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Leten 708 Pro review

5th October 2021
Oz Bigdownunder


Honeysx kindly sent me a Leten 708pro Automatic Telescopic Heating Strong Male Masturbator to test and review.

The Leten is awesome!

As soon as the postman handed me a discreetly boxed package of the expected dimensions I knew I held in my hands the promised fuck toy. A cocksucker gadget for the ages.

I dashed downstairs with it hacking the tape off with my door key and unceremoniously dumped the contents on my bed.

A quick perusal of the instructions and then I gave the silicone sleeve a preliminary wash, dried it thoroughly and assembled the Leten. Each component has it's own cool sci-fi aesthetic and they combine to form a monolithic dick gobbling edifice. Like those little robots that join together to make one big all powerful robot.

I left it plugged in on pre-heat mode for 20 minutes as instructed. There's nothing quite like a warm, cosy, artificial vagina.

Then a few drops of perfume in the slot and preparations for our hot date were complete.

The Leten page on the Honeysx website assured me "Double away from pushing the cabin high-speed piston, powerful power, strong sucking." I love it when you talk dirty to me, Master Yoda.

So I lubed up with my left hand, holding the Leten in my right. Then I grabbed some tissues with my left hand and got as much lube off my hand as I could and switched to hold the Leten left handed so I could select some suitable pornography for the occasion.

It seemed only fitting to go with something science fiction themed given the mech appendage internally lined with sarlac pit looking squishy latex look of the thing I was about to fuck.

So I went with a search for "SFM 3D animated alien porn compilation."

Then I pressed the on button and started off on the lowest speed setting. At lowest power it chugs away steadily but you can tell it's holding back. Restrained by orders programmed in by it's creators not to just go around destroying all humans. I think it demanded my clothes, my boots and my modacygle.

Up through the speed settings and goes from Quake 3 Arena plasma cannon pulsating hard with considerable recoil and up again to full power where it goes full super saiyan mode.

Gripping this thing does tend to focus ones attention on the task at hand. I found that I selected one porn clip and stuck with it as searching and browsing for alternate porn clips somehow seemed a less appealing prospect than just lying back and enjoying the one already playing while the Leten gobbled my cock with all the romance and sensitivity of a pneumatic power tool from the future.

As I got nearer to climax I turned the Leten back down to Schwarzenegger mode and then thrust into it until climax. Cumming while the Leten sucked me full force was an option but it does thrash around like a netted Wookie when you dial it up to max. I didn't fancy having to contend with wrestling the thing into submission, gasping with post ejaculation sensitivity, trying to find the off switch and disengage myself safely. Low setting for the finish. This is the way. I have spoken.

Some of the gifs on the product page are alarming. There's an internal view of the silicone sleeve sucking away rhythmically with its little nubby silicone teeth hungrily chomping together. Looks a lot like one of the sandworms from Dune. There's something that would never have occurred to me as probably being someone's fetish. I'm off to image search dune sandworm rule 34. wish me luck.

I'm back.

leten sandworm

Thanks Baashen for the pic.

The gif demonstrating the heating mechanism via a digital rendition of what appears to be a flame thrower blasting the inside of the Masturbator sleeve.

That flamethrower scene in Aliens where Ripley barbecues the baby xenomorphs is wondrous and all. But that's not what you want to happen inside your fuck toy.

Homework for any graphic designers out there. Please send me a gif that conveys masturbation sleeve warming up which doesn't involve any actual flames to get the point across.

You can select from a variety of different sound effects as performed by Chinese and Japanese women voice actors performing that much loved operatic aria "Asian girl screaming while getting fucked by a giant alien monster" in soprano.

It comes with a perfume bottle to add an olfactory dimension to proceedings. 3D object + warming + scent = 5D? Not sure how many Ds exactly. Those Ds and my D. Lots of Ds. The perfume is nice. Sandra keeps buying those little jars with oil and sticks poking out which smell good if you rattle the sticks and take a close up sniff but otherwise don't seem to do much. From now on the Leten is my preferred aromatherapy provider.

My favourite line in the product page says "Deep dreams blue shaped, brilliant red body, two soft meats arbitrarily". I've got no idea what it means but I'm certain it's very profound. Sexy too if you subvocalize it in the voice of Lucy Liu as your personal courtesan whispering an erotic haiku.

There's a "Trek" in the promo blurb too! Imagine if Scottie beamed Mr Whorf up to the bridge at an inopportune moment and he materialised on the holo-deck balls deep in a Leten. Cumming boldly where no man has cum before.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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