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School Bully Meets Sexy Step-Mummy. A Duo with Mistress Eloise.

9th January 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

In November last year I exchanged messages on twitter with Mistress Eloise as we discussed collaborating together on some duo sessions for cuckolding and forced-bi.

The pulchritudinous Mistress Eloise is intoxicating, iridescent, irresistible. Succumb to the succubus!

Mid December Mistress Eloise's client requested a role-play whereby step-mummy invites the school bully (that would be me) home to confront her pusillanimous progeny.

Our protagonist has many nicknames. Sissy boy, Beta, Bootlicker, Arsewipe, Pansy, Panty boy, Cuck, Cumrag, Garbage, Piss pig and so on.

Let's call him Pansy since he's a delicate little flower. Pluckable.

I arrived at the appointed time for our duo session at Mistress Eloise's Secret 2 Seven Fetish Space.

I was greeted by Mistress Eloise herself. In person she radiates an aura of merciless seduction. Her own impeccable poise and charisma, the thorough and professional way she communicated via twitter the precise outline of what the session would entail, a brief re-iteration as per twitter convo of the how's, what's, when's and where's before passing me to her personal assistant to usher me to an antechamber to prepare, all combined to give the impression of an experienced and highly skilled professional with a genuine passion for Femdom and fetish.

The Secret 2 Seven Mistresses practice RACK. Risk Aware Consensual Kink. I love how their approach to kink is outlined on their website and second importance of being informed and aware in order to be able to explore more deeply.

Communication and negotiation are paramount.

Our conversation on twitter left no doubt that a lot of communication and negotiation had already taken place between Mistress and client. I had step by step instructions scripting my interactions with Mistress Eloise and Pansy. Even a printed version handed to me by her assistant so I could refer back to the notes at any time.

Knowing exactly what's expected of me makes it so easy to create a perfect session. And this session went like clockwork. It was obvious within seconds that the three of us were in perfect harmony, playing our parts to the letter and the outcome would be a session crafted to bespoke perfection.

Ad libbing some lines and a little improvisation was allowed and encouraged.

Pansy was in his element. Softer than a fanny pack full of marshmallows. Everyone has their happy place. The place where they truly belong and feel most at peace. His was under my boot. Looking up at my enormous, dangling Bigdownunder staring back at him cock-eyed with undisguised malice and ill intent.

My instructions were as follows =

-Please leave the main light on.

-Safe word is red.

-The Bully is wearing boots.

-Step-Mummy is wearing thigh-high boots / robe / black bra / a new pair of panties (I will bring panties).


-Step-Mummy brings in my bully to try and come to an understanding.

-We all need to be open and vulnerable together. I help Step-Mummy remove her robe.

-The Bully and I also have to strip to our underwear.

-Step-Mummy likes the Bully’s boots so I help him put his boots back on.

-Step-Mummy wants to encourage the healing process by helping us to move past labels. Then Step-Mummy starts by body-writing on the bully (I’ll bring washable pen) some of the dehumanising things I’ve been calling him like ‘Bully’, ‘Alpha’, ‘Motherfucker’.

-Step-Mummy invites me and the Bully to write a label on her, I write ‘Step-Mummy’ he writes ‘MILF’.

-They write some labels that people might apply to me like ‘Loser’, ‘Gimp’, ‘Step-Mummys boy’ (the more labels the better, for example Beta, Bootlicker, Arsewipe, Pansy, Panty boy, Cuck, Cumrag, Garbage, Piss pig). The bully could also draw cocks on me. Step-Mummy is still being sweet and conciliatory.

-Step-Mummy wants me to be more understanding of the Bully and his good qualities. She shows me how manly his body is compared to mine.

-Together Step-Mummy and I start kissing his muscles.

-I have to kiss his armpit.

-Bully starts playing with Step-Mummy’s breasts.

-Step-Mummy makes a deal that the Bully will stop bullying me in return for a blowjob.

-I'm told to give the blowjob but I refuse. Step-Mummy can’t believe I would be so ungrateful and expect her to solve all my problems.

Turning Point

-General bullying - eg making the ‘L’ hand gesture, calling me a loser, putting me in a headlock, putting a boot on my face, etc.

-I have to kiss Step-Mummy and the Bully’s boots.

-Hard caning (please no counting strokes).

-Then combined with caning (or immediately after caning) I have to lick Bully’s asshole.

-Step-Mummy starts giving the Bully his agreed blowjob.

-During the blowjob I have to worship his bare feet.

-Step-Mummy comforts me by taking off her dirty panties and putting them on me.

-Bully starts fucking Step-Mummy doggystyle.

-I beg the Bully to stop fucking Step-Mummy and in return I’ll agree to give him a blowjob.

-I suck his cock. Step-Mummy helps guide my head and sucks with me.

-But my blowjob is too little too late, Step-Mummy wants to ride the big bully cock.

-I have to thank the Bully for fucking my Step-Mummy, and I have to watch close up and lick his balls.

-Bully jerks off and cums on Step-Mummy’s tits, I have to lick it up.


-I get into the bath. The bath-plug is plugged up and my panties are still on.

-Step-Mummy gives the bully cake for being good (I will bring cake).

-Step-Mummy puts my slice of cake in the back of my panties.

-Bully rubs his cake all over my face.

-Step-Mummy pisses on me, neck down.

-Bully spits on me and leaves.

A good time was had by all.

Passive voice grammatical structures are hated by YOAST.

(An SEO plugin that tells me how to improve the readability of my blog posts.)

Sorry YOAST.

Afterwards, I washed up quickly. The kindergarten felt tip pens for the body writing were a nice touch. Good fun and washed off super easily. Mistress Eloise's maid even offered to make me a cup of tea.

Later, I sent a thank you note to Mistress Eloise for inviting me and to say it was a great pleasure working with her and I'd love to work together again anytime.

She concurred enthusiastically and said her client was ecstatic and that I'd had the perfect vibe.

We've since promoted duo sessions together via twitter and already had some more enquiries.

Mistress Eloise is on my friends page and thanks to her recommendation, several more Mistresses have been in contact with me regarding possible duo sessions.

Let 2023 be the year of the Pansy. I'll pluck the lot of them!

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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1 year ago

Panting between pansy licking bullys armpit and then his arsehole- we all have our happy places- I couldn't help but chuckle at your yoast problems. 😉

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