2018 was a fun filled, action packed, year packed with exotic destinations and mad sexcapades. More of the same to come in 2019!

Merry Xmas to all, Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year 🙂

Last year countries receiving a well endowed emissary from the land of Oz included Iceland, USA, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria and UAE.

Milady and I rounded out 2018 with a grand tour of Europe including a wild ride on the Glacier Express =

I’m back in London now. Thanks to Ava for the welcome home tweet =

Looking for the best male masseur in the world? Well he happens to be in London right now! Catch him while you can for the thrill of a lifetime! 😘

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Amanda Hunt and I had a forced bi and cuckolding duo session with a regular of mine in Dubai. He emailed me the scenario which was to be an alpha couple honey trap.

Here’s what he sent me=

Amanda had long suspected her landord had been sneaking into her apartment while she was away and rifling through her knicker draw. Determined to confront his disgraceful behaviour, she set her “Honeytrap”. She requested him to attend the apartment on the pretence of some minor electrical problems. Also drafted in was new boyfriend Oz who was more than happy to hide in the apartment and help her confront this pest. He was keen to impress his stunning new English girlfriend and punishing this pervert was sure going to help him in his quest to get her in the sack!

The Landlord arrived early on Monday morning and believing he was alone with Amanda immediately started demonstrating his sex pest tendencies, making all sorts of crude references while at the same time hardly taking his eyes off the pretty blonde’s curves. Seeing Amanda dressed in short skirt and crisp blouse our poor Landlord was completely mesmerised – of course this was all part of Amanda’s cunning plan to tease him into showing his true colours right in front of her boyfriend!

As she bent down showing off her cute butt for the umpteenth time, our desperate Landlord simply couldn’t control himself any longer and reached out touching her thighs… Snap went the honeytrap and the Landlord was caught! Amanda immediately shrieked in faux horror – “what are you doing you dirty pervert?” she shrieked…

Cue boyfriend Oz to enter the room…

Well, our confused LandLord could only stammer and stutter as Oz demanded to know what was going on while Amanda was quick to point out in explicit detail the naughty landlord’s unwanted attentions.

The Landlord tries to make a run for the door, but Oz is too quick for him and the two men grapple with each other. It doesn’t take long for Oz to take down his opponent before straddling him securely in a schoolboy pin. Landlord struggles in vain, but Alpha Oz is in total control as he has his weaker opponent securely pinned and at his mercy. How humiliating it is to be physically overpowered by stronger man while his model girlfriend looks on highly amused!

After deliberating what to do further with Pervert, the Alpha couple decide that some humiliating punishment is in order to teach the jerk a lesson.

First up is a forced stripping – the horrified captive can do little to stop this Hot Couple stripping him of all his clothes. Red with shame, what little dignity the poor man had left was about to be completely lost in the moments to follow….

If only every real life groper, sex pest, cat caller, kerb crawler, position of power abuser, drink spiker, date rapist and celebrity pervert were to receive an Oz style wrestling takedown, forced disrobement and unceremonious teabagging, the

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Dickie Virgin FemDom

I just got listed on Dickie Virgin FemDom Guide . Dickie is listed as the #1 FemDom Directory on the web as ranked by Alexa.com.

Dickie lists Pro Dommes by location, has a Classifieds section and the eponymous Dickie Tube.

My Dickie Listing = Male ProDom for men, Women, couples and duos. Forced bi and cuckolding. Whatsapp +447521577026.

Sandra and I are currently on tour in Dublin, Ireland. Just a quick visit for the Craic. We both had requests for 1-1s and we’d received a few expressions of interest as a duo. Locanto and Escort Ireland sites both seem busy so we figured we’d try a short tour.

Dublin has turned out to be a fun and profitable tour location. Duos seem very popular here. Sandra and I saw a gentleman yesterday for a nice rough spitroast session. Always a delight to feel her tight pussy grip me even tighter when she chokes on a big cock down her throat causing every muscle in her body to momentarily clench with the reflex to gag.

