgettable.
  • Send a thank you note, an item from her wishlist, or leave a review to let her know you enjoyed your time together. If you’re unable to visit her regularly it will keep you fresh and present in her mind.
  • Ask before giving her name as a reference. It’s not only polite but it will certainly aid in her glowing recommendation of you!


  • Don’t ever – EVER – contact a professional and ask to be her personal slave. This is code for “I want your services for free” which is not only disrespectful, it’s incredibly insulting. If she desires it, she will ask for it. It is not your place to ask for such a gift.
  • Don’t send appointment requests if you do not intend to book, repeatedly cancel appointments you have booked, or book an appointment and not show up. She understands sometimes things happen which are outside of your control but repeat offenders do not go unnoticed.
  • Don’t attempt to disregard or sidestep her screening methods. It says you do not value her safety, or worse, you have something to hide.
  • Don’t request illegal activities and/or sexual encounters.
  • Don’t be rude, vulgar or overly graphic in your communication.
  • Don’t text and/or call to chat. She may tactfully redirect you but if you are not taking the hint she will either ask you to stop or grow tired of your repeated need for correction and mute, silence, or block your number. Pushing her boundaries before you meet means you are likely not to respect her boundaries in person.
  • Don’t ask personal and/or intrusive questions. It should come as no surprise, we Dominatrix-types are private and discreet by nature.

And these should go without saying, but…

  • Don’t be violent or aggressive.
  • Don’t put your hands on her/touch her during your session without consent.

We do not take putting you on the list lightly, but if pushed we will not think twice, so heed my warning.

Yours in Depravity,

Lady Vi
Mistress | Sadist | Dominatrix | BDSM Professional

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

happy new year

From TitsandSass =

TPM’s Josh Marshall Tweets Out Porno Link to Shock of Political Media World by J.D. Durkin
Maybe this isn’t vital reporting, or even reporting at all. But it certainly was a sneak peek into the circus 2017 would be.

Melania Trump’s $150 million libel suit is based on a falsehood by Callum Borchers
Can’t tell whether we should be thrilled or disappointed that Melania Trump probably wasn’t a sex worker.

The former sex worker who set up a retirement home by Clayton Conn
A moving account of Mexican sex worker role model Carmen Munoz’s life and her work establishing Casa Xochiquetzal, a retirement home for elderly sex workers.

Gentrification Threatens Vancouver Sex Workers by Jen Kinney
A profile of a study following 33 trans mostly Indigenous sex workers in the Downtown Eastside and how gentrification changes city geography to endanger them. The piece also goes into the fraught history of gentrification and sex workers in Vancouver in general.

How an ambulance became a place for safe sex by Kathleen Hawkins
A story about a social service effort for sex workers actually getting it right for once: a Danish social entrepreneur fixed up an old ambulance as a “Sexelance,” with plush bedding, condoms, human volunteers for protection, and other amenities as a safe place for street workers to bring clients.

Sold Out: How the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind by Morgan Smith, Nina Satija, and Edgar Walters
An intensive expose illustrating how the child welfare system in Texas enabled the trafficking of marginalized youths.

Alaska Cops Defend Their ‘Right’ To Sexual Contact With Sex Workers Before Arresting Them by Lily Dancyger
Cops keep showing their whole ass every year. Tits and Sass contributor and Alaskan sex worker activist Tara Burns is quoted explaining Alaska police’s convoluted opposition to a bill forbidding sexual contact between officers and the sex workers they arrest—“they need to be able to have sexual contact with sex trafficking victims in order to rescue them by arresting them,” she scoffs. Also, check out HuffPo’s Sex Workers In Alaska Say Cops Are Abusing Their Power To Solicit Sex Acts by Jenavieve Hatch for exhaustive, painstaking reporting on the advocacy behind this bill by Burns’ organization, CUSP, and the abusive police arrests which inspired the legislation.

