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Wiggly Worm the Cuckold. Duo With Sylvie

15th October 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

I recently had a duo session with Sylvie and a new client who's into cuckolding and humiliation.

Sylvie and I took a black cab together and arrived early at the glamorous historic hotel where we'd arranged to meet our new friend so we went for a drink together at the bar in the enormous central atrium full of palm trees.

The hotel was designed this way, with an 8 story high, glass roofed atrium, so that guests back in 1899 who wanted privacy could dismount their horse drawn carriages inside the hotel lobby.

Next time our new slave invites us to this hotel, Sylvie and I are absolutely going to make him haul us there on a slave drawn carriage.

We'll whip him all the way to the reception desk to check in.

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I sent a whatsapp message to Mr cuckold to say we'd arrived and invited him to come and join us in the bar or to let us know when he's ready for us to come up to the the room.

He elected to join us for a drink first so we got the waiter to bring one more chair and a negroni.

Mr Cuckold was extremely fit, good looking, and had a cheerful sort of nervous energy like someone who's embarking on a much anticipated, terrifying adventure if that someone were the type who loves nothing more than venturing into the unknown.

Like Scott and Amundsen racing to plant their flagpoles at the 90th degree south only with less chance of frostbitten feet and more chance of getting my pole planted in his tonsils and ending up licking my cum off of Sylvie's perfect toes.

Within moments of meeting the three of us were getting along like childhood friends reunited.

I mentioned that for a long time I couldn't drink, or even stand the smell of tequila, after a youthful over-indulgence.

Mr cuckold had almost the exact same experience involving a spirited bout of Street Fighter 2 with his mates and a liberated bottle of his dad's whiskey.

Sylvie inflicted much the same on her younger brother via a bottle of vodka.

SF2 VS battles featured in all three of our respective introductions to alcohol poisoning.

I've always wondered which Street Fighter character would be best able to deep throat my cock. I'm


All three of us went on to become rockclimbers, very moderate drinkers and in each our own ways, raging perverts.

Finding we had a lot in common and sharing a laugh we made our way upstairs to his room.

Some guests have claimed to have seen the ghost of a man wearing a sharp 1930’s pinstripe suit and hat on the 4th Floor. The dapper poltergeist managed to keep his Halloweenie away from Sylvies boo-bies on this occasion.

Sylvie dubbed our new fuck buddy "Worm", which has a nice ring to it. Worm likes humiliation. He had a regular Mistress in the past and has explored his fantasies with other sex workers since. Worm's happy place is under the stilettoes of a strong, dominant woman.

And now beneath the boots of an all powerful male sex God.

Sylvie and I took turns to go freshen up in the splendid Italian marble bathroom.

Sylvie knew we'd both be watching her leave the room and so she disrobed as she went and once she was down to lingerie, bent down slowly to place her garments on a chair, gave a jiggle, and left us both in awe of her long legs and perfect ass.

While we waited for Sylvie to return, I reminded Worm that he was very lucky to even be allowed to look at such a beautiful woman and that only the most strong and manly specimen of masculinity could be worthy to lay his hands on her. ie me.

Sylvie returned and I went away to wash my hands. By the time I returned, Sylvie had Worm kneeling naked on the floor with a throbbing hydrostatic boner you could tow a caravan with.

I'm not sure what she said to him while I was out of the room but whatever it was, it had made Worm rather excited.

He looked ready to pogo around the room on his well developed clitellum.

edit = I asked Sylvie what she said and now I know. She grabbed him by the chin and ordered him to kneel then told him "you will now remain kneeling for the duration and do exactly as you're told. You will serve and obey and forget all about your own needs which mean nothing to us!"

I noticed Worm inching closer and closer as Sylvie and I embraced and kissed passionately so I turned hard left at the perfect moment to slap him in the face with my cock like the boom of a tacking yacht sweeping majestically across deck at head height. Worm could have bobbed, weaved or done the limbo but he took my cock like a man, hard across the cheek. Good Worm.

So we let him have a good old suck but just for long enough to earn the right to watch Sylvie and I in off the hook action on the bed.

With a Worms eye view of the bed, he kneeled in his allocated spot in the corner and Sylvie and I mostly just ignored him as is the place of a lowly worm. Beneath the notice of sex gods and goddesses. But he is obedient and well behaved so we did pause in our ecstatic writhings every now and then to spit on Worm or send an insult or two his way.

Each insult and gob of spit combined with the sight of what we were doing on the bed got Worm more and more excited.

He was practically floating toward the bed on a puddle of his own pre-cum.

So we relented and let him lie underneath us while we fucked doggy style over his face. Worm excelled himself at the roles we'd cast him. Both clit licking and ball sucking.

When we were good and ready we dragged Worm by the tail end to the bathroom and plonked him down in front of the mirror. There Sylvie gave me the hottest, wettest, sloppiest, best deep-throating I've ever experienced while Worm watched. Rapt. Wiggling and squirming with anticipation of clean up duties to come.

And come it did. His duty. My Bigdownunder. Copiously. Sylvie unceremoniously spat my load onto the calf of one glistening, thigh high, spike-heeled, black leather boot and raised her toe allowing my spunk to slowly drip down over her ankle, toe and heel. "Clean that up, Worm!"

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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