The ability to suppress ones gag reflex is impressive but I find it’s far more fun to throatfuck someone who’s choking and gagging, with tears streaming down her face, coughing up loads of spit and loving every minute of it.

Another Dublinite today came to see us for a cuckolding session today. He wanted to roleplay a cuckold husband and hotwife scenario with himself as the submissive husband, Sandra as his insatiable hotwife and myself as the powerful, very well endowed bull pleasuring his wife.

We soon had him wrapped around our little fingers as we broke the news to him that his wife had become bored with his small inadequate cock and needed to fulfil her primal urge to get fucked senseless by a much bigger, stronger, alpha male.

He was only too eager to offer assistance to the best of his ability. An admirable impulse to try his best to pleasure his wife. Handicapped by lack of size, strength and stamina but at least possessing the will if not the means to satisfy her. Fortunately I possess all the qualities he lacks.

On wifey’s order he scampered over the bed and prostrated himself on his back with his head over the side of the bed ready to have his face straddled by his now soaking wet wife eager to take my hard cock in her pussy while grinding her clit on hubbys tongue. He hadn’t mentioned any bi curiosity but I found he was soon distracted from her clit and eagerly licking my balls.

Wifey rewarded hubby’s due diligence with his tongue by offering him what she knew would be his deepest unspoken desire. “My Bull is going to cum in my pussy and then you’re going to lick me clean.” The magic words that saw him instantly elevated to a plane of euphoria as if she’d read his mind and offered him the one thing he’d always fantasised about but could never bring himself to ask for.

Afterwards, we promised we’d email him if we’re ever in Dublin again and he’ll almost certainly make a trip to London especially to see us. He was one very happy cuckold!

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


Top 3 Fantasies

Huffpost asked me about common fantasies recently=

“What are the 3 most common sexual fantasies you hear clients bring up during their sessions with you? Please explain what the fantasy typically entails and what you think makes it so intriguing or arousing to people. A few sentences per point is great!”

I replied=

Usually clients mention their fantasy before the session. Often it’s something they’ve specifically chosen me for since I mention on my website that it’s a service I offer, or they’ve read one of the articles or interviews where I’ve said I specialise in something related to their fantasy. Or from word of mouth from one of my duo partners who’s recommended me. Some do mention their fantasies during the session. It would be the same top 3 either way.

Top 3 =

Forced bi: single male submissive clients who want to be “forced” by a Mistress to suck, and/or get fucked by, a male escort. A typical client would be the regular client of a Mistress. eg He’s been visiting her regularly for months or years and doing roleplays where he imagines scenarios with him sucking cock or taking one up his ass. He’s taken toys and strap ons and eventually plucks up the courage to try the real thing (many fitting this description claim never to have been with a man but then when the time comes you can tell they’re actually quite experienced). The Mistress then calls me and the session happens. I’m the preferred male duo partner of dozens of mistresses in London and internationally mostly thanks to my ability to always get rock hard, stay that way for the duration and ability to cum on cue when it’s time for the money shot.

I’m ultra professional, always friendly and polite with mistresses, with the clients wants and needs the only priority ie never pushing to do something different to what the client wants just for my own entertainment.

It also helps that I look like a model, have the body of an athlete and I’m hung like a donkey 😉

Cuckolding: again this is a scene that appeals to submissive guys who are turned on by watching their Mistress having sex with a male escort. Often he’s tied up and helpless. Usually some element of humiliation eg comparisons of his tiny man clit to masters huge cock. Being called a sissy, told he’ll never get a chance to touch his Mistress, saying things like watch how a real man fucks etc. Sometimes cuckolding clients want to be involved eg to lick Mistress pussy and/or suck master’s cock, some want to be told to clean up cum afterwards with their tongue. Others just watch. Some jerk off while they watch. Others are in forced chastity eg a cock cage and aren’t allowed to touch themselves until the end of the session so it’s more about giving up control and the anticipation.

Some of these cuckolding and forced bi sessions also involve more familiar elements of BDSM play like, ropes, gags, impact play eg spanking or caning but not all of them.