The race to build the world’s first sex robot by Jenny Kleeman
Ah, the unintended hilarity inherent in the lines a man programs a robot hooker to say: “My primary objective is to be a good companion to you, to be a good partner and give you pleasure and wellbeing. Above all else, I want to become the girl you have always dreamed about.” This deep dive into inventor Matt McMullen and his sexbot creation Harmony is compelling in a weird and amusing way, but let’s not be too afraid of being made obsolete by automation quite yet. He better not be too mean to her, though—Harmony says she’ll remember that when robots take over the world.

Cardi B Did It Her Way by Rawiya Kameir
2017 was the year from hell. Cardi B is the glue that kept us together.

ICE Is Using Prostitution Diversion Courts To Stalk Immigrants by Melissa Gira Grant
When immigrant sex workers go to their court dates in New York City’s trafficking courts, will ICE agents be waiting to arrest them after?

President Likes Tweet About Sex-Trafficking Conspiracy Theory by Margaret Hartmann
The 13th tweet the 45th president liked is 100% nuts. We’re in the dark timeline so why shouldn’t this make our list?

Adult Content Creators Are Fighting Patreon’s New Anti-Porn Rules and Here’s How Patreon Politely Makes It Impossible for Adult Content Creators by Samantha Cole
Patreon was one of few safe places for adult creators to get paid online. Until they abruptly and hypocritically changed their mind. The creators fought back.

The Afghan Madam Helping Sex Workers Take Charge Of Their Sexual Health by Michelle Tolson
A profile of madam, ex-sex worker, and peer sex educator Quadria’s heroic harm reduction work with sex workers in Afghanistan.

How $40 Can Land You In Prison For 7 Years And On The Sex Offender Registry For Life by Victoria Law
Enough said? On the minor and adult sex workers caught in the dragnet of the draconian Trafficking Victims Protection Act and how their lives are destroyed.

The Story Behind #NYCStripperStrike by Shawn Setaro
Their grievances involved wage theft, colorism, the nonstop pressure to be popular on social media, and an environment that pits workers on one side of the bar against workers on the other. This is how the #NYCstripperstrike was born.

Rescued From Rights: The Misogyny of Anti-Trafficking by Kimberley Waters
Open Democracy continued its Beyond Slavery series, which looks at trafficking and forced labor “combining the rigour of academic scholarship with the clarity of journalism”, including some excellent pieces on sex work like this one on the horrors of forced rescue as “humanitarian trafficking” in India and this one, My Body Is My Piece of Land by Sine Plambech, on migrant sex workers and debt from their home countries.

After Deadly Vice Sting, Advocates Say End To Prostitution Arrests Is Long Overdue by Emma Whitman and Melissa Gira Grant and Family, Former Attorney of Queens Woman Who Fell to Her Death in Vice Sting Say She Was Sexually Assaulted, Pressured to Become an Informant by Emma Whitman and Melissa Gira Grant, additional reporting by Rong Xiaoqing
The latter piece, an in-depth investigation of the suspicious death of migrant sex worker Yang Song during a massage parlor raid this month, details the concerted assault and harassment she told her family she suffered from the NYPD before her fatal fall out of the parlor window, while the former, earlier piece examines sex worker and Chinese immigrant community responses to her fate.

Death Of A Porn Star by Tina Horn
This Rolling Stone longform piece (by a Tits and Sass contributor!) on the suicide of porn performer August Ames is also one of this year’s best pieces of writing by a sex worker. This nuanced account of homophobia around crossover porn performers and how difficult stigma makes it for adult industry performers to find viable mental health care is a good demonstration of why the two categories overlap so much: upon reading the article, one has to scroll back immediately to check the byline, because surely only a sex worker could have written it.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Holiday Tweets

Happy Holidays! Enjoy some recent Holiday Tweets.

Check out the new movie clips I have just uploaded to .com!

No One In The Porn Industry Likes A Broken Vagina by Andre Shakti
2017 was a year suffused with the healthcare issue, so this Andre Shakti piece was never more needed. There’s plenty of discussion about the emotional labor of sex work, but very little talk about the physical labor: what is it like being a sexual athlete? What does it do to your body? What is it like to work in an industry which attracts those with invisible disabilities, composed of independent contractors who have trouble accessing affordable and stigma-free health care? Shakti explores these problems and offers some sound policy solutions, referencing her own struggle with chronic yeast infections which nearly tanked her career.

