Chloe Windsor






I had the pleasure of joining Chloe Windsor for a duo yesterday 🙂

Chloe gave me very detailed instructions how to get to her place so I could guide my taxi driver there since the cab drivers here don’t have sat nav and don’t really know their way around Dubai this was essential. I arrived right on time (20 minutes before our appointment time as agreed) and Chloe met me at the door in a gown which was open enough for a glimpse of her slim, sexy and toned body. She’s a gym junky like me and it shows. Chloe is very friendly, well-spoken and easy to get along with. She gave me a quick tour of her playroom and dungeon which you have to see to believe. It’s like being on the sets of a dozen big-budget very kinky porn films all rolled into one. The dungeon has everything and is at least as good as any of the best dungeons in London, Amsterdam or Berlin and far beyond anything I’d have expected to see over here. The playspace is huge and furnished and decorated brilliantly for it’s sexy purpose including a veritable art gallery of paintings and prints of Chloe in various sexy poses, states of undress and engaged in all manner of fun activities.

Her client was a regular of 7 years who’d been fantasising for years about getting a male escort to join them for a threesome. I guess he was making up for lost time because he couldn’t get enough of my 9 inch bigdownunder. Once he got his hands, and mouth, on it, he was insatiable. He sucked it while being rimmed by Chloe, while French kissing Chloe around my shaft, he sucked while she licked my balls and vice versa and he sucked while taking her big strapon. He sucked like a champion, more than making up for inexperience with sheer enthusiasm.

Chloe is very into everything she does and was having a lot of fun, as was I. And watching her and her regular together it was clear that they knew each other inside and out and adored every inch of one another. Very sexy.

Afterwards Chloe kindly gave me a lift to the nearest mall where I could find a taxi and we talked about advertising our services as a duo. I’m here until the 31st so book soon. If you’re into double domination, cuckolding, forced-bi etc or Chloe can switch and be sub for us and also loves taking anal and double penetration. She’s also a qualified masseuse if you’d like a 4-handed massage. Whatever your kink, fantasy, desire etc involving MMF, Chloe and I are the ultimate MF 😉

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.