My girlfriend and I are both escorts. We work together and individually and we both do a lot of duos with our other male, female and trans escort duo partners. Some of these sessions are with bi clients and some are with straight male clients who want MFM without any sexual contact between the client and male escort. I also get a lot of couples bookings where the couple wants a male escort for her and some couples also book a female escort for him.

For those who can afford to book multiple escorts for a single session, these can be spectacularly hot encounters. I recommend that a client who’s thinking of booking a session involving two or more escorts contact one escort who you know has a lot of duo partners who they know well and they’ve worked with before and get them to choose the duo partner(s) based on the client’s specifications re age, race, nationality, body type, fetishes etc. You’re much more likely to have good chemistry between all involved that way than if you just book two or more escorts who don’t know each other and then hope for the best.

These top 3 fantasies are also my own top 3 preferred types of session. I love providing these types of services and take a lot of pride in providing the best possible sessions for clients who book me. So I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money promoting myself for related keywords in frequent blog posts and linking to my duo partners and getting them to link back to me, endlessly tinkering with my site and social media and seeking out journalists to help promote me via articles and interviews. All in order to improve my SEO for these terms. If you google “forced bi male escort” or “cuckolding male escort” or “duos male escort” , I’m the top result on Google for an independent.

My duo partners are always saying that until they met me, it seemed impossible to find a reliable male escort for duo sessions. They all have horror stories of sessions gone wrong where the male escort was drunk or high or late or didn’t show up at all. And the most common complaint = he couldn’t perform.

I don’t accept many bookings so I’m never too tired to perform. And I don’t do any drugs. A lot of male escorts performance problems are thanks to coke. And I’m a tremendous pervert so I’m always genuinely turned on. If the client or session seemed likely to be a turn off, I simply wouldn’t accept the booking. (# I’m not turned off by anyone based on their age, nationality or race or body type. All welcome. But anyone who seems drunk or high or rude, pushy, disrespectful, tries to haggle my rate or tries to convince me to provide services they know I don’t offer, they get a no thank you.)

I’ve found my niche in that I love what I do and I think I have a unique combination of skills that make me the best.

I hope my contribution and those of others featured in your article inspire readers to go forth and make their own fantasies a reality 😉

In the last week I’ve enjoyed enacting some fantasies. All erotic, some sexual and one oedipal.

Mistress Charlotte kindly invited me to an adult baby minding session last week. I arrived as one big baby had been changed out of his oversized wet nappy and given much needed potty training by Mistress Charlotte.

The delight our bouncing boy took in the oedipal side of the fantasy with the mummy and daddy role-play was adorable. Charlotte and I slipped naturally into our roles and played to a tee the stern daddy and doting mummy.

Naturally the forced bi component of the session was approached with due consideration for how this fitted in with the rest of the make-believe and all went exactly in accordance with beamish boy’s fantasy.

Mistress Vanessa Sin and I had a duo session with a couple last week.

Vanessa and I arranged to meet in the lobby of a very nice Mayfair hotel and then proceed together to the bar to meet a married couple out for a sexy night away. I would say the hotel has, no contest, the best bar in Mayfair. And not for naught was awarded World’s Best Cocktail Bar at the coveted Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

We enjoyed said cocktails immensely and found the couple charming and hilarious. We all had a good giggle as they poked fun at themselves and each other. Much flirting ensued and despite Mrs protestations that we might just be giving her a foot massage and running her a hot bath depending on her mood, I sensed that she was actually super aroused by both Vanessa and I and Mr was practically bursting out of his pants every time Vanessa or I paid a risque compliment to Mrs or found some excuse to to touch and caress her. Sure enough, the second we got to their room Mrs and Vanessa were kissing passionately and soon all four of us were on the bed and all inhibitions cast aside, had a foursome of epic contortions.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


Shangri-La = A paradise on earth. A remote and exotic utopia.

A faraway haven or hideaway of idyllic beauty and tranquility.

A land of eternal life lost in the clouds.

Eden, heaven, bliss, paradise, Arcadia, Erewhon, Xanadu.

