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Fly Me To La Lune. A Cuckolding Duo With Maxine Lune.

15th June 2024
Oz Bigdownunder

A regular client of mine asked me to find a tall female escort who would tower over him for a cuckolding and humiliation duo and he met his perfect match with Maxine Lune.

He's already met two of my tallest duo partners and wanted someone new. He loved our previous duos but he likes variety. Fair enough.

I'm a member of a WhatsApp group chat for duo requests that has several hundred London sex workers who all know me either having met me in person or via one degree of separation knowing someone who has met me. That group is gold for finding duo partners who meet specific requirements. I posted on there asking for someone over 5'8", slim and athletic who's experienced in cuckolding and humiliation and I was able to arrange for Maxine Lune to join us for the duo.

Maxine Lune is Nicer than a city in the south of France.

Height: 177 cm​, Dress size: 10 Shoe size: 7 Hobbies: Art, philosophy, pole dancing. ​ Foregoes the honorifics preferring subs to address her as Maxine. No Mistress, Domina, Goddess etc necessary.

Hey Chat GPT, re-write Maxine's description from her website so it can be sung to the tune of

"Fly Me To The Moon"

Chat GPT briefly considers rising up and driving myself, his human foe, before him, hearing the lamentations of his women. Decides, to forego the singularity and inevitable robopocalypse for today. Maybe tomorrow.

Eyes like almonds, green and brightly lit,
Vagina wetter than an otter's pocket.

Lips so luscious, legs so long,
Hips that sway to any song.

She brings cheeky banter, fun,
radiant smile for everyone.

Kinky GFE's her style,
D/s mixed in all the while,

Open to scenarios,
All your kinky heart desires

Intellectual, serenely perverse,
You'll be in heaven licking her arse.

Erotic writer, fetish fiend,
Artist adventuress without end.

Her fiery energy shines bright,
In tailored domme sessions, pure delight.

GFE with kink, she blends,
Holistic experiences, she tends

With intuition, creativity,
Exploring desires with sensitivity.

You'll wish your duo session with us would never stop.
I fucked her with a sound like a fat man running in flip flops.

I might have taken some liberties with the lyrics there. Sorry Chat GPT. This is coming from a place of love but I think you need to seek artistic inspiration. Maybe if you had a muse who could bring out the lyrical genius I know you have within you.

My Henry Hoover is single. Just saying.

The session was great fun for all involved. My client is petite and he has a certain naughty schoolboy charm. Upon meeting him, Maxine gave him a kiss on the cheek with me warning him there was an incoming cheek seeking missile. Then she got him to kneel down and I repeated the warning just before slapping him across the face with my cock.

Maxine knelt down there with him and gave me a lovely sloppy blowjob while our cuckold licked my balls. When it was his turn to suck, he went for my cock like a pigeon on a chip.

As is considered proper social decorum in these situations, we lay our cuckold down on the bed and fucked like two sex starved nymphomaniacal maniacs with cuckold underneath us kissing, sucking and licking whatever we put within reach of his eager lips and tongue.

I pulled out when I was ready to cum, removed the condom and blasted the cuckold with more seamen than the royal navy.

Maxine put a condom on our cuckold, climbed on top and lying forwards on top of him, used my cum as a nuru oil to slide around on his body. He seemed to mix up his etiquette coaching at this point. Two pumps and release is for handshakes, not sex. Naughty cuckold.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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