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22nd January 2015
The Pearl of the Orient

  Hong Kong was awesome! I was only there for 4 days since it was my first time there and I wanted to make sure I'd get enough jobs to make the trip worthwhile. I'll definitely go back and stay for a few weeks next time. Amazing place and (tall, very well endowed, with the […]

29th December 2014
Amazing Thailand

I had an amazing time in Phuket, Thailand 🙂 I was mainly there to train at a Muay Thai gym for exercise and for fun. Training was twice per day and about 2 hours per session. Morning training started at 8AM. I'd go for a run then arrive at the gym, skip, stretch, wrap my […]

20th November 2014
Chivana and Aleah

  The other night I had the pleasure of meeting the spectacularly sexy Chivana and her gorgeous, bootylicious friend Aleah for a trio with a sexy couple. Chivana found me on rentboy.com at the request of a couple she sees regularly. The gentleman wanted to watch me give pleasure to his wife while he played with […]

22nd October 2014
New York New York!

I'll be in New York for a few weeks from 04th of November. I've arranged to meet a few gentleman I know from London who currently live in New York and I'll be making some new friends there too. These three lovely ladies have said they're interested in doing duos with me - Camille Green […]

14th September 2014
Bonny Scotland

Bonny Scotland Just got back from a relaxing holiday touring Scotland by bicycle. Took the bike on trains and ferries and rode around, camped out and saw some beautiful scenery. Mainly in the Outer Hebrides. The islands were really beautiful and a complete change of pace compared to life in London. Had a nice digital […]

15th August 2014
Aussie 男性色情服务

    Aussie 男性色情服务 Aussie 双性恋男性按摩师 / 对于伦敦的男性/女性/情侣提供色情服务 现在就打我电话 — 07521 577 026     你好, 我希望我们可以见面. 请打电话或者发短信来安排一下. 我是诺丁山的一个男性按摩师/色情服务介绍人. 我很高(6’4″), 很迷人和强健, 阴茎发育很好 (9″/22cm) 并且很帅. 我能做一个性感的,瑞典风格的裸体推油按摩,口交或者做爱。我花样很多。按摩过程中我们都裸体所以你可以摸我或者吸我如果你想. 我是一个合格的按摩者有我自己便携的按摩桌. 不着急.你可以在这里事前或者事后洗澡. 我将永远提供你饮料. 很干净,舒服的有性爱歌曲的房间. 我不接吻,舔肛,内射或者嗑药. 你打电话以后我将永远准时并且100%准备好见你如果你来见我. 每小时我收费£150如果你来£200如果我过去. £800过夜. 一小时收费£120按摩和手活放松不做爱,只能你来见我. 半小时收费£80按摩和手活放松不做爱,只能你来见我. xx 07521577026 twitter.com/OzBigdownunder Oz Bigdownunder Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with […]

16th July 2014

Bonjour Just got back from a nice relaxing holiday in France. Had a great time. A few new tweets- #Ventriloquist & #camgirl @VeronicaChaos has sex with her dummy http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/10/veronica-chaos_n_5571376.html … @MyFreeCams @HuffingtonPost Hospital waiting rooms about to get way more fun http://www.iflscience.com/technology/automatic-sperm-extractor-introduced-chinese-hospital … @IFLScience #wankomatic #robot @JamesDeen is doing an AMA on @reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/293we2/iama_male_porn_star_and_director_im_james_deen/ … Oz Bigdownunder Australian […]

20th April 2014

Had a great time in Istanbul 🙂 Went for a Turkish bath at Çemberlitaş Hamamı And went to see Glory 15, light heavyweight world championship kickboxing tournament- Very talented, and hot, kickboxers- The Glory Girls are gorgeous too- Plus some tweets- Pic of a woman using a model plane as a #dildo accidentally tweeted by […]

25th March 2014
Back from Berlin

Had a great time in Berlin. Back in London now 🙂 Happy Monday. Have some spinning #nipple tassels from 3:00 on @DizzeeRascal - I Don't Need A Reason http://youtu.be/AlzgDVLtU6g 10 @RuPaulsDragRace Queens Who Should Star in the Jem Movie http://www.toplessrobot.com/2014/03/10_rupauls_drag_race_queens_who_could_star_in_the.php … via @ToplessRobot @RuPaul @willambelli @ThePandoraBoxx I like #Celebrity #Butts & I cannot lie http://coed.com/2014/03/20/the-50-best-celebrity-butts-2014-edition-photos/ … via […]

23rd January 2014
Back in London

I'm back! I had an awesome time in Dubai, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.  It's good to be back in London after 3 months away. New tweets- Who’s Hotter- #Gay or #Straight #Porn Stars? http://bit.ly/KKdfkE  @JamesDeen @brenteverett @Rocco_Siffredi @BrentCorrigan @OfficialBPumper #Artist brilliantly reimagines #GameofThrones as classic #Japanese #art http://io9.com/artist-brilliantly-reimagines-game-of-thrones-as-classi-1505996179 … @GameOfThrones via @io9 @RobBricken sham evictions of […]

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