Timewaster Loves the Duck

A timewaster contacted me earlier begging for a duck pic. I was happy to oblige.



Some guys just love the duck!

The Vivastreet Blog provides an excellent guide to avoiding timewasters=

There are lots of reasons why men, women or couples seek the companionship of an escort, but how do you know which ones make reliable clients?
When you work for yourself, time is money so make sure it’s not wasted with dead-end clients by doing the following:

Manage Your Expectations:

There’s no doubt about it, time-wasters can be a real drain on your energy and finances but clients who repeatedly change or cancel appointments (or even just fail to show up) are an annoying occupational hazard.
Limit the frustration they cause you by remembering this.
In most cases, it’s an issue of fantasy vs reality; they love the idea of spending an afternoon in your company but when it comes to the crunch, lack the courage or currency to actually turn up and pay you.
Don’t take it personally.

Manage their expectations:

Time wasters aren’t just those customers who fail to turn up.
They’re the ones who look for either titillation or clarification by pestering you with endless questions or calls.
Limit this by creating a detailed online profile.
By being clear on the most commonly asked questions; your location, age, appearance, availability and the service you provide, you won’t waste time responding to messages or fulfilling a caller’s fantasies for free.

Be wary of smooth talkers:

Some clients who woo you with promises of paid trips or upcoming gifts are genuine; in fact they’re the kind of wealthy, respectful, reliable client a lot of escorts dream of.
But some customers who promise the earth have no intention of giving it to you … they merely offer you sweet nothings to secure your availability, or persuade you into giving them ‘extras’.

Never let a client waste your time more than once:

Life intervenes and, sometimes, clients end up wasting your time through circumstance and not malice.
It’s important to be flexible and accommodating for clients. As a rule of thumb, if somebody wastes your time, accept their apology once – and no more.
If you allow someone to waste your time, they will do it again.
Don’t get angry; maintain a good reputation by keeping your cool and respectfully telling them that you’re too busy to fit them in and recommend that they contact another escort.


Aussie male escort

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


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Photoshoot with Mistress Elita

Thanks to for my new pics! Awesome photoshoot


ps the faces are borrowed from Lupin, McKenzie, Tygra and Space☆Dandy.

Arsène Lupin III (Japanese: ルパン三世 is a fictional character created by Monkey Punch as the protagonist for his manga series Lupin III. Acknowledged across the globe as the world’s number one thief, Lupin is a master of disguise and deduction, marksman, prime mover, mission engineer, and inventor of numerous handy gadgets. His fun-loving, foolhardy incongruity covers a brilliant mind always extemporizing and re-evaluating. As such, he has been responsible for heists no right-minded individual would believe possible. While occasionally arrested and jailed, typically by his ICPO nemesis Inspector Zenigata, he always succeeds in escaping unharmed. The original manga differs significantly compared to the family-friendly anime incarnations through its explicit depictions of sex and violence, with Lupin’s character also differing as a result.

McKenzie from Danger 5, is a ninja expert with a white lion’s head who only speaks Japanese. He’s Pierre’s butler and later on a sensei to Tucker. After the Colonel and Claire are killed, McKenzie becomes the brains of the team. He can enter dreams, but can only be brought out when someone kicks him in the groin.

Tygra is a male Thunderian, architect, scientist, and noble member of the ThunderCats. He can become invisible, however, this doesn’t prevent him from being seen by strong enough detectors. Along with the ability to turn invisible, he is armed with a large bolo whip. He is also the ThunderCats’ Council leader. A staunch, level-headed warrior based on the tiger. He is responsible for the design of all of the ThunderCat structures on Third Earth — the Cat’s Lair and the Tower of Omens — as well as the devices the ThunderCats used when exploring New Thundera. He is also gifted with “mind-power” — the ability to create life-like illusions in other people’s minds; he used this for Lion-O’s Annointment Trial, but it puts a great strain on him. He uses a whip-like bolas in combat, with which he can render himself invisible to the naked eye.

