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Sexual Equanimity by Podopheleus

22nd March 2024
Oz Bigdownunder

Podopheleus recently asked me to review his new book, Sexual Equanimity, and I was more than happy to say yes.

I have previously reviewed Triple-Formed by the same author.

Podopheleus is an author, rhymer and a kinkster. He's a men's mental health supporter, a submissive, a sex worker ally and a foot fetishist.

Pod runs support groups on twitter and a discord for submissive men who are new to the world of kink. He's an invaluable resource for those seeking answers, community and empathy as they learn about this side to their own sexuality.

The Podopheleus blog is a treasure trove of a kink resource. Frequently updated with stylish and informative posts. Highly recommended.

I read Sexual Equanimity start to finish in one go and found it highly enjoyable and thought provoking.

Sexual Equanimity is an engaging and emotionally charged book. Readers are invited to take an intimate glimpse into the life of Zane, also known as Kinkanimity, a submissive man.

The narrative unfolds through Zane's raw and unfiltered journal entries. Readers are taken on a journey through his thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Zane grapples with the complexities of his submissive desires. We follow his interactions with various Pro Dommes, his friends and his family.

Pod's narrative style is unique.

Sexual Equanimity combines journal entries, classic storytelling, and rap lyrics.

The subject matter is emotionally charged and provocative combined with something of a maelstrom of unusual techniques for presenting narrative and plot makes for a book that is far from an easy read. This is not a criticism. If the story were presented in a more conventional fashion, a reader might be tempted to skim the plot to get to the juicy bits with the BDSM action. To do so would mean missing out on a lot of nuance. Engaging fully with the story is rewarding especially if you are a part of the kink community as there are a lot of lessons to be learned here.

Zane's willingness to share his innermost thoughts, struggles, and moments of self-discovery is both brave and commendable, making the book relatable to anyone who has faced challenges in embracing their sexuality.

Sexual Equanimity explores the intricate web of emotions that Zane encounters on his journey. It delves into his struggle to accept his submissive tendencies and fetishes, shedding light on the internal conflicts and societal stigmas he faces. His experiences of discrimination and kink-shaming from family members, highlight the importance of understanding and acceptance within the BDSM community.

Managing emotions effectively can be life-changing, and Zane's journal entries provide a window into the various emotional states he experiences. Readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride through moments of self-doubt, vulnerability, anger, and humour. Zane is a complex character. His willingness to confront his emotions head-on is what makes the story compelling and relatable.

What sets Sexual Equanimity apart is it's role as a book of kinkducation.

Pod offers a comprehensive exploration of topics such as D/s dynamics, D/s breakups, mental health, miscommunication, and the delicate balance between a vanilla marriage and a D/s lifestyle. The book also sheds light on issues like abuse and toxicity within the femdom community, providing valuable insights for those navigating similar challenges.

At times, the story is heartbreaking and reflective, as Zane confronts his insecurities and fears. Other moments are filled with humour and wit, demonstrating the resilience and strength required to navigate the complexities of kink and self-acceptance.

Sexual Equanimity is further enriched by the exquisite illustrations by MOAN Zine and Dirk Hooper.

Additionally, the powerful foreword by Kaz B sets the tone for the book, emphasizing the significance of addressing mental health and healing within the BDSM community.

Sexual Equanimity is an enthralling and thought-provoking read.

Themes of mental health, self-discovery, and kink are presented in a unique and compelling way.

The story is sure to resonate especially with those who may have experienced kink-shaming, mental health challenges, or feelings of isolation within the BDSM community.

By the end of the book, readers will find themselves empowered and enlightened, with a deeper understanding of the complexities of the human experience within the realm of kink.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a curious newcomer, Sexual Equanimity is an invaluable addition to your reading list.

I enjoyed the pop culture references throughout.

In the spirit of the rap lyrics quiz I integrated into my review of Triple Formed, here's a movie quiz based on some quotes that popped into my head while reading Sexual Equanimity.

1 point per correctly identifying which movie I was thinking of. 1 bonus point for guessing which bit of Sexual Equanimity I was reading when I thought of it.


It's just like that trilogy where the little fellows with hairy feet share the load. In the end 9 friends destroy his ring.

As Jack's inflamed sense of rejection once said, "It's a question of etiquette. As I pass, do I give you the ass, or the crotch?"

A bit like that guy who wears a lot of black PVC, he was born into bondage. A slave in a prison he can't see, or smell, or touch.

As a blueberry pancake loving heroine once said, a pot belly is very sexy. The rest of you is normal. Normal face, normal legs, normal hips, normal ass, but with a big, perfectly round pot belly. If I had one, I'd wear a t-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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