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Category: Sex-Toy Review

5th April 2024
Silver Surfer. Funzze Double-ended Stainless Steel Dildo Review

Funzze recently bestowed upon me a Double-ended Stainless Steel Dildo in exchange for an unbiased review. Cover image courtesy of Riyadh Cassiem. 10 points for Gryffindor if you can identify all 10 movie misquotes. I'm sure the contents of my toy box wake up whenever I leave the room and go on adventures together like […]

29th August 2023
Review of Velociraptor Dildo from Laphwing

The most phenomenal discovery of our time, the greatest adventure, 65 Million years in the making, the beast unleashed, the Velociraptor Dildo from Laphwing! Laphwing kindly sent me this ravishing paleontological specimen of Velociraptor - 8.66" Fantasy Monster Dildo to review. Hellga and I tested out the Velociraptor dildo together along with Hellga's new Doxy […]

30th June 2023
Sucky Ducky. Funzze Clit Sucking Toy Review

A rubber ducky shaped clit sucking toy, nicknamed Sucky Sucky, recently winged its way to chez Oz courtesy of Funnze. Sucky ducky soon had Hellga yodelling like Pippi Long Stocking. Hellga's a fan of a long soak in the bath and what better to enhance her bathing experience than a yellow silicone sex toy shaped […]

29th April 2023
Funzze Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe

Funzze recently sent me a Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe to test and review. I've previously reviewed a Unicorn Dildo and a Thrusting Dildo for Funzze , both of which I was very impressed with so I had high hope for the Dual Stim. Funzze's new toy far exceeded my expectations. For science, Hellga and […]

5th February 2023
Funzze Thrusting Dildo Review

Funzze very kindly sent me a self-heating, thrusting dildo to test drive. I've previously reviewed a Unicorn Dildo for Funzze. I was impressed then with the quality of their product and with Funzze's excellent customer service. They reply promptly to their emails and are always courteous and friendly in their communications. A business doing pleasure […]

5th November 2022
Funzze Unicorn Dildo Review

  Funzze emailed me a few weeks ago to say they'd enjoyed reading my reviews and would like to send me a unicorn dildo from their website. I thanked them kindly for their compliment and for the generous proposal. Never one to decline an offer of a large dildo shoved through my letterbox, I cordially […]

26th October 2022
Bigshocked Glow-In-The-Dark Silicone Werewolf Dildo Review

Bigshocked kindly sent me a Luminous Glow-In-The-Dark Knot Platinum Silicone Werewolf Dildo to review. Buy yours today from the Bigshocked website. It will have you howling at the moon. The werewolf in the featured image is the creation of Patto. A digital artist specialising in comic projects of the furry and anthropomorphic variety. I was […]

10th July 2022
RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Ko Ryu Tentacle Dildo Review

Image is The Deep. Watch The Boys . Bigshocked kindly sent me a Ko Ryu Triones Tentacle Dildo to review. I give it 8 thumbs up! A beautiful hand-poured platinum silicone, body safe, phthalate free sex toy. The Ko Ryu's Medium Softness is firm enough for easy insertion but squishy enough that it gives the sensation […]

1st January 2022
Happy New Year 2022! Touring, Duos, Fly Me To You Bookings, Filming Content, Orgies, Fetish Parties, Dogging, Dildos, Couples, Cuckolding And Forced-Bi

  2021 was a good year for touring, duos, fly me to you bookings, couples, filming content, orgies, fetish parties, dogging, dildos, couples, cuckolding and forced-bi. Happy New Year 2022! I started 2021 off with a tour of Dubai to see some regular clients, meet some new ones and do some duos with my escort […]

5th October 2021
Leten 708 Pro review

  Honeysx kindly sent me a Leten 708pro Automatic Telescopic Heating Strong Male Masturbator to test and review. The Leten is awesome! As soon as the postman handed me a discreetly boxed package of the expected dimensions I knew I held in my hands the promised fuck toy. A cocksucker gadget for the ages. I […]

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