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 تعال حبيبي Come to Dubai Habibi

4th November 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

I'll be in Dubai from November 12th for 2 weeks, Habibi.

Available for 1-1, couples and duos with escorts and Mistresses.

I specialise in duos, couples, cuckolding and forced-bi.

My duo partners this time are Olympian Muses of divine inspiration. I was in the mood for some poetry after experiencing the lyrical masterpiece that is Habibi, Come to Dubai. Thus, Chat GPT was inspired by myself, and my muses, to compose a Shakespearean Sonnet, a ballad, an ode, a limerick, a series of haikus and rap lyrics in their honour.

Dominatrix Marta

A Shakespearean Sonnet in honour of Domina Marta

In shadows' embrace, where passion's fires burn,
There dwells a Goddess, fierce and fair to see,
Mistress of hearts, in dominance she'll turn,
A Femme Fatale, bewitching all that be.

Lifestyle Domina, on the world's grand stage,
She acts and models, grace in every move,
With strength and beauty, she commands the age,
Her presence, in submission, hearts will prove.

In Europe's bosom, her tradition's spun,
A legacy of power, fierce and bold,
From Middle East to where her reign's begun,
Her dominance, a story to be told.

So, let us raise a sonnet to her might,
Domina Marta, in her radiant light.

Queen Kali Rain

The Ballad of Queen Kali Rain

In the realm of dominance, a legend's name,
Queen Kali Rain, a figure of great fame,
With twelve years honed, her skills the finest art,
A Dominatrix, she'd captivate your heart.

Tall and Asian, beauty in her stride,
Her mastery, a world in which you'd hide,
A hypnotic power in her piercing gaze,
Once you enter, you're ensnared in her maze.

In class and strictness, she's the epitome,
An expression of, pure femininity,
She shifts from cool to tantalizing heat,
Dominance, control, her powers complete.

Dark fantasies may stir within your mind,
But in her presence, caution, be inclined,
For she's both dangerous and so addictive,
A life by choice, in pain, she's perceptive.

Awakening aspects you've never known,
Shattering limits, foundations overthrown,
Though youthful, her experience is vast,
A network of adoring slaves amassed.

Her world will change you, take hold of your soul,
Desires to serve her, they'll take their toll,
In her grasp, you'll seek further submission,
Queen Kali Rain, the ultimate vision.

Hypnotic, mesmerizing, she's the queen,
The most powerful woman ever seen,
In her dominion, you'll forever stay,
Under her spell, in her world, you'll obey.

Abby Joansen

Ode to Abby Joansen, Mistress of Desire

Oh Abby Joansen, kink's adventurous guide,
In Dubai, Riyadh, London, you do preside,
An international Mistress, skilled and bold,
In the world of fetish, your stories are told.

With years of travels 'cross Europe and Asia's lands,
You've honed your craft with capable hands,
A professional Dominatrix, proud and true,
In the realm of pleasure, there's none like you.

For couples seeking a unicorn's embrace,
You provide roles and fantasies with grace,
Imagination soars with boundless glee,
In your presence, desires set free.

Oh, the possibilities that dance and gleam,
In your world of kink, like a vibrant dream,
A discerning partner or a couple's delight,
In your capable hands, they find their flight.

You're seasoned and unshockable, it's clear,
Non-judgmental, newcomers need not fear,
With Nordic features, a vision so divine,
Blond hair, pale skin, and curves that shine.

Youth and beauty are but a small part,
Of the magic you bring to every heart,
Easy-going, calm, and expertly skilled,
In your presence, desires are fulfilled.

Abby Joansen, Mistress of desire and grace,
You lead us to pleasures, a wondrous place,
In your world of exploration, we find our way,
In your embrace, we'll forever stay.

TS Kiara Lee

There's a lady named Kiara Lee,

Famous, seductive, as hot as can be,
From the Philippines, just twenty-five,
Fully functional, keeping desires alive.

Well-mannered, smart, oh so classy and neat,
With hidden fantasies that make hearts beat,
She caters to couples, and groups, without cease,
For adventure and pleasure, she's your release!

Kiara Lee, the kinkiest, that's clear,
In Dubai, she's the one to revere,
For the sexiest moments, join her you must,
In her presence, desires turn into lust!

Makiyo and Mimi

Mind-boggling pleasure,
Makiyo and Mimi's treasure,
Leaves no desire to measure.

In their presence, such delight,
Out of sight, Japan's rising might,
They're the ones who shine so bright.

Dominant, they take the lead,
Switching roles with grace, indeed,
Experience shines, we must take heed.

In late night rendezvous,
A kind gesture, so true,
Desires set on fire, sparks anew.

Sweet and welcoming, they set hearts swelling,
Desires with passion, together they're telling,
Their love-making, oh, so compelling.

An incredible duo, watch their passions flow,
Energy and fervor in their love's glow,
In their show, emotions freely grow.

Good girl, bad girl pair,
English chats and laughter share,
Their beauty beyond compare.

Dominatrix Katharina

Imagine stepping in, to this world so divine,
In the elegant hotel lobby, where your fate's on the line,
New Mistress, mysterious, powerful, no disguise,
Your knees trembling slightly, can't believe your eyes.

She's the most beautiful Woman you've ever met,
Red bottom Louboutins, she's a vision, no regret,
In a classic dress, nylons, oh, those heels so fine,
With a sharp, playful gaze, she'll make you fall in line.

Tall and slim, legs for days, a natural delight,
Dark hair, pale skin, she's a tempting sight,
Her fetish fashion wardrobe, it's a treasure trove,
Designer shoes, pencil skirts, she's a force to behold.

Beyond the looks, she's ambitious and bold,
Contemporary art, fine dining, her story unfolds,
A perfect date, a blend of art and the night,
Spoil her, make her smile, she's worth the delight.

Lifestyle Mistress, she's breaking the mold,
Curated relationships, devotion untold,
Long-lasting bonds with the devoted and true,
It's more than a session, it's a love that's renewed.

Her perfect submissive, disciplined and polite,
Enriching her life, day and night,
Latex, bondage, mummification's her play,
A twisted mind that loves to lead the way.

So if you dare to enter her world, be prepared to obey,
She's the Mistress of your dreams, in her own unique way,
Dominatrix Katharina, she'll take you to heights,
Where pleasure and pain, in the darkness, ignites.

Mistress Vina Del Vey


In Dubai's land of secrets, where fantasies take flight,
I'm the Mistress in command, under the desert moonlight,
A professional for a decade, my journey's been vast,
In BDSM and fetish, I'm a legend unsurpassed.

Dubai's Mistress, I reign with pride,
Internationally known, with you by my side,
From dominance to sensuality, I'll be your guide,
In my world of desires, where secrets never hide.

Independent I stand, my desires to explore,
With slaves and fetishists, I'll seek even more,
From strict domination to a seductive dance,
I offer sessions, a thrilling, wild chance.

I'm a Mistress of intrigue, with a wide-ranging flair,
Bossy or sensual, I'll take you to places rare,
From sweet teasing's allure to a punishing test,
I'll captivate your soul, leaving you truly blessed.

No reliance on tools, my power's in my being,
My gaze, voice, skin, scent, and the sights you're seeing,
Every part of me, a temptation so grand,
Stronger than any toy, I'll take your hand.

So come, let me draw you into my world so divine,
Where desires run wild, and fantasies entwine,
Once you're in too deep, there's no turning back,
You'll beg to stay with me, on this thrilling track.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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