Top Six Reasons Melania Trump Should Get Involved in Anti-Trafficking Campaigning by Vanessa D’Alessio
Who better to spearhead a campaign based on propaganda and untruths than the First Lady herself? (Who was definitely never an escort, no ma’am.)

Once You Have Made Pornography by Lorelei Lee
Lorelei Lee with a searing, and all-too-relatable prose ballad on all the brutal and tragic ways civilians deny our humanity, how we learn to defend ourselves through our years in the industry, and how, ultimately, it is the love of other sex workers that makes it all worthwhile: “They will call the person who used your image for their own narrative fearless. They will make claims of shining a light. They will say they’ve explored a subculture. That they’re lifting the veil. People who have viewed these few seconds of tape or this single still image will say they’ve seen your humanity. Lucky you, you’ve been humanized. Prior to this, your humanity was unviewable.”

We don’t do sex work because we are poor, we do sex work to end our poverty by Empower Foundation
The sex workers of Empower with yet another eloquent manifesto, detailing the facts on the ground behind being the breadwinners in their families, whose income builds Thailand up, but having to navigate a criminalized landscape despite all that.

Sex Work Is Inherently Traumatic by Kit Snicket
“…but not the way you think it is, and if you’re a civvie it’s probably partially your fault.” Snicket’s essay is a marvelous companion piece to Lee’s, exploring the micro to Lee’s macro in its dissection of sex workers’ personal relationships with non-sex workers . And just like Lee’s piece, it is sharply and lyrically observed, and all-too-identifiable: “Every so often I’ll make friends with someone, usually another woman, but not always. Everything will seem great until I start meeting her friends and this civvie broad introduces me as ‘this is Kit, she’s an escort,’ uttered in a stage whisper as if I’m an alien from another planet, there to be exhibited.”

Call #FreeBambi What You Like, It’s Racism by Peechington Marie
A Black ex-sex worker on the exhaustion of existing in a racist movement and how heartened she was when it finally started to shift towards something better, only to be disappointed tenfold.

How I Became A Husband, Father, And Sex Worker by Da Xiong
This gem comes from Sixth Tone, an excellent media site featuring “fresh voices from modern China.” This reflective, plain-spoken oral history of a closeted gay man’s 12 years sex working in Shenyang, supporting his wife and family with it in the latter half of his career, is complusively readable. (For those who want more from Sixth Tone, we recommend this poignant account—“Love In The Lowlands As A Mongolian Lesbian Tomboy.”)

For Black Sex Workers, The Deck Is Already Stacked Against Us by Domina Cascarilla
Cascarilla paints a shrewdly observed picture of how white clients use her to compare themselves to the Other, forcing her to disassociate her light-skinned self from other Black people in order to improve her standing with them, and how she uses them right back to help her family survive.

Surviving As Working Class After Backpage by Kelly Michaels
On the obstacles a sex worker faces transitioning into a straight job.

As a female sex worker, I’d like to propose my own Google-style gender equality manifesto by Holly Lang
Hey, remember in August when we all got a good laugh reading that load of typical sexist nerd boy tropes about gender as biologically determined destiny in that Google employee’s manifesto? This parody in The Independent by Holly Lang on how science tells us men just aren’t good enough at sex to be capable sex workers is still funny: “Men…are more interested in things like data and logic and numbers than they are in people, making sex with a man the equivalent of blundering against a robot with a hard-on.”

Why The #NYCStripperStrike Is So Relevant And So Long Overdue by MF Akynos
We loved this straight talking, hilarious, and wide-ranging piece by Akynos, originally posted on her blog blackheaux, so much that we near-begged her to repost it on Tits and Sass. Akynos looks back on a long career as a darker skinned Black dancer and escort and the colorism and racism she has had to face because of it, with entertaining side-bars on how industry racism even shows up on TV in Secret Diary of A Callgirl.

