I had two steamy Jacuzzi sessions in one day a few weeks ago.

The first was a porn shoot with Elizabeth on location in a suite with it’s own private spa. The second was a foursome with three women, all escorts themselves. They’d decided to book a penthouse with a hot tub for a girls night and hired me to come and entertain them for a few hours.

Someone on reddit earlier posted “The 10 Commandments of Giving a Blowjob.”

Post contains some sound advice. For educational purposes a video tutorial is even more beneficial. See part one of the video series above for a master class in blowjob technique 😉

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The 10 Commandments of Giving a Blowjob (Oral Sex Advice)

  1. Thou shalt use lots of saliva. LOTS of it. Lick it up and down, bottom to top, and top to bottom. Spit on it, cover it like you’re smothering your pancakes with syrup. You’ll need the lube… Too much friction makes your job harder and less pleasant for him.

  2. Thou shalt use your hands. Do work! You can even use two! Don’t let them sit idly by your side! You can use your hands adjunct to give a HJ along with your mouth to cover more surface area. Also, if your mouth starts to get tired or you need to reposition, you can use your hands to jerk him off while you break. Double fist that sumbitch and twist (gently, of course) if you want to. Use saliva on your hands, don’t let it dry out. Whatever you do, don’t lose your momentum!

  3. Thou shalt not neglect the balls. Use a hand to touch them. Take a moment to use your mouth to tend to them. Don’t forget they’re there and REALLY like attention. Lick on em, suck on em, but not too hard. If your guy is into it, a little gooch attention is good too. He may be into you licking under his balls, so if you’re down for it, give it a try! I hear prostate simulation is good shit, but some are NOT cool with this. So, you might want to ask before you go sticking a finger in his booty hole.

  4. Thou shalt make eye contact. He wants to see you enjoying yourself, dammit. Look up at him, with his junk in your mouth. Look like you want his dick, NEED his dick, and let him know you know it’s not just any dick, it’s HIS dick. Eye contact adds a personal touch.

  5. Thou shalt not remain silent. Make noise. Groan, moan, gag, mmm, pretend that motherfucker is tasty and you’re lovin’ it more than McDonald’s.

  6. Thou shalt use some suction. Yes, it is called ‘sucking dick’ for a reason. Alternate using minimal to moderate intensity, but don’t overdo it. You’re not competing with Dyson to see who sucks the hardest, so don’t overdo it. A little here and there is good, but don’t try to suck his guts out like his dick is a fucking drinking straw.

  7. Thou shalt make a sincere attempt to deep throat. Relax. Say the alphabet backwards in your head. You can fit in more than you think. If you can’t, just be a good sport and try anyway. He’ll totally appreciate the effort and if you choke a little, and he’ll be flattered that his enormous member is gagging you. This is the kind of shit he’ll be jacking off to for years to come (no pun intended).

  8. Thou shalt maintain movement and sustain activity. Whether it be your tongue, hands, lips, mouth, whatever, move. And don’t stay in one area way too long unless he’s digging it or climaxing. So, basically, don’t just sit there with his cock in your mouth like a fucking thermometer.

  9. Thou shalt not reject thy semen. You might not like it in your mouth, you might hate to swallow. But I’m going to just be honest… It’s better if you do. At the VERY LEAST let him blow in your mouth. It feels better leaving it in during climax. And men love the idea of you taking their glorious load in your mouth. You don’t have to swallow… But, to be frank, it’s not attractive to run to the bathroom and spit. Imagine if your guy got done eating you out and ran to the bathroom to spit! So, is it a commandment to swallow? Nah. Will swallowing feel any better for him? Nah. Will it make the overall experience better? Hell yeah! (Pro-tip: Commandment #7 and do an auto-swallow)

  10. Thou shalt show enthusiasm! Get on your knees. Act like it’s the most wonderful Cock you’ve ever seen. Worship that Dick!


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Milady and Ts Victoria

Mr M booked Milady and I again recently for a foursome session with TS Victoria Keller.

We started our session meeting up at a local bar for a drink and a little exhibitionist action. Mr M loves a good cuckolding fantasy. His ultimate scenario involves his wife in sexy stockings showing off her long legs in public and being approached by men who then flirt with her, kiss her and touch her whilst he watches helplessly.

His wife then chooses a man, or men, women, TS or some combination thereof, to take home and makes her husband come too so he can be forced to watch her in action. When people see what’s happening to him eg bar staff and patrons, taxi drivers etc he’s even more turned on. This evening he arrived with TS Victoria. Role playing his wife. Milady and I had arrived first and I’d already ordered drinks for everyone.

