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Eiffel Towers and Assgasms. Duo with Goddess Cleo and FoXtress

12th January 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

Goddess Cleo, FoXtress and I did a Role-Play trio session today with a client of Cleo's whereby a company goes broke and the boss joins a new firm only to find his former colleagues who he tormented at his old company are already in management positions and are delighted at the opportunity to exact revenge for his stinginess, sexism, harassment and chauvinism.

Goddess Cleo and FoXtress as his new HR manager and CFO decide to introduce him to their well-endowed CEO, me, bend him over the boardroom table and show him how it feels to receive unwanted attention, put downs, snide comments and rude remarks.

He also learned how it feels to receive three big cocks in his throat and ass. Goddess Cleo and FoXtress's matching black and pink strap-ons and my Bigdownunder.

FoXtress is incredible at humiliation.

She belittled every aspect of his physical shortcomings, comical vocalisations and amusing facial expressions in a constant, stream of consciousness diatribe of comedic stylings punctuated by her own, and Cleo's, and my, laughter at her wise-cracking.

FoXtress at full throttle is like a battle rapper or an ad lib stand up comic. Genius. Poetry. Book her in person. If you like humiliation, you're going to love Foxtress. She also does webcam sessions.

Onlyfans and chat sessions via niteflirt which you can find via her twitter.

FoXtress can happily produce a litany of off the cuff hilarious insults. Her imagination is amazing and her delivery of crushing put downs and scathing one liners is on point.

Watching Cleo wield a strap-on is mesmerising.

The noises this guy was making while getting ass fucked by Cleo with her Big Mac dildo were too funny.

It was like one of those night time recordings by a waterhole on a wildlife safari. There were hyena screeches, bullfrog croaks, kookaburra laughs, baboon grunts, piggy squeals, and lion roars.

When the first assgasm hit, his convulsions, contortions and spasms in the sex swing were like something from the exorcist. He actually looked like he was going to levitate and go crawling around the ceiling with his head on backwards.

Cleo pegging at full throttle is like ballerina poise, surgical precision, supernatural ability to read the body and mind of her willing subject and predict his responses.

She always knows his precise reactions before they even happen. Before he even knows what's about to happen.

Every time he assgasms, she hits the spot right up to the millisecond where one more microgram of force or millimetre of thrust would be too much, and only then withdraws.

At one point she actually caught his dripping precum without even looking. Somehow telepathically detecting the moment when the droplets would form a dribble and gravity would drop that dribble. She caught the blob of precum in mid air like some kind of no scope, in the zone, echolating bat swoop.

Then smeared the pre-cum on her fingers and shoved her hand deep in his mouth.

Goddess Cleo and I performed the traditional high five whilst spitroasting a cuffed and spreadeagled sub in a sex swing.

The Eiffel tower.

The urban dictionary definitions of the Eiffel Tower all insist on gendering the participants.


I demand gender neutral Eiffel Towers for everyone. This is the way.

Goddess Cleo holds the world record for assgasms delivered via strap-on.

1100 assgasms in 1 hour!

The assgasms happen without an erection and without a spurt of cum. More like a prostate orgasm with a soft cock and a dribble of semen. Like dribbly pre-cum coinciding with a climax. Goddess Cleo is the world's foremost leading expert on assgasms. Ranks number one on Google for "assgasm Mistress". . Rightly so.

86000 twitter followers Pro Domme celebrity!

If you're ready for the ride of your life, go experience assgasms with Goddess Cleo.

Invite me along for the duo and get yourself spit-roasted to perfection.

All of the above was enthusiastically consented to by our client. His wishes for the session and his stated limits were respected. We all checked in with him multiple times during the session to make sure he was ok and afterwards we had a debrief, hugs all round and aftercare including making sure our gentleman friend knew what to do if he experienced sub drop after leaving our company.

A testimonial from our assgasmic man friend.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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1 year ago

You've painted quite the picture. And Goddess Cleo's anal skills... 🥵

1 year ago

This sounds absolutely amazing


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