Space☆Dandy (Japanese: スペース☆ダンディ, is a 2014 Japanese science fiction comedy anime series produced by Bones. The series follows the misadventures of Dandy, an alien hunter who is “a dandy guy in space”, in search for undiscovered and rare aliens with his robot assistant QT and his feline-like friend named Meow.Space Dandy is an easygoing and forgetful young man working as an alien hunter whose job is to discover new alien life forms across the galaxy and have them registered with the Space Alien Registration Center. He is the captain of the Aloha Oe (アロハオエ号 Arohaoe-gō), his personal spaceship. The cockpit of the Aloha Oe can split off into an escape pod dubbed the Little Aloha (リトルアロハ Ritoru Aroha) and it displays the ability to transform into a robot called the “Hawaii Yankee” (ハワヤンキー Hawayankī). Dandy regularly visits an intergalactic Hooters-type restaurant known as “BooBies” (ブービーズ Būbīzu) where he indulges in his posterior fetish and dreams of someday buying out the franchise. Dandy is also shown to have many hidden talents, including being a prodigal surfer capable of surfing on abstract concepts such as time and having a deep understanding of physics, such as figuring that when a person “warps” on ships, they are actually moving their consciousness to a universe that is slightly further ahead in the same timeline rather than moving to a different area of the same universe. Unbeknownst to him, Dandy is targeted by the Gogol Empire due to his connection to a reality-defying element called pyonium. Ultimately, after the universe comes to an end, Dandy is revealed to be, unbeknownst to even himself, an omnipresent figure who exists in any and all hypothetical timelines (with his various skillsets belonging to other previous Dandies), while turning down the position of god of the new multiverse (because as a body-less god, he wouldn’t be able to go to BooBies), leaving the current universe with the words “Stay dandy, baby.” The series ends where it began (with Dandy and QT heading to BooBies, where they will meet Meow for the first time), except Dandy’s experiences from his multiverse-hopping adventures have made him grow as a person and wonder if he is the same as he was before.

photoshoot image 1
photoshoot image 1
photoshoot image 2
photoshoot image 2
photoshoot image 3
photoshoot image 3
photoshoot image 4
photoshoot image 4

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


Rope from Arthur Beale Chandlers

I’ve just been to the Chandlers to buy some new flax_rope for a bondage session tomorrow. It’s much better quality than the rope usually sold in fetish shops.


Flax is a wonderful natural material. In the 16th century when Arthur
Beale was called “John Buckingham Flax Dresser and Rope Maker” the blue flowering flax plant would probably have grown locally in the Parish of St Giles in the Fields. Our shop still stands in the very same spot but the flax fields have now been replaced with the modern West End of London. In the 16th century Elizabeth I encouraged flax growing by stating: “for the better provision of making nets for the furtherance of fishing,
and to eschewing of idleness” By the end of the 16th century sail cloth manufacturing became well established and the burgeoning demand from the expanding Navy would soon outstrip the local supply of flax and imports of the fibre were required from Russia and Eastern Europe.
Flax was the prefered material to make the sails and so the ropemakers turned to hemp to manufacture their ropes. Flax fibre is very hard to distinguish from hemp. The first process to extract fibre from the flax plant is to rot away the inner stalk. This is called retting. This can be done in ponds, streams or with dew in the open. Dressing flax is the process of removing the straw from the fibres. Dressing consists of three steps: breaking, scutching, and heckling.
The breaking breaks up the straw. Some of the straw is scraped from the fibres in the scutching process, and finally, the fibres are pulled through heckles to tease out the last bits of straw. The word “heckling” derives from this process. Only at this stage can the fibre be twisted to form twines and ropes.

I’ve also been looking on Rai’s Playroom for some new bondage ideas 😈 New rope to be used in addition to a blindfold and my Ball Gag tomorrow.

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


Couples Bookings How To vs How Not To

I had a very nice time with a couple from South Africa recently. The husband had done a lot of research, and preparation. He read everything on my site, blog and social media to get to know me as well as he could to maximise the chances of me being the one to give he and his wife the perfect experience. They had discussed exactly what they both wanted to happen, their fantasies, likes, dislikes, limits etc in great detail with regard to their session with me and been completely open and honest with each other. This is the perfect way to approach a couples booking.

I could tell from the second I stepped into their hotel room that it would be an incredible session. They both had great chemistry with me and were obviously completely in love with each other. They’d had years of good, honest communication about their sexuality and it had paid off. Everything I did with one of them they’d not only enjoy for the act itself but from seeing how turned on the other was from watching and joining in. They had a positive feedback cycle of sexual energy between them. Super hot session. They couldn’t heap enough praise on me at the end but I think most of the credit for how well it went is down to them. Amazing couple.