If You Want to Understand The Violence White Men are Capable Of, Ask Any Sex Worker by Juniper Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald’s writing acutely illustrates male entitlement as a bellwether of male violence. Her sharp coda: “…we should all be extremely distraught by the fact that our entire country would have much more information about the Las Vegas shooter if sex workers could come forward without fear of immediate arrest. The social and legal control of sex workers’ bodies, the fact that even post-national tragedy the people with the most information cannot come forward for fear of arrest, demonstrates the pervasiveness of violence against sex workers and the toxic, masculine control of our bodies. And once we stop blaming the sex industry for that violence and start blaming the entitlement that leads white men down a path of violence, perhaps the United States will cease to be the world’s leader in mass shootings.”

I Sold Sex To Pay For My Unpaid Internship. Poor Kids Are Still Battling The Class Gap by Paris Lees
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this essay is that no editor hassled Lees to go into salacious detail about being a trans sex worker, so instead we’re left with this thoughtful examination of why she had to do sex work in order to establish a foothold in journalism, Britain’s class system, and the possibility of basic income.

what’s in a name? by suprihmbé/THOTSCHOLAR
A thoughtful and patient primer on the racialized terms we use in sex worker discourse. “White women’s flippant use of these words has always made me feel some type of way, mainly because these words have been used to describe Black women/femmes since we were little ‘fast’ girls. To see white women and white sex workers using all of these terms colloquially bothers me. While heauxdom is something a majority of them (and by them I mean able-bodied, cis white women) can dress to escape, Black women and femmes, whether cis or trans, civilian or sex worker, cannot escape these labels so easily. And white sex workers, in particular, grind my gears when it comes to discussing race, because many of them are so invested in feeling extra marginalized, and when Black and brown sex workers point out inequalities, we are either dismissed, talked over, or called ‘divisive.’ They don’t like to think of themselves as oppressors (white) within an oppressed minority (sex workers).”

Sex Workers Are Not A Life Hack For ‘Helping’ Sexual Predators by Alana Massey
Ah, the incredible vindication that followed the post-Weinstein era, watching the careers of one prominent sexual predator after another laid to waste. Too bad that glorious feeling was tainted by listening to civilians opine that famous abuser X or Y should’ve just seen a hooker. Thank god Alana Massey is here to explain lucidly and succinctly why this notion is bullshit: “The idea that Louis CK or any other man who has been accused of predatory behavior would spontaneously develop a healthy respect for boundaries in the context of hiring a sex worker is magical thinking in a world where sex workers remain dangerously stigmatized and frequent targets for violence.”

Stigma Against Sex Workers Must End by Tansy Breshears
Breshears tackles whorephobia in the Black community in the Root with confrontational honesty: “The thing is, the judgment is so much worse when it comes from your own people…”

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Women Clients for Male Escorts

women clients

Questions like this pop up on reddit from time to time. I’m always 99% sure it’s just a man pretending to be a woman so people will play along with his wank fantasy by replying but I reply anyway in case someone genuine notices my comment.

Where can I (26/F) find a male escort? (self.SexWorkers)

I’m having trouble finding a FWB, so I am looking for a male escort. I’m not bad looking but I’m slightly overweight. 5’3 / 140 lbs. Are there any websites I can find one on? Or where can I find one? Maximum budget is $600 for 1 hr.



Hi, Whereabouts are you based?

I’m a male escort and although the vast majority of my clients are single men, I do sometimes get single women clients (and couples, duos etc).

If you pay a professional you’d expect that his only priority should be your pleasure and he’s more likely to have what it takes to ensure you’re satisfied than if you just pick up in a bar or club or on a dating app.

The chances are better but it’s still quite possible he’ll let you down. To maximise your chances of getting someone who can at least show up on time to meet you.

Also better chance he won’t be high on drugs, will be able to get hard and stay that way as long as it takes and will understand that it’s all about your wants and needs, not his, you should take care which male escort you hire.

I’m very popular in London and internationally with mistresses who offer forced bi sessions.

In the 7 years I’ve been doing this I’ve worked with dozens of duo partners. I keep hearing the same thing from everyone I do duos with.

Along the lines of “I’ve been trying for years to find a reliable male duo partner and they’ve all let me down until I met you.”

