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15th July 2023
Elust 163

Elust 163 contributors have excelled themselves in producing erotic, informative, fun and educational content for your reading pleasure.

30th June 2023
Sucky Ducky. Funzze Clit Sucking Toy Review

A rubber ducky shaped clit sucking toy, nicknamed Sucky Sucky, recently winged its way to chez Oz courtesy of Funnze. Sucky ducky soon had Hellga yodelling like Pippi Long Stocking. Hellga's a fan of a long soak in the bath and what better to enhance her bathing experience than a yellow silicone sex toy shaped […]

17th June 2023
Elust 162

Welcome to Elust 162 with a very sexy cover image thanks to Marco Napoli. Looks a bit like Leonidas from 300 here. Spartan Warrior fantasy anyone? Product Reviews Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator Review Safelust reviews a smooth, rigid, silicone, aggressive vibrating prostate vibe with an LED light up handle. Sold! Sex Work Panty Selling […]

29th May 2023
Mirror Secret Mirror Book Review

Jess, an aspiring author of kinky erotica wins a writing competition and gets an offer of employment writing for a mysterious patron who she is not to meet in person but to serve via an intermediary, the formidable Katya.

16th May 2023
Elust 161. Porn Celebrity Vicky Vette.

I think sex workers have a lot to learn from sex bloggers, toy reviewers and erotica authors about how to promote our personal websites.

I hope Elust can help us all to collaborate, co-promote and learn from one another.

29th April 2023
Funzze Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe

Funzze recently sent me a Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe to test and review. I've previously reviewed a Unicorn Dildo and a Thrusting Dildo for Funzze , both of which I was very impressed with so I had high hope for the Dual Stim. Funzze's new toy far exceeded my expectations. For science, Hellga and […]

19th April 2023
Elust 160. Swinging, Thrashing, Figging, Tripping & a Pizzaman.

Welcome to Elust 160 Image courtesy of the Tampa Gilf Goddess herself, Anneke Van Buren. Elust this month features diverse, compelling and most entertaining writing from the best of the best sex bloggers. When Jerry Met Ali, Eros Poetry and Caged Lion are all newcomers to Elust who I hope will return for many more […]

18th April 2023
Scientific Evaluation of the Sex Bots

On Monday, Goddess Cleo, Foxtress and I joined forces once again, uniting for the common good of humanity for the just cause of the scientific advancement of sex bots. This time, on my recommendation, we were joined by my friend and esteemed colleague, Lilly Watson. Our scientific research was backed by a generous private benefactor […]

23rd March 2023
Sissy Forced Bi at Facility X Dungeon

I joined Mistress Harriet and Mistress Paola at the appointed time at Facility X Dungeon where they had spent some quality time prior to my arrival sissifying and pegging their client.

15th March 2023
Elust 159

Lots of brilliant, sexy blog posts in Elust 159 this month from regular contributors, some returning to Elust after a long hiatus and some new additions too.

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