In contrast I had a booking recently that the husband prepaid for for his wife.. He came to see me a few days before her session to pay me and simply said to start off with a massage and then “if she wants to do more, that’s fine with me and I’d love to hear about it afterwards if you can txt me.” He wasn’t going to be present for the session. His wife would come to see me by herself.

Unfortunately, not all couples communicate. He must have told her it was just a normal massage. Neglecting to mention to her that I’m an escort and that there would be nudity and a massage of an erotic, sensual nature. Body to body massage and sex services. Poor woman looked horrified when she came out of the bathroom after taking a shower at the beginning of the session to find me standing there in my pants. Luckily I’d kept those on.

I put my jeans back on and gave her a technically proficient but very chaste and proper massage for about 20 minutes. Then she made her excuses and left. Hubby’s plan for her to be pleasantly surprised when her normal therapeutic massage turned sexy was doomed to fail. He must have hoped she’d fall madly in lust with me and be seduced and have her inner nymphomaniac awakened by yours truly. In reality if I’d gotten naked or touched her sexually when she was expecting a regular massage, she’d probably have screamed and called the police. He almost certainly got torn a new one when she got home.

It’s a shame because If he’d tried just telling her that he had a fantasy about her going for a sexy massage with a male escort, shown her my website and spoken openly and honestly about how the session would go, she might have loved the idea and had a lot of fun with me.

I also had a duo session with Mikki Muse last week.

Contact me anytime for a duo with Mikki.

Mikki Muse (couples)
Mikki Muse (couples)

They say all naughty things come in small packages and Mikki Muse is certainly a very naughty and outrageous lady.

Petite genuine and very passionate Mikki Muse just has the most infectious smile and sexy giggle that will send your heart rate through the roof.

She’s very petite, 5’2″ and slim, extremely cute and sexy. Our gentleman friend adored her and he and she had a great time worshipping my cock together.

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.



I’m back in London after a relaxing holiday 🙂 Here’s a facefuck video to celebrate


The facefuck video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learning to use this software wasn’t easy so I placed an ad on reddit advertising to hire someone to teach me video editing. I was contacted by a nice young man named Fred who works full time in video editing. We agreed a fee, day and time and he came to my place and showed me how to crop my videos, blur faces, mix audio, add titles etc. He was extremely knowledgeable and a good teacher.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing app. I’m useing the latest version, Premiere Pro CC 2017. Commended by PCmag for its Clean interface. Flexible trimming tools. Tons of organization helps. Custom Markers. Ultimate power in video editing. Unlimited multicam angles. Interoperable with other Adobe CS products and 3rd party tools. Excellent stabilization.

Adobe Premiere Pro deserves its place as the industry standard video editing software, thanks to its familiar nonlinear editing interface, unmatched ecosystem of tools, and powerful set of capabilities. Since my last look at the massive application, it has added support for 360 VR content, 4K (and higher) and HDR video, and the Lumetri Color tool. It has also added class-leading collaboration capabilities. All of this makes Premiere well worthy of an ditors’ Choice award for professional-level video-editing software.

For picture editing I use GIMP. A free and open-source graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats, and more specialized tasks.

Many more videos and pics soon to come thanks to Fred, GIMP and Adobe!

Aussie male escort

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


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If my favourite lycra clad superhero is reading this, the ballgag we talked about has arrived thanks to ebay. I don’t proactively contact anyone unless they’ve said it’s ok to do so. Best to be discreet. Hence the blog post. This is like shining a bat signal into the night sky only he won’t meting out vigilante justice so much as he’ll be tied securely to my bed, throat fucked and then gagged, nipple clamped and brought to orgasm via my hitachi magic wand vibrator.

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


Naked Bike Ride 2017

Had a great time on the Bike Ride 🙂 London 10th June 2017

Meep Meep!

WNBR London

World Naked Bike Ride – Wikipedia

The pic below was taken on Waterloo Bridge looking towards St Pauls.

naked bikeride

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international clothing-optional bike ride in which participants plan, meet and ride together en masse on human-powered transport. (the vast majority on bicycles, but some on skateboards and inline skates), to “deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world.”[1]

The dress code motto is “bare as you dare”.[2] Full or partial nudity is encouraged, but not mandatory.