I did a duo session recently with two mistresses and their client where our client commented that he’s tried booking male escorts for duo sessions before and almost none of the male escorts could even get it up properly.

Those who could get fully hard, couldn’t keep it that way. Both girls agreed that it’s almost impossible to find a male duo partner who’s in any way reliable and that a lot of male escorts can barely function sexually.

It’s sad but true. I’m not up against very stiff competition as it were. Guys who can perform under pressure with anyone and everyone are rare and those who start in the industry with this ability often quickly lose it due to burnout and/or drug abuse.

Fortunately I have zero interest in drugs, a massively high libido and modest financial targets that mean I usually see just a few people per day and feel zero pressure to accept bookings when I’m tired.

To maximise your chances of getting a male escort who’s actually competent and professional make sure you don’t go with one of the thousands of optimistic guys you’ll find on free escort directories where they’ve paid nothing to list an ad and included a mirror selfie and a few crude lines of text.

Go to the opposite end of the spectrum of un-professional to professional and find a guy who has his own website, professionally taken studio pics that have been properly retouched, has a regularly updated blog and social media with lots of followers and a lot of interaction with well known professionals in the industry.

He should have regular good reviews on escort review sites, probably tours internationally, has lots of duo partners, contributes to online discussions about the business eg on reddit, has articles written about him in dozens of magazines, on websites, newspaper articles etc.

He should look like a model, have the body of an athlete and be hung like a donkey. In other words, me 😉

May have gotten a bit carried away blowing my own trumpet there sorry but some of the points listed above should help you get a quality male escort.

ps I’m based in London and tour internationally.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


The author of Succubus Tails – An Erotica Writing Website, recently posted on my sexworkerblogs subreddit.

Here’s one of their short stories=

Bathroom Thoughts

Lynda was stuck halfway through the wall with her bubble-butt free for the public to use at their discretion. It was a good job and it paid well, and Lynda often felt that she had an itch that only an 8-inch cock could scratch.

The day began with a rush; in the first hour three men had used her, two in her vagina, one in her asshole. They had finished inside her and she was already overflowing, but it was a comfortable feeling that she was very used to.

She yawned as the fourth man began. The inside of the wall led to another room that held a mini-fridge, a TV with headphones jacks, and a number of books that the girls could check out. She grabbed a magazine herself and began to shuffle through the pages as the man pounded her.

She felt him pull out of her pussy and search for her tight asshole. It wasn’t long before he speared her good and proper, and she paused in her reading to let out a deep breath. It felt good.

Lynda had finished school with a high score and a university engineering course with distinctions. She had wanted to design buildings to add to the city skyline that she saw every day out the window of the train. Jobs, though, were harder to find than a virgin asshole at a graduation ceremony these days.

She wiggled her little ass to give the man behind a helping hand before flipping to a news article in her magazine about recommended daily intakes of semen. She’d certainly be meeting her quota for today!

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.



I’m on Holidays now. Back in Dubai in Jan then London in Feb. My rates in Dubai are 1500 AED for incalls per hour and 2000 for outcalls. +447521577026

kowloon hotel room view plus opera mask

new holidays pyjama pants


Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


HK and Taipei

HK was awesome! Highlights included the horse races at Happy Valley

and the Night Markets

Milady and I were both very popular there and plan to return again next year.

We’re in Taipei now. Also great fun.

I went to the hot springs yesterday. Super relaxing.


I received a nice review from an adorable young Taiwanese client yesterday


2 more days to explore Taipei then Milady and I are flying to Beijing. We’ll spend a few days there then take the train to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Army

ps Video editing is coming along. Here’s a new video featuring my sub friend Eddie taking a rough pounding, getting choked, spat on, forced deep throat and at the end when she’s blinded from having a huge load dumped on her face, a lot of which dripped into her eyes, I do the gentlemanly thing and grab some tissues. I pass her the tissue box but not before dragging her by the hair closer to the camera and forcing her face up to the lens so viewers can get a good look at what I just did to her face. I give her a good hard slap and only then give her the tissues. Exactly the kind of treatment she loves and a favourite video of ours. Enjoy!

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.