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Podopheleus Triple-Formed Review

23rd February 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

Podopheleus very kindly sent me a copy of his acclaimed new book, Triple-Formed.

Triple-Formed recounts the journey of Adam, a foot fetishist and lover of femdom.

Adam battles with insecurities, anxiety, shame and guilt surrounding his fantasies and urges.

He manages to overcome his fear, communicates his needs to his wife, reaches an arrangement they're both happy with and begins regular meetings with a Pro Domme.

Podopheleus is a men's mental health supporter who assists novice submissive males on their journeys into the worlds of kink and fetish. He runs support groups on twitter an discord.

The excellent illustrations for Triple Formed are by Moan Zine.

Adam's struggle and turmoil makes for challenging subject matter and the fact that the book is written mostly in rap lyrics does not make this an easy read in terms of following what is happening to whom and when.

But if you follow Adam's trials and tribulations to the end, you will gain an overall understanding of his journey that may not seem obvious along the way.

Furthering understanding of submissive men, is absolutely a valuable undertaking.

Especially for me as a male escort and Pro Dom specialising in meeting with couples and doing cuckolding and forced bi duos with Mistresses and male clients.

Reading Triple-Formed gave me new insight into what happens behind the scenes. I'm sure many of my clients have had to fight their own demons to find the courage to meet me.

I try my best to be a good listener, to ask the right questions at the right moment and be empathetic when my clients do disclose the difficulties they've faced coming to terms with their kinkiness. But at the same time, I'm not a therapist and my clients come to me to enjoy making their fantasies a reality. Sometimes sharing their journey may be cathartic. But sometimes they don't want to dwell on the struggles of being different and misunderstood. They just want to immerse themselves in their fantasies and enjoy the experience with me.

I greatly appreciated Triple-Formed as an opportunity to spend time getting to know the obstacles my clients might have overcome to reach a place where they could meet me and what goes on in their minds when they're not with me. There were questions answered that I wouldn't always ask my clients if I suspected doing so might distract or detract from someone's session.

I'm making the book sound fairly grim. It isn't all dark. Triple-Formed has some lighter moments and Pod's lyrical stylings make for an entertaining read.

Hip Hop Quiz.

Try to identify the track and artist for all 14 quotes below.

Each quote is in italics with a number next to it.

The answers are at the end where it says 1-14.

Each of those numbers is a clickable link to the spotify page for the tracks I quoted.

Read Triple-Formed first before you read any more of what I've written from here on.

Sorry in advance for spoilers and misquoted lyrics from some classic tracks.

(1) I apologize a trillion times.

In fact sometimes Pod's words (2) just hypnotize me.

In the opening scene Adam is implored by a self help video on youtube to "let go of that which no longer serves you". He's not ready for that but his journey begins as he clicks onto a Pro Domme website.

(3) Made in a minute the sky is the limit
For reaching the goal and the dream
Wouldn't you want to be in it to win it?

The 10 Domme commandments will resonate with experienced sex workers & clients

To all the timewasters out there who ignore these commandments, I have

(4) Two words, "Fuck you, pay me."

To those who do follow the Domme commandments, I applaud you!

I enjoyed the moment when Adam first met Mistress Hecate.

(5) He was nervous but on the surface he looked calm and steady. Mom's spaghetti.

I'm often told I'm a calming influence on nervous people. A handy attribute to have in my position. I meet a lot of nervous first timers. Many people I meet are understandably trepidatious in that they don't know me yet and have no way of knowing whether the reality of their session is going to meet their expectations. Being able to reassure, build rapport, ask the right questions and say the right things to let a new client know they are in the capable hands of an experienced professional who genuinely cares about making the perfect session tailor made to that individual clients needs and desires. That's how we cure the nerves. Spaghetti.

The sex lives matter and real pimps chapters help to deliver a message that I'd love for everyone to receive. Sex workers around the world pretty much universally want decriminalisation.

(6) No matter what you heard..

We do not want politicians pretending they're trying to "rescue" us just to virtue signal to pearl clutchers.

At one point Adam faces the reality of the transactional nature of meeting a Pro Domme.

(7) Maybe she just takes his money when he's in need. A trifling friend indeed.

I'm a moderator on the Sexworkers, Sexworkersonly and Malesexworkersonly subreddits with a combined user base of over 400,000 people. One of the most common questions that clients ask goes something like "A provider did x thing that providers don't usually do with clients eg sent me a message asking how I'm doing, or met me for a coffee without charging for their time, does that mean they have "real" feelings for me?"

Here are a few thousand posts on the subject. tldr, probably not, sorry. But if you've been having regular meetings with a sex worker and you're starting to wonder this, it's a normal thing to get confused about. By all means feel the realness. It's likely

She, is (8) one of the best yet, she got it, you can feel the realness, in this business of sex.

But please, you're much better off enjoying that realness for what it is rather than start to push boundaries and risk spoiling a good regular client / sex worker relationship.

Regular meetings with Mistress Hecate catalyse positive changes in Adam's outlook.

(9) Things change, and that's the way it is. Things'll never be the same.

A chapter titled Freak deals with Adam's insecurities around his porn addiction, dick size and fetishes.

(10) If you check 1, 2, my word of advice to you is just relax. Just do what you got, if that don't work then kick the facts.

Easier said than done.

Some amazing role-play ideas in the whatsapp messages skit.

With a bonus round of hard-core strap-on anal fucking!

(11) hit it from the back, girl I won't catch a hernia.

I couldn't agree more with the Mistress Adreena quote "The antidote to shame is empathy." I have fantasies and sexual urges. So do you. Mine might be different to yours. So what? Doesn't mean mine are right and yours are dirty or vice versa. Just different. If we're in a relationship, hopefully we'll find a way to understand those differences and make it work.

There is one man so dirty, I can only aspire to be as dirty as he is. He knows what he likes. He said

(12) Shimmy, shimmy, ya, shimmy, yam, shimmy, yay

The imma survivor skit is heartbreaking but with an uplifting message at the end.

(13) As a victim I invented low-key
'Til the keyhole itself got lower than me
So I stood up and let my free form form free

Your understanding may differ from mine, but the message I got was that Adam has identified his needs, overcome his fears, communicated with his partner, figured out how to explain his needs to a Pro Domme and had many rewarding, fun, exciting sessions.

Maybe he hasn't quite let go of past traumas but he's survived. He's learned that there are things he can't change.

He can stop blaming himself for things that aren't his fault.

I think in the end he knows the secret to his happiness but the struggle is ongoing with anxiety and depression.

In skit 19 Adam decides to stop taking his anti anxiety medication as a way of killing off one of his split personalities, Steven.

Then covid lockdown comes along and Adam finds himself isolated, off his meds, with no sessions.

He suffers a breakdown which leads to a final apocalyptic battle with his remaining split personality, Dan.

Adam wins. He kills off his toxic inner critic to finally ditch the triple forms and become the best version of Adam.

(14) It ain't all good, and that's the truth
When things ain't goin' like you think they should, it's all on you.

Did anyone manage to identify the track name and artist for all 14 of the hip hop quotes above in italics?

Click the numbers below to open the spotify pages for the tracks for each quote in new tabs.

Or see the top comment for the answers to the Hip Hop Quiz.















I recommend not listening to rap whilst reading Triple-Formed. You'll be reading rap lyrics and listening to a different set of rap lyrics. Distracting. Instrumental hip hop accompaniment is my recommendation. My all time favourite instrumental hip hop = Petestrumentals 1 and 2, J Dilla - Donuts, The Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out and Nujabes.

This interview on The Kinky Cocktail Hour is worth a listen if you'd like a more in depth look into Triple-Formed.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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