There is no mandate to cover intimate parts; this is a distinguishing feature of the WNBR against other cycling events.

Creative expression is also encouraged to generate a fun and immersive atmosphere during the ride, capture the attention and imagination of the public and media, and make the experience more personalized and fulfilling for the riders.

Body art, such as body painting, are common forms of creative expression, as well as costumes, art bikes, portable sound reinforcement systems. (such as public address systems, bullhorns and boomboxes) and musical instruments or other types of noisemaker.

Pre- and post-ride parties for WNBRs have become events unto themselves, often featuring musical bands, DJs, body painting, temporary structures/installation art, political tabling, and catering.

In addition to simply being able to ride clothes-free on community streets, some rides have established precedent by having body-painting parties, often involving numbers of naked riders and artists in high-visibility municipal parks.

This distinctive form of Critical Mass, occasionally called Critical Ass in a WNBR context, is often described or categorised as a form of political protest, street theatre, party-on-wheels, streaking, public nudity and clothing-optional recreation, and thus attracts a wide range of participants.

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.



Recently I sent messages to all my duo partners who I’d worked with, everyone I’d made videos with, and escort friends of mine I’d collaborated with in any way in the past week and asked their permission to publish a screenshot of my calendar and mention each of them by name, say something about them and/or the duo session and link to their website or ad. They all gave me permission. I don’t proactively contact my clients as to do so would be indiscreet so I couldn’t ask for permission to mention my bookings but I haven’t included any identifying information and never would under any circumstances and I’ve kept details deliberately vague. So here it is. 1 week of Oz 😉

Lou doesn’t offer duos but she’s a good friend of mine. She’s a very sexy English lady with awesome tats, gorgeous tits, a submissive streak and a love of stockings and suspenders. Book her 1-1 via her adultwork and say hi from Oz!

Sandra is a tall, blonde, Russian girl with sexy long, slim legs and a love of double penetration. She loves taking multiple cocks. We do a lot of duos together offering MMF threesome pornstar experience with anal, deepthroat, spitroasting and rough DP. Our Duo last Monday included all of the above and the gentleman who booked us together was especially into cum sharing so we provided for his special request to have me cum in Sandra’s mouth at the end of the session and for her to spit my cum into his mouth and French kiss him. A hot session and judging from how happy he was I’m sure he’ll book us together again for another duo.

My incall later that evening was with a lovely regular of mine who likes the feeling of helplessness from being tied up. Our sessions usually start with me giving him a sexy, relaxing massage then tying him up as tight as possible using shibari techniques I’ve learned from more experienced riggers I know personally and from watching videos to learn new ropework. Once I have him completely immobilised and blindfolded he’s eager to take my cock in his mouth but I always tease him by moving around the room eg to go get a drink, check my phone, tidy up here and there so that he can hear my movements and doesn’t know when I’ll approach and start using his mouth. This session was good fun as always and as always a pleasure to see and feel the tension melt away from the combination of my massage, indulging his fantasies and making him cum.

Elle is a another good friend of mine. An Italian beauty with a perfect hourglass figure, natural 38E boobs and a very talented and experienced masseuse. We do duos together. Usually 4 handed massages. She also offers bondassage, a combination of bondage and massage and does BDSM sessions in a dungeon. Her pictures were taken by me and I’m quite proud of my handiwork. They came out amazingly well just using the camera on my phone and ordinary lamps for lighting.

My outcall on Tuesday night was another lovely regular of mine. He always stays at one of London’s best 5 star hotels in Park Lane when he’s in town and books me for 1 hour of massage and sexy fun. He’s a very chill guy. Easy to chat to and I always enjoy catching up with him and hearing about where he’s been and what he’s been up to.

Subby Katie and I go way back and have been booked together for some incredibly hot orgy sessions. The most recent of which featured a party game where myself, Katie and 6 other female and TS escorts were each given a number and then assigned sexy tasks from a deck of cards. Katie had been sent to the dungeon room to be beaten by a powerful TS domme and another escort friend and I were speculating based on her screams of pain/pleasure and the sounds of the impacts on her ass which implement was being used. I guessed flogger and was correct so I got to beat her next 🙂 she still had the marks I left on her ass when I saw her on Wednesday.

