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Category: Book Review

22nd March 2024
Sexual Equanimity by Podopheleus

Podopheleus recently asked me to review his new book, Sexual Equanimity, and I was more than happy to say yes. I have previously reviewed Triple-Formed by the same author. Podopheleus is an author, rhymer and a kinkster. He's a men's mental health supporter, a submissive, a sex worker ally and a foot fetishist. Pod runs […]

12th December 2023
Exit To Eden, by Anne Rice. Book Review.

Exit to Eden has a picture of a Dominatrix on the cover and the blurb says it's all about dominance and submission at a private island kink club playground for the wealthy and powerful. It's written by Anne Rice. One of my all time favourite authors. I read the Vampire Chronicles as an impressionable, already […]

29th May 2023
Mirror Secret Mirror Book Review

Jess, an aspiring author of kinky erotica wins a writing competition and gets an offer of employment writing for a mysterious patron who she is not to meet in person but to serve via an intermediary, the formidable Katya.

23rd February 2023
Podopheleus Triple-Formed Review

Podopheleus very kindly sent me a copy of his acclaimed new book, Triple-Formed.

Triple-Formed recounts the journey of Adam, a foot fetishist and lover of femdom.

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