Off to Tokyo, Japan tomorrow!

America has been great. I’ve been traveling with Milady Marla Maples.

In New York we went up the new WTC1 tower

Walked on the High Line

Ate at Rue57 and lots of great diners and drank at some great bars.

Went to see Ronda Rousey lose to Holly Holm at Jack Demsey’s and made some new friends at The Tranny Strip

Saw my lovely regulars and met lots of nice new gentlemen and accommodated at our luxury high rise apartment with an incredible view in Tribeca.

We caught the megabus for $7 to Philadelphia and enjoyed the sightseeing, Philly Cheesesteaks, Morton’s Steakhouse (I had a steak, of course and their signature bloody mary and some insanely chocolatey thing for dessert. Yum! Had lots more sexy fun there. I’ll have to go back to see all the guys I didn’t have time to see this time since my phone rang so much and I only like to see a few per day so I had to turn down a lot of bookings there.

Next we went to Miami. Such a fun place. We were staying right by the beach where all the bars are. Loved Mango’s Tropical Cafe for the sexy performances on stage, gorgeous waitresses and delicious cocktails.


Mojito’s in Little Havana were awesome too.


I spent a very fun afternoon at Haulover Nudist Beach. I soaked up some rays of perfect Florida sunshine with plenty of sunscreen all over, enjoyed the view for a while, then went for a swim and as I got out and dried off, a group of Cuban girls were taking photos of each other so I offered to take one of them together, got chatting and soon we were swimming together, having fun, helped them put on sunscreen etc 🙂


Next stop San Francisco. Our Airbnb in SF was just on the edge of Tenderloin and Nob Hill, affectionately known to the locals as “Tenderknob” 😉 Great apartment and a cool city. Even got to visit the home of Kink.com, the world’s leading BDSM porn production company- The Armory.


We took the world famous Coast Starlight Train to LA following the spectacular Californian coastline in the comfort of our own sleeper compartment with a fold out bed, our own bathroom and a huge window. Naturally we fucked each others brains out on the foldout bed with a backdrop of the ocean and rugged sea cliffs. The vibrations and clickety clack of the train, occasional toots etc hopefully masking some of our noise and the shockwaves we were sending through the carriage..

coastal starlight train

Business has been a bit quiet in LA because of Thanksgiving but that’s fine. We did more MMF duos here than anywhere else, went shopping at the black Friday sales, visited Santa Monica and explored around Hollywood. Huge place that I’d definitely like to see more of and one of the big porn studios has expressed interest in shooting a scene with me so I’ll be back for sure.

Very excited about Tokyo. I used to live there and worked as an English teacher for a few years so I speak fluent Japanese and know my way around Tokyo well. Check back here soon for our adventures in Japan!

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