I had two duos with Liz within 24 hours. One on Wednesday and again on Thursday with two different clients. The first one was at short notice. Liz was at a hotel with a gentleman and they’d been talking about their sexiest experiences. Liz mentioned me and I’m not sure what she said about me but it must have been good because he immediately asked her to call me and get me to come and join in for a duo session. I was at the gym and it was pouring with rain but I wasn’t going to say no to a threesome with sexy Liz so I jumped on my bicycle and sped through the rain, arrived soaking wet, took a quick shower and with no delay since our gentleman friend was on a tight schedule, gave Liz a very intense fuck from behind while she sucked his cock. The duo session the next day was actually a trio. Our friend Elizabeth was naked and tied in doggy style position to a chair in the middle of the room when I arrived at the appointed time. The gentleman who booked the trio appointment was a bit nervous and said he’d never watched another couple have sex before and wanted to see me fuck Elizabeth. I was more than happy to oblige. He and Liz sat back, enjoyed the show and played with each other while they watched. A new experience he’ll be eager to repeat!

Carlton is a mate of mine and a male escort who I’ve worked with on duos before and would happily work with again anytime. He’s reliable, on time, and can get hard, stay hard and cum on cue. Qualities which are surprisingly rare amongst male escorts. Besides which he’s great fun and has an amazing body. He’s a personal trainer and is super fit himself.

The couple I saw on Friday have been contacting me for nearly a year trying to make a time to see me. I was touring internationally a lot last year and unfortunately each time they tried to book an appointment I was either busy or out of the country. Last week they finally managed to book an incall and said I was definitely worth the wait. They’re a very sexy couple and I hope it doesn’t take another year before I see them again 🙂

My outcall duo booking on Saturday was a cuckolding session with Mistress Elita, one of my all time favourite duo partners, an English BDSM genius and someone I meet up with frequently either to chill out and watch a movie together or for hardcore forced bi and cuckolding duo sessions either and any of which is always a pleasure with Elita. This cuckold was pathetic in exactly the ways a good cuckold should be and the session went perfectly for us and for him.

My incall on Saturday was with a pretty and intelligent young English woman who had never managed to have full sex with a man due to nerves making her tense and tension making sex painful, the pain and anticipation of which leading to worse tension and anxiety which she decided needed a professional’s help. When something like this happens and I’m able to resolve an issue like this for someone and see the relief and happiness they feel when they finally overcome their anxiety is the most rewarding thing ever for an escort. This session went for much more than the 1 hour scheduled. I told her I had no other jobs booked for that day, there was no rush, no pressure and no need for her to worry about my pleasure. The one and only priority of the session was for her to feel at ease being close to me. I’m told I’m very relaxing to be around. I seem to have some aura of peacefulness that makes tense, nervous people relax eg those who are experiencing something for the first time, often something they’ve been waiting to experience their whole lives. After just talking, getting close, giving her a long massage which she complimented me on in glowing terms, some touching, holding, eventually kissing, and very, very slowly, carefully and gently progressing from there and with the greatest patience, care and the lightest touch, and slowest building of pressure we eventually achieved what she’d been trying for years to achieve with various young men I suspect much less patient and skillful then myself who’d all failed her. Afterwards I asked if now that she knew she could do it, she’d be jumping on tinder and having numerous casual affairs 😉 She laughed and said no way but she was super happy with how the session turned out. She’s been back to see me once since then already.

As you can see the majority of my bookings these days are either duos with my regular duo partners or incalls or outcalls with my own regular clients. I see a lot of couples and collaborate with a lot of my friends and fellow escorts. I love what I do and only accept bookings that I know I’ll enjoy. I know my limits and feel no pressure to exceed them or even approach them since I’m reaching my financial targets doing exactly the kind of bookings I enjoy most.

The BBC just contacted me asking for an interview but I had to turn it down =>

I’ll have to decline sorry.

I’m a bit disillusioned with the media since all those articles came out about me without anyone contacting me for my consent or input.

