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Independent Australian Male Masseur, Escort and Pro Dom for Men, Women, Duos, Couples, Forced Bi and Cuckolding in London, Marylebone. Whatsapp +447521577026

The Number One Male Escort in the World!

If you Google “male escort”, I’m the top result for an independent. Currently ranking 48 for “male escort.” everything above me is directories, agencies and news articles. I’m also on all those directories and in most of the news articles 😉

I’ve been interviewed by dozens of leading media outlets, had articles published about me on many sites and had my stories translated into dozens of languages and published worldwide.

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  • Me and my wife have just been to see Oz and he was fantastic
    When we got there he made us feel relaxed
    My wife had a shower and then he gave her a great massage then it was a great oral on each other and after that he used that 9in in every position they could and sent her to another world
    Thank you and see you again


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  • Back in town and a night with Oz booked. WOW. He was incredible. Oz is all you ask him to be and so much more. His massage was amazing. He made us feel so relaxed and ready for an incredible threesome. We couldn't have hoped for more. A very sexy night. :) 

    Big Al and Bambi

    Review posted to Anna's Angels
20th July 2022
Elust 151

  Image courtesy of mywildlens. Rope and Photography by Honey at HappyComeLucky. Welcome to Elust 151 Congratulations @MiladyGoddess for winning the monthly Elust Contest for June! Hope you enjoy your £50 Libidex voucher. Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking […]

10th July 2022
RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Ko Ryu Tentacle Dildo Review

Image is The Deep. Watch The Boys . Bigshocked kindly sent me a Ko Ryu Triones Tentacle Dildo to review. I give it 8 thumbs up! A beautiful hand-poured platinum silicone, body safe, phthalate free sex toy. The Ko Ryu's Medium Softness is firm enough for easy insertion but squishy enough that it gives the sensation […]

6th July 2022
Pegging and Deepthroat. Spitroast Duo with Mistress Charlotte.

  To say I'm a fan of Mistress Charlotte's would be an understatement. Her Mistressly gravitas is as unrivalled. All those curves and me with no brakes? I'd fake a jellyfish sting just to get her to sprinkle me with her Champagne. Charlotte and I met up at my place and enjoyed a stroll through […]

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