We make a conspicuous entrance all very good looking, tall, and striking in appearance each in our own way and drew plenty of looks. Those looking at us were curious who we were and what we were up to even before we started with public displays of affection and partner swapping.

As our uninhibited flirting tested the limits of what we could get away with in a public bar, we were openly stared at and gossiped about. Much to my own delight as an exhibitionist and Mr M was in heaven as his dream played out in reality.

He’d mentioned before the idea of going shoe shopping as a means to show off Milady’s legs in stockings, to flirt with one another in public and to try to get the shoe store staff to blush and giggle with a few well timed flirtatious questions and comments. Today was to be the day to make it happen. We chose the Louboutin store in Selfridges.

All went perfectly according to plan. The store staff were all women and gay men but they were far from immune to the charms of Milady and Victoria and they put on a show making the store their own personal catwalk for strutting their stuff in the sexiest, highest heels imaginable. Several luxury purchases later, we returned to my flat for the main event.

A hedonistic orgy of bisexual delights ensued.


We decided the whole world needed to see what transpired so we logged into Cam4.

Our video stream attracted hundreds of viewers. All commenting, making requests, paying tips and offering to come and join us.

We all had a lot of fun and look forward to our next session of debauchery. Harrods shoe department is likely to get a visit from us soon 🙂

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.



Domina Octavia kindly invited me to join her for a forced bi and watersports session yesterday. Also in attendance were Pro Sub Milly and TS Belle. We’d rented Westend Dungeon for the occasion. An hourly rental dungeon which belongs to Mistress Vanessa.

Domina Octavia’s client had requested a male pro dom to join in for the final half an hour of his multi hour session. I’m her first choice for these kinds of requests and I was happy to accept. Group sessions like this with a variety of dommes, subs, men, women and TS are always good fun 🙂

My remit was to put to the test the cock sucking skills of Milly and Mr M. Both having received the best possible training under the watchful eye of Domina Octavia assisted by TS Belle. They’d received patient instruction and practical exercises on Belle’s cock and Octavia’s strap-on. Their lessons were punctuated when necessary with a hard slap and/or a furious tongue lashing from their fierce Domina.

When the time came to demonstrate what they’d learned, both obediently seated themselves on top of the spanking bench as commanded, leaned forward and took turns sucking. Domina Octavia and Belle corrected small technical imperfections and came up with some new positions like kneeling under the suspension rig, sitting on stools, kneeling while I leaned against the cage etc. Thus their skills were tested from every possible angle.

Overall, Milly was definitely the superior cocksucker but I was impressed by the progress made by Mr M. Amazing what can be achieved by a gifted and motivated student with access to the very best educators.

Upon Domina Octavia’s command, I shot my cum all over Milly’s face and tits and left Mr M to clean up duties. Performed willingly and with enthusiasm via licking her tits and kissing her passionately.

Mr M had requested a golden shower as the grand finale to his afternoon of fun and we’d all been drinking copious fluids to ensure his wish would be granted by the bucket-load.

I used to find it very difficult to piss when faced with the eager up turned visage of a sub waiting mouth agape for a mouthful. Not normally shy, my bladder would not comply for some reason. But with practice I’ve recently managed to fulfil these requests.

Mr M and Milly lay side by side on the rubber sheet while Domina sprinkled them with a generous splash of her piss. Belle and I waited for Domina to finish and move aside out of the line of fire lest she catch a stray ricochet from the streams of piss we soon released.

Soaked and partially immersed in a puddle of piss, Milly and Mr M kissed one another, revelling in the filthy and degrading humiliation they were subjected to. Their little subby hearts as filled with joy as their subby mouths were full of the piss of their superiors. They both wanked themselves off with a rhythm intensifying in response to encouragements offered from the sidelines and soon both climaxed and embraced, spent and content.

We all took turns to shower (under water, not the golden shower variety) and afterwards Mr M left, thanking us all for an experience above and beyond his wildest wet dreams. Our many hands soon made light work the clean up of the considerable mess created during our watersporting revelries.

Domina Octavia then led me to the adjoining medical themed playroom to meet with Mistress Vanessa. Octavia had recommended me in case Vanessa needed me for future forced bi sessions. As Octavia left us to get acquainted she repeated her recommendations of me along the lines of “very reliable” “always on time” “always gets hard.” “he doesn’t do drugs” “very polite and friendly, “he always understands exactly what the client wants and delivers.” Lastly as she backed out the door she mouthed the words “huge cock” and held up her hands in the universally recognisable sign language for the aforementioned with her hands spread roughly 9 inches apart.

With an introduction like that, what more could I say! I think the interview went well and I’m very likely to receive gainful employment.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.