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Sissy Forced Bi at Facility X Dungeon

23rd March 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

Mistress Harriet invited me to join her for a duo session today at Facility X.

I joined Mistress Harriet and Mistress Paola at the appointed time at Facility X Dungeon where they had spent some quality time prior to my arrival sissifying and pegging their client.

Facility X is the perfect location for a kinky foursome. With excellent dungeon furniture and BDSM studio decor.

The dungeon is equipped with isolation cell, a wet room, suspension sling, medical bench, electric winch, chain wall, slave cage, St Andrews cross, waterproof bed and a formidable selection of impact play toys and restraints.

My instructions had been sent to me in advance of the session and were clear and concise.

My mission should I choose to accept it.

"Thinking about Sissy party. Couple of things , sissy no likes. No anal penetration by real swords , no limp cock in mouth, no ball stimulation.
Basically, hard cocks and cum on face (video) …. Watching, waiting, is fine. So Mistress might have to be helpful! Two videos are essential (don’t have) You behind , real cock in mouth.
Cum on face mask, and in mouth or clean up on your breasts.
I say this to help , in your selection. We do need Dragon cock cum too.
As for a female . You fucking us both, taking turns is another possibility?
Sword rules. No talking between me and him. Max 20/30min stay…. Cum shot on my face then swift depart"

This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.

Mission Impossible theme tune intensifies.

Naturally, I accepted.

Red Pill all the way, Morpheus.

Low, gravelly Liam Neeson voice. I do have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare (wet dream) for people like you (sissy).

It's not the first time someone has requested that I operate in silence. No problem. Covert insertion. I can do that. I'll tip toe in like a ninja on nightingale floorboards if necessary. I won't take it personally. He'd never heard my voice before. So he clearly had nothing against my dulcet tones specifically. More a general aversion to being verbally dominated by a man. Fair enough.

The no limp cock in mouth request was easily achieved since I already had a boner like a bike lane bollard within about 2 seconds of laying eyes on Harriet and Paola.

Sissy looked suitably slutty. Clad in latex, sparkly eye liner and fake lashes peeping out from a pretty pink latex hood. The mouth hole looked a bit small, but stretchable. Just the way I like my sissies.

The no ball stimulation request was just for sissy. My orbs were soon gripped in the razor talons of Mistress Paola like she was going to divine some visions in a scrying ritual.

There's a kink I didn't know I had until today. The sight and sensation of her gel nail extensions ensconcing my scrotum awakened some kind of primal reflex response. I didn't know whether to ejaculate like a riot dispersing water cannon or to hide under a rocky overhang and hope she'd fly off in search of juicier prey.

Sexy, but slightly terrifying fingernails, is what I'm saying.

Meanwhile, sissy reposed in worshipful obeisance. On his knees, gazing upward, mesmerised by the engorged member being stroked inches from his very eyes.

Possibly less mesmerised, and more slightly concussed from having me frequently slap him around the side of the face with my cock.

Paola to the left of me, Harriet to the right, there I was. In the middle. With my cock stuck in sissy's throat.

Mistress Harriet told me when it was time for my cum shot. A gentleman must never keep a lady waiting. And a stunt cock must never keep a sissy waiting for that matter either. I delivered the required cum shot like a three stooges cream-pie to the face. If the face were a sissified luchador and the delivery were via a trebuchet.

Remembering my instructions were to depart swiftly I dressed, bid fond farewells to Mistresses Harriet and Paola. Ignored sissy as per no speaking instruction and if I'd departed any swifter, I'd have blasted through the ceiling and landed at the bus stop in super hero pose leaving an impact crater and echoes of a sonic boom.

Mission accomplished. Mischief managed. I stopped off on Edgeware Road for a nasi lemak and a tea tarik at Melur on the way home.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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