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Duo With Tamara Marriage Counselling Role-Play

14th February 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

Tamara and I recently had a duo together with a gentleman friend of mine, Mr S, who had requested a marriage counselling role-play.

Mr S and I have been chatting since September last year in chat sessions he purchases in 20 minute blocks about his hotwife fantasies and I knew Tamara would be the perfect choice to enact the scenario he'd asked for.

My role would be to play the part of a marriage counsellor with some highly unorthodox techniques for resolving marital intimacy issues. Mr S was the husband and Tamara, his wife.

Tamara and I met up in the lobby of Mr S's hotel just before the appointed time and arrived at his room together. I've met Mr S in person once before and we've chatted many times but it was his first time meeting Tamara so I introduced them and from the outset they looked the very picture of matrimonial harmony together.

After sorting out some paperwork and agreeing on what would and wouldn't happen and how to communicate if Mr S wanted to change the scene in any way during the action etc Tamara assumed the role of the callipygian Mrs S.

Resentments can build up in even the most loving relationships and sometimes a gentle reminder is needed to help a couple re-connect with the qualities they fell in love with. So I got them to stand face to face, look into each others eyes and take turns paying each other compliments.

Mr S seemed to have forgotten about a very lovable feature of Mrs S's which was staring me in the face from my seated vantage point.

Her deliciously proportioned, firm bottom.

So I stood behind her, reached around and took Mr S's hands and guided them to his spouses delectable derriere.

With a little encouragement, they were soon exploring their feelings for one another via all sorts of non verbal, tactile modes of expression. A well timed squeeze of a buttock is, after all, the ultimate conflict resolution technique. Mr S needed a little help executing this manoeuvre so I gave him a demonstration.

Mr S was in agreement that the best learning model for them to engage with new ways to express intimacy as a married couple was for him to sit and watch while I acted as his surrogate with Mrs S.

All perfectly normal therapeutic protocol.

Trust me. I'm a doctor.

Mrs S found some of the conflict resolution tools I provided a little hard to swallow. She was however commendably determined. Even though it brought tears to her eyes.

We had a really in depth session exploring her inner-most feelings.

Mrs S was soon gushing with a most cathartic outpouring of floods of emotion.

I taught her the ins and outs and we had our ups and downs.

She rode out the rough moments and really took my therapy to the core of her being!

Overall the therapy was highly beneficial for Mr and Mrs S and I'm sure we'll be scheduling a follow up session very soon.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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