A remote or imaginary utopia.

A mythical land of peace and perpetual youth.

A “Shangri-La” is an ideal refuge from the troubles of the world.

Synonymous with an earthly paradise.

It’s also rather a nice hotel suite costing per night many months worth of what I pay per month in rent for my flat in Mayfair.

The floor to ceiling windows spanning the suite provided 180-degree views of London’s iconic landmarks making for spectacular backdrops for our porn video clips.

The Telegraph quite rightly describes this panorama as indisputably the best view offered by any hotel room in the city.

All 188 square metres of the prestigious Shangri-La Suite became the set for an epic sex romp. The suite is said to be ideal for visiting Heads of State and VIPs and features exquisite custom-made furniture and high-grade silk wallpaper designed and produced by a team of over 250 highly skilled craftsmen from around the world.

Emma and I put the exquisite custom-made furniture to good use. Doggy style on the dining room table under the chandelier with a view of embankment, st Pauls and Tower Bridge behind us. On the Roman orgyesque lounge overlooking the walkie talkie, cheesegrater and gherkin.

Emma rode my cock on the desk in the office with the camera framing us against the background of Westminster Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Diplomat Magazine had suite dreams of the specially designed Shangri-La Bed featuring patented body-contouring technology and fitted with Frette 1,000-threadcount linen. It’s also a damned fine shag pad.

Our grand finale porn video clip was filmed in the rather opulent marble-clad bathroom. Nothing like a state of the art jacuzzi with rose petals floating in it to wet ones whistle in.

Enjoy the clips! I don’t want to spoil the story.. Without giving too much away I can say there was a happy ending.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Sin City

Milady and I celebrated London Fetish Weekend attending London Alternative Market Sin City Fetish Ball at Scala and Rios Nudist Spa to watch Khabib vs McGregor.

The L.A.M Fetish Weekend Special was at a larger venue than their usual. We browsed all the kinky toys and fashion on display at the various stalls.

I bought a padded blindfold to fill a special request from a favourite regular of mine.

The stage shows were fun. We enjoyed the LAM Fashion Show, Burlesque Bonanza, a Shibari performance by Anna Kostina, a rope artist and fashion designer and her contortionist girlfriend. Impressive ropework and some very challenging looking poses.

Also Drag inspired, kinky, queer cabaret, circus tricks, whip cracking, a fetish schoolteacher stapling students shoolwork to her body and performers rolling in broken glass.

We bumped into Little Snake, one of our favourite regular attendees of our Gangbang parties. He was modelling in the fashion show. He’s sweet and also very naughty. Hyperenergetic, tattooed and extroverted little kinkster.

Later at Sin City I made Milady suck my cock in the dungeon area with hundreds of guys watching.

The Sin City Ball was organised by Internationally renowned lifestyle & ProDomina. Loved & feared by subs & slaves, Mistress Absolute.

Dress Code was FETISH! Latex, leather, PVC, zenti, creative costumes, corsets, dresses and fetish attire all welcome. I wore my black leather pants and a black mesh vest and Milady wore towering Louboutin spike heels and a sexy bodystocking. Dressed to impress!

I got Milady to flirt with a Chinese girl in a playboy bunny costume who I fancied. Ended up having some bi threeway fun with her and Milady. Just touching and kissing until the Chinese girl saw my cock. She got scared and ran off saying she had to see her girlfriends. Then came back later with her gfs who wanted to see my cock too!

A foot fetishist who used to work at Harrods Chanel shoe shop and recognised Milady from there came up and begged her to trample him. Which she did. Stood on him and danced in her heels while I held her hands for balance. In exchange for a foot massage.

Milady took a spanking from an Israeli guy.

I played with a Belgian lady while her husband watched.

Then we went to Rios nudist club to watch the UFC.

Good times 🙂

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.



I made a charitable donation of my time recently as a voluntary teacher for a special needs timewaster.

I love genuine foot fetishist bookings. Nothing like getting paid to receive foot massages. My feet are large, aesthetically pleasing to the eye of any and all would be foot worshippers, in perfect health and always perfectly pedicured.