I have done interviews before with the mail, BBC, newstatesman etc but didn’t like the resulting articles much. They all misquoted me and focused on sensationalist aspects. I did those interviews on the condition that they wouldn’t try to make it sound like my work is illegal (it isn’t) or sleazy but they all ignored this and published misleading stuff about legality and tried to make my work sound shocking and shameful. The one interview I was happy with was my reddit AMA. Many of the new unsolicited articles since then are quite good since they use my AMA quotes but it would have been nice if they’d at least asked my permission to write about me.

I’m grateful to my previous interviewers and to all the media outlets who plagiarised them for the effect links on their sites to mine have had on my SEO. So long as my google search ranking stays where it is, I’m getting all the business I want and have the luxury of turning down a lot of clients since I only want to see 1 or 2 per day. I doubt I’ll do any more interviews because I no longer need the promotion. I’m already higher profile than I need to be to reach my financial targets.

My experience with the media has been that they aren’t interested in nuanced statements so if I try to convey any aspect of my work to an interviewer with any kind of qualifying statement attached, they always misquote me eg if I mention one particular job but then add that every job is different, or I mention one client but then say there’s no such thing as a typical client or even if I say one characteristic is common amongst my clients but they aren’t all this way, these kind of nuances don’t provide the kind of quotes they want so they edit everything I say to dumb it down and make everything into tabloid headline, clickbaity, zero nuance blurbs as if they view the entire demographic of their target audience as too stupid, reactionary and lazy to cope with anything more challenging.

I hope yours will be better.




Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.



Thanks to Anara, Ava, Carlton, Christine, Claudio, Elle, Hilda and Milady for coming to my house-warming party for my new flat in Mayfair. Had an amazing evening, chatting and having a few drinks with good friends. Played some music (Oakenfold- Tranceport , Gatecrasher- Wet , Dj Sasha & John Digweed – Ibiza Cd 1 – Global Underground and Tycho – Dive on the playlist).

Loving the new flat. It’s just behind Selfridges. One block from Bond Street Tube. Thousands of restaurants, cafés and bars around here to choose from. The flat is super discreet. Only 6 flats in the building and two are empty. My flat is the first door you come to when you enter the building so very unlikely to bump into neighbours while people are coming and going. There are no residential neighbours above, below or through any of the walls. The walls are solid masonry (as opposed to plasterboard at my old place through which you could hear a pin drop) and solid concrete floor with tiles and concrete between me and the upstairs commercial property which is closed at night. Ie very soundproof so no need to worry about inflicting frequent interludes of sex noises on neighbours.

I had an orgy job not long before my housewarming with Anara, Christine and Hilda as well as Busty Charlotte and Subby Katie. A 69th birthday party for the worlds sexiest 69 year old gentleman. In accordance with the 69 theme, a veritable twister game of contortions took place on Christine’s bed with all of us going from one cock, or pussy to another, each change of partners involving considerable acrobatics, licking and sucking to our hearts content. It was the first time I’d met Anara. She’s amazing. I’ve met some very talented oral and deepthroat specialists in my time but Anara is in a league of her own. Unbelievable skills. She’s also a squirter and demonstrated this to great effect at the end of the session. She and the birthday boy lay side by side on the bed surrounded by Christine, Hilda, Katie, Charlotte and I all leaning in to lend a hand or a tongue. Anara was soon arching her back in ecstasy and vigorously finger fucking herself with 2 fingers right on her gspot. I’ve been with squirters before and it’s been more of a gush or a splash but with Anara it was more like a fire hydrant going off on impact in a hollywood car chase scene. The force of her orgasm violently propelled pussy juices to ceiling height from whence they rained down on our collective delighted upturned faces.

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


Carolina De La Cruz

Carolina De La Cruz

My friend Carolina just sent me some pics from her latest photoshoot. She’s a swimsuit model, Elite luxury companion and life enthusiast 😉 Book us together for a duo like no other!


Carolina comes from a beautiful country in Central America. She began her modelling career at the age of sweet sixteen. Thanks to her exotic appearance, natural elegance and refined manners, she had the fortune to work as a model and travel extensively all over the world.

After obtaining her degree, she became more interested in books and decided to continue her studies in Europe where she is based, spending the majority of her time in London due to professional commitments.

With her model-style and passion for art, history, classical music, fine cuisine and more, I am sure you will find her to be captivating company. It is always her pleasure to spend her leisure time in the company of a new friend so please do not hesitate to contact her. She looks forward to meeting you soon.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.