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15th June 2024
Fly Me To La Lune. A Cuckolding Duo With Maxine Lune.

A regular client of mine asked me to find a tall female escort who would tower over him for a cuckolding and humiliation duo and he met his perfect match with Maxine Lune. He's already met two of my tallest duo partners and wanted someone new. He loved our previous duos but he likes variety. […]

10th March 2024
A Trio with Mistress Chatterley and TS Ama

I was very happy to receive an invitation recently from Mistress Chatterley to assist with a forced bi trio.

15th February 2024
Valentine's Day Voyeur Duo with Kensley

A regular of mine contacted me to ask if I'd like to meet with himself and his favourite escort, Kensley for a Valentines day Voyeur duo.

4th November 2023
 تعال حبيبي Come to Dubai Habibi

I'll be in Dubai from November 12th for 2 weeks, Habibi. Available for 1-1, couples and duos with escorts and Mistresses. I specialise in duos, couples, cuckolding and forced-bi. My duo partners this time are Olympian Muses of divine inspiration. I was in the mood for some poetry after experiencing the lyrical masterpiece that is […]

15th October 2023
Wiggly Worm the Cuckold. Duo With Sylvie

I recently had a duo session with Sylvie and a new client who's into cuckolding and humiliation. Sylvie and I took a black cab together and arrived early at the glamorous historic hotel where we'd arranged to meet our new friend so we went for a drink together at the bar in the enormous central […]

4th August 2023
Krásná kurvička. A Trio of Duos.

On Tuesday I was invited to three duos in the same day. Firstly, Mistress Luna and her regular client invited me to a forced bi and sissification session at Luna's dungeon here in Marylebone. Secondly, Mistress Jessica and her new client invited me to a hotel in Heathrow for some bi curious cuckolding and voyeurism. Last but not least, my third duo of the day, a regular couple of mine saw Kitty on my friends page and asked me to arrange a midnight rendezvous for the four of us at my place

18th April 2023
Scientific Evaluation of the Sex Bots

On Monday, Goddess Cleo, Foxtress and I joined forces once again, uniting for the common good of humanity for the just cause of the scientific advancement of sex bots. This time, on my recommendation, we were joined by my friend and esteemed colleague, Lilly Watson. Our scientific research was backed by a generous private benefactor […]

23rd March 2023
Sissy Forced Bi at Facility X Dungeon

I joined Mistress Harriet and Mistress Paola at the appointed time at Facility X Dungeon where they had spent some quality time prior to my arrival sissifying and pegging their client.

14th February 2023
Duo With Tamara Marriage Counselling Role-Play

Tamara and I recently had a duo together with a gentleman friend of mine, Mr S, who had requested a marriage counselling role-play.

12th January 2023
Eiffel Towers and Assgasms. Duo with Goddess Cleo and FoXtress

Goddess Cleo, FoXtress and I did a Role-Play trio session today with a client of Cleo's whereby a company goes broke and the boss joins a new firm only to find his former colleagues who he tormented at his old company are already in management positions and are delighted at the opportunity to exact revenge […]

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