However, anyone who asks for pictures is already giving of warning signs of being a timewaster. Poor spelling and grammar also ring alarm bells. Reluctance to commit to a day, time and location paired with enthusiasm for chatting about something they’re turned on by = almost guaranteed timewaster. All of the above and you have a confirmed and verified wanker on your hands.

There must be a thrill to pretending to be interested in booking an appointment with an escort, requesting pictures, receiving said pictures and then not making an appointment but rather proceeding to repeat the process with another escort and another and so on.

A link to pictures does nothing to satisfy a timewaster. It has to be a picture an escort has deliberately sent specifically and deliberately to that individual timewaster. There’s plenty of free porn on the internet so a freely available online pic has no value but any time and effort wasted by the escort has some value and thus it feels like a small victory to waste our time in this way.

Addictive behavior can result from almost anything where a stimulus that is both rewarding and reinforcing results from the behaviour. In this case the timewasters little synapses light up every time he receives a sexy pic. Mix in some dopamine and seratonin, repeat enough times et voila obsessive compulsion. The psychology must be “I’ll trick this escort into sending me a sexy pic… hurray it worked. I’ll do it again to another escort.” Rinse and repeat.

If you’re an escort reading this, please don’t encourage timewasters. If you’re a timewaster reading this, please stop. Try to be a better person. Being selfish, rude and inconsiderate is it’s own punishment. If you behave this way, not only with escorts but with an equivalent level of shitty behaviour in a variety of your interactions, you’ll find that everyone who can avoid you will do so. We are social creatures and it’s horrible to be lonely. Please take responsibility for yourself and quit timewasting.

On a more positive note, New York was brilliant as always. I stayed in a nice apartment by Columbus Circle. Met some very polite, charming and sexy people. Visited an apartment in a modern highrise in battery park with a spectacular view of the whole city and accommodated in my own apartment. Received rave reviews from everyone I met, promises to meet me again in London and requests to save their numbers and txt them anytime I come back to NYC. I don’t proactively txt anyone unless I get these requests. Better to assume everyone prefers privacy and discretion unless they indicate that I’m welcome to get in contact.

I’m back in London now and I’ll be here until November and then away for most of the European winter.

I had a very nice welcome back to London last night from my favourite dirty couple Mr and Mrs D in Chelsea. Mr and Mrs met me out front on their way home from a romantic dinner at a restaurant nearby. Mr D quickly changed into stockings for some crossdressing bi threesome fun and then entered his living room almost horizontal thanks to a slippery spot on the floor. I too must also wax the floor in the entrance of my flat to make a super slippery booby trap such that all guests enter my home like Kramer from Seinfeld.

I relayed my in taxi experience en route where I’d been watching porn on my phone. A nice hardcore DP scene with a young lady very much enjoying two extremely large cocks. Only to look up and realise that the reflection of my phone on the side window of the taxi was magnified to an A3 sized projection beaming out at passing pedestrians. Oh well it’s always nice to share.

And Share we did. Mr D and I shared Mrs D’s tight pussy. The tight grip of her stretched over both our thick cocks felt amazing for both of us and judging from how wet and wild she was riding us, moaning, screaming and cumming all over us, Mrs D rather enjoyed the experience too.

They’re the sexiest, kinkiest, dirtiest and most fun couple. Always a pleasure.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Chauffeurs Nudist Beach

New pics from my latest photoshoot at Chauffeurs NudistBeach in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

and a video

Sandra and I were in Sozopol on holidays and had a very relaxing and enjoyable time there. Mid 20s temperatures every day, clear blue skys and sunshine, a room with an ocean view, right on the beach, delicious, fresh local food. Especially seafood there is unbelievably good.

I’d researched the nudist beaches in the area and asked a taxi driver to confirm. he took us to Chauffeurs Nudist Beach aka Beach Alepu.

We also checked out Harmani Nudist Beach.

and were thinking of visiting Chernomorets Nudist Beach but our taxi driver recommended Chauffeurs instead.

