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Elust 172. Hydraulic Fuck Machines and Splash Proof Sheets.

19th April 2024
Oz Bigdownunder

Also, pegging, Hentai, airport shenanigans, torso dolls, femdom and hotwives. All illustrated with a