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A Trio with Mistress Chatterley and TS Ama

10th March 2024
Oz Bigdownunder

I was very happy to receive an invitation recently from Mistress Chatterley to assist with a forced bi trio.

Mistress Chatterley, TS Ama and myself were to meet with a client who is in slut training. He's being schooled in the necessary skills which he'll need when he graduates and becomes a professional slut. His career goal is to get pimped out. His Mistress will do the pimping, he'll get used and abused by all comers and mistress will keep 95% of the cash.

A commendable aspiration. It's better to be a master of one's trade than to jack off all.

Ama made a grand entrance performing a front flip down the slippery stairs on her way in.

I joined in the O H and S fun by accidentally headbutting a concrete supporting beam.

Slut is a willing and capable student with the best possible teacher.

His ball licking and sucking skills are actually quite impressive for a beginner.

It's early days yet, but in time he'll develop the necessary skills for us to pimp him out.

Then one day with calluses on his knees and tonsils, his gag reflex a forlorn and distant memory, he'll wistfully recall this session as the beginning of his ascent to cocksucking stardom.

The mailman buzzed the door while Ama and I were cock slapping the slut in stereo.

We scampered off into a part of the dungeon out of sight of the door so Mistress could collect her package without subjecting the delivery man to an eye-full.

Meanwhile Ama delivered her package down sluts throat quietly.

Quite the mouthful.

It was a big package. There was no way that was going to fit through Mistress Chatterley's slot.

As Mistress Chatterley hauled her box into the kitchen, I asked slut what he's afraid of. He said Mistress has been using sounding probes to gradually stretch his urethra which he loves but finds challenging and a bit scary.

Mistress Chatterley joined us just in time to hear me saying "I'd love to see you get fucked up your piss hole". We explained the context. After all, not a phrase one usually blurts out apropos of nothing.

We were very kindly treated us to an impromptu sounding demonstration with slut as a willing model.

It was fascinating to observe Mistress and slut engaged in this kind of edge play. Slut trusts his Mistress implicitly. Rightly so. She's incredibly talented, highly experienced, knowledgeable and knows exactly how to test slut's limits without any risk of injury.

Seeing this level of trust is always remarkable to me.

The possibilities that open up, as it were, when a slave knows he's in safe hands, are almost limitless.

Almost. The probes are surgical steel and range in size from narrow but still disconcertingly medieval looking, up to a terrifying thickness that defies belief it could go up someone's urethra.

On a scale of one to holy fuck that's big, slut has been able to take a three. Today he took a probe of a different shape and slightly bigger gauge than his previous personal best. Mistress and slut worked up to the larger gauge, first demonstrating the one, two and three.

All sounds had been sterilised, sterile gloves were worn, the penis cleaned with medical grade antiseptic and sterile surgical lubricant used. With great care and attention to detail, sounding is perfectly safe. More information here.

Mistress held slut's man clit tenderly. Explaining that no pushing is necessary. The sound can be allowed to slide gradually into the penis using only it's own weight and gravity. She also stressed the importance of maintaining a loose but constant grip at all times. Flopping about and sudden changes of depth and angle are undesirable for obvious reasons. There are a lot of blood vessels there so even a small scratch is going to result in a splatterfest.

I enjoy a good arterial spray as much as the next mildly sadistic degenerate. I'm watching Shogun, Tokyo Vice and the new Walking Dead series at the moment weekly as the new episodes come out. The red pixels on my TV screen are getting burnt out. But in this context, I'd grown quite fond of slut and was happy to see him probed without undue exsanguination.

He did make noises like an anime heroine giving birth. So much the better.

Sounding demonstration concluded, I hauled Slut off the sofa at Mistress Chatterley's request and alternated between having him lick my balls and suck my cock. At length, I did my best to expand his knowledge of optimal fellatio techniques. Like a substitute teacher, determined to make an impact on a promising pupil. I certainly made an impact on sluts tonsils, expanded his trachea and rammed the lessons home via my entire length down his epiglottis. I eventually spunked over his face like a tube of mentos the size of your forearm going off in a bucket of Pepsi.

Ama performs better without an audience so after I'd exited stage left to wipe myself off and enjoy a chat with Mistress, Ama dragged slut into a corner out of view for a little more privacy, laid him out flat on his back and face fucked him from above. Mistress Chatterley and I could just see her firm buttocks pumping in and out of view over the arm of the sofa and hear the gentle slapping sounds of Ama's balls ricocheting off sluts face and the happy gurgling noises slut was making.

I didn't see Ama cum put I did hear slurping and guzzling noises that sounded like a Bedouin kitten after a week lost in the Sahara, diving deliriously into an oasis full of milk.

A wondrous session. I very much enjoyed playing with Mistress Chatterley, Ama and slut, I ejaculated copiously and learned all about sounding.

Even after decades as a sex worker, I'm still learning all the time and take every opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of genius Dommes like Mistress Chatterley.

As they say, growth is never gradual. It always comes in spurts.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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