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26th November 2022
Sissification, Cuckolding & Encouraged Bi Duo with Lilly Watson

Lilly's regular, a sissy who loves to be feminised and teased with a strap-on, finally got up the nerve after many years to arrange a duo with a male escort.

I'm very pleased that I got the invitation to be the bull in his long held fantasy.

15th October 2022
Mad Scientist Cocktails & Bisexual Orgy With Harriet and TS Belle

Inspired by my Moulin Rouge blog post, Mr T arranged a cocktail party and bisexual orgy with myself Harriet and TS Belle. We convened our soiree at Purl Cocktail Bar. A subterranean mad scientist laboratory of experimental libations. There awaited a dapper chap in a 3 piece suit and two ravishing sex goddesses. The menu […]

21st August 2022
Madeleine the Angelic. A bisexual Duo.

A bi curious gentleman booked Madeleine and I for a bisexual duo. These kind of threesomes are always great fun. He was retired, divorced and had moved to a country town where he bought a church. Not to become a vicar but to live in a beautiful, deconsecrated, historic building. Even to an infidel like […]

30th July 2022
Duo with TS Belle. Forced bi frost bite

TS Belle and I had another duo session together with a client of mine recently. Belle was brilliant at the Moulin Rouge orgy and we've had another duo since then too. Always a delight. Belle is stunning, super professional, reliable, fun, open-minded and always willing and able to make any clients wet dreams come true. […]

6th July 2022
Pegging and Deepthroat. Spitroast Duo with Mistress Charlotte.

  To say I'm a fan of Mistress Charlotte's would be an understatement. Her Mistressly gravitas is as unrivalled. All those curves and me with no brakes? I'd fake a jellyfish sting just to get her to sprinkle me with her Champagne. Charlotte and I met up at my place and enjoyed a stroll through […]

13th May 2022
Voyeur Duo with Kitty Sinclair

A gentleman I met once before got in contact recently and asked to book a duo session with myself and a female escort of my choice. I chose Kitty. Sounds like a Pokémon battle already. Kitty was super effective. She's petite, sensual, passionate, giggly, cheeky, naughty, bright and very kinky. Mr V is a voyeur. […]

6th April 2022
Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir? Moulin Rouge and an Orgy.

  Mr A has done it again! Another spectacular evening of orgiastic proportions! Image by Janicotte. This time his sybaritic companions of choice were myself, Christine, Harriet and TS Belle. Christine, Harriet, Mr A and I were to meet at the Picadilly theatre to see Moulin Rouge together. Then the plan was to return to […]

28th March 2022
Balla Balla Bootcamp for a Mummy's Boy. A Duo with Miss Myers.

I received a cordial invitation last week to collaborate with Miss Myers on a role play duo with one of her dearest regulars. Her attention to detail, clarity of communication and professionalism in arranging the details of the session were impeccable. Miss Myers and I had worked together before, years ago. I was in awe […]

25th February 2022
Duo with Maîtresse Nuit

  I received an email from the sublime Maîtresse Nuit requesting my assistance with a bi session for the avatar of her dear regular, a very wild and totally wanton sissy. Bien Sur! I came recommended by our mutual friend, Miss Severity Myers. Maîtresse Nuit welcomed me into her dungeon and into her sissy. Her […]

14th February 2022
Duo with Raven in Winnie the Pooh Onesie

Raven met me at the door wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie. If you go down to the 100 Acre Wood today, you're in for a big surprise. No surprise for Raven. She's met my heffalump trunk before. We made our way to her room, where our gentleman sex sponsor awaited us. The onesie was […]

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