A really beautiful stretch of clean sand with plenty of naked tourists and locals enjoying the sunshine. At Harmani there was a lifeguard who’d toot his whistle every time a nudist started to drift too far up the beach while swimming naked in the surf. I was thus prevented from washing ashore amidst the non nudist tourists like some buff, very well hung, Robinson Crusoe.

Other famous naturist beaches / nudist beaches in Bulgaria include:

Albena / Kranevo: after Gergana Hotel in Albena. This is the centre of the Bulgarian public nudity. The length of Albena beach is 15 km, and the half of its territory is given to nudists.

Golden Sands: after the yacht port in front of Glarus Hotel.

– Kamchia: the widest nudist beach on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. Famous nudist destination.


– Bourgas: north of the town after the Burgas Hotel, direction Nessebur (New Town) near the saltpan of Bourgas.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


Back again in NYC.

I’m touring with Milady.

We’re available together for duos.

I also did my usual mass mailout to all the New York escorts to let everyone know I’m in town and to ask if anyone else would like to do duos with myself and or Milady.

We got positive responses from some very sexy New Yorkers.







I’m going to a Naked Yoga Class tomorrow 🙂

I’ll have at least one session at the world renowned Pandoras Box Dungeon.

I’ve always wanted to visit and now I have a masochist client who’s promised to arrange a session there with me.

The Spanish Inquisition themed Sanctum, Chinese Torture Chamber, Medical Chamber, Classroom and Wrestling Rooms all look amazing. I’m especially looking forward to trying out the Ming Palace room.

Travel back in time to the twelfth century into the palace of a Chinese Warlord. The room is resplendent with silk fabrics, oriental rugs, gold dusted walls, jade floors and ornate columns, and statues. The Queens elaborate Palace is extensively used for public humiliation floggings, nipple play, CBT, rope bondage, foot worship, hot wax and cigarette torture, objectification, degradation, spitting, and humiliation. Here in the Palace you may find yourself kneeling before your mistress as she sits upon her elaborate throne contemplating your fate. Why might that fate be? Perhaps suspended between two gold encrusted pillars; or your back laid bare crisscrossed with crimson welts expertly laid upon you by the beautiful warlord’s weapons.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.


The Bunker

Milady vipfetishmodel.com and I booked The Bunker recently.

It’s an original air raid bunker that’s been converted into a fully equipped BDSM dungeon.


We made some hot video clips

The bunker has

A Custom fuck bed
Electronic hoist
Fisting bench
Flogging horse
Isolation cell
Medical examination bench/stirrups
Posture/restraint chair
rim stool
Sling on heavy-duty scaffold frame
Spanking bench
St Andrew’s cross
Assorted crops/floggers/paddles
Cuffs, collars, hoods
And a variety of restraint gear

We filmed our first clip on the fuck bed with a set of stocks arranged at one end.

I folded the stocks open, arranged Milady’s neck and wrists in the restraints, closed the stocks and locked them in place.

In stocks Milady looked like some ye olde world scold or adulteress condemned to a humiliating punishment at the hands of a medieval mob.

Immobilised at waist height she was helpless to resist a rough throat fucking. The sounds of her choking and gagging echoed off the literally bomb proof solid concrete walls of our subterranean dungeon setting.

Soon I was standing over a puddle of Milady’s saliva she’d noisily retched up as my cock ravaged her tonsils.

At least 10 metres underground, the bunker is perfectly sound proofed from the outside world. The phrase “no one can hear you scream” Was never more true.

And scream she did once I’d mounted her and penetrated her deep and hard on the fuck bed.

We moved to the swing for our second clip.

It’s hung from a solid steel frame with four point suspension. The leather swing hangs from heavy chains. The excess length of chains hangs free from the four suspension points such that any movement of the swing sets of a cacophony of rattling and clanking chains.

In case you’ve ever wondered why ghosts rattle chains Haunting Aficionados have the answer.

In Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story, ‘A Christmas Carol’ the ghost of Scrooge’s deceased business partner, Jacob Marley was weighed down by chains. When Marley appeared to Scrooge, he told him that the chains he wore were a punishment and represented his sins of greed and disregard for his fellow man in life.

Milady, on the other hand, is extremely generous and always kind to her fellow man. She just loves being chained up and fucked 😉

The paranormal researchers tell us a snap shot of consciousness can be stored in earthly materials including tools or restraints. The psychic energy of a living human then stores a memory of the chains or the sound of the chains.

Meanwhile, on a more earthly plane of existence. The swing is great for rough fucking. The force of every thrust obviously propels the leather seat away and then gravity swings it back. Each thrust is thus massively amplified in power without the bottom in the sling needing to match the rhythm or push back at all.

Likewise the scene of our next clip. The slings suspended from an electric winch.

Like some heavy duty steam punk factory equipment, the winch control button clicks in with a satisfying clunk and the winch whirs loudly into action and easily hauls Milady up to waist height.

The high ceilings allow for winching up to head height too for rimming, oral etc.

The slings loop under her thighs and around her back under her arms. Unlike the swing which leaves only her pussy exposed, the sling exposes pussy and ass and would be perfect for double penetration.

This will definitely be the venue for our next gangbang party. Guys will be able to form two orderly queues. One queue in front and one behind her to take turns to fuck her two at a time.

Every British Gentleman understands the importance of forming a polite and orderly queue. Whether you’re topping up your oystercard, going for afternoon tea at The Ritz or gangbanging a Fetish Queen, one must maintain social decorum.

I’m sure the queue will be just like this =

A third clip on the spanking bench where I tried out some crops and paddles nicely reddening her beautiful ass. Some more fucking from behind on the bench and then we moved to the couch under the rack for all the impact play toys and bondage cuffs for her to suck me off and take my cum on her face.

Hardcore BDSM Dungeon is clearly the optimum re-purpose for a disused Bunker however there are alternatives and London has a very interesting history of recycled bomb proof real estate. The walls of these bunkers can be so thick that demolition has often been deemed to be more trouble than it’s worth, and so they remain.

London’s Subterranean Secrets include hydroponic crops being grown on an underground farm in Clapham, The Churchill War Rooms which are now a museum, The Modern Day Pindar rooms deep under The Ministry Of Defense and linked to Downing Street and the Cabinet Office via an underground tunnel, The Admiralty Citadel on Horse Guards Parade, secret facilities built into tube stations, communication facilities used to connect the hotline between the White House and the Kremlin, the bunker under Uxbridge airbase from which The Battle of Britain was directed, the government’s emergency underground HQ Bunker, and a Cold War era contingency bunker against the possibility of World War 3.

If Nuclear Annihilation seems imminent, you could do worse than to initiate one last BDSM orgy safely housed under a few thousand tonnes of reinforced concrete.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

Pornstar Blowjob

Check out the new movie clip I have just uploaded to #AdultWork! Pornstar Blowjob.

Sandra‘s Pornstar Blowjob is cinematic tour de force, a rollercoaster ride, a no holds barred action packed thrill fest. It will forever change the way you view blowjob videos. Honestly, it’s the feel good film of 2018.

The Urban Dictionary definition of Pornstar Blowjob = “when a guy is getting head from a girl, or guy, the girl or guy sucks the guys dick in a realy dirty way, sucking the ball sack, licking the dick and giving deep throat, then lets the guy cum alover his/her face, the guy normaly gets aroused and blows his load easily and quikly, guys use their phones to video these kinds of blow jobs to show off to their friends. these are normally performed after a night out when both people are feeling realy horny and the guy/girl doing the sucking feels like a dirty cockwhore who just wants dick.

yo last nite i got a pornstar blow job.”


by big bad boy May 23, 2006

Thanks BigBadBoy. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

ps I found this rather frisky little filly on twitter and it reminded me of another stallion who’ll be champing at the bit and spurred to action when he sees this=

I’m not sure if he’s flexible enough for his elbows to touch at the back like that but it’s a beautiful tie. I’ll cinch in his straps, ride him hard and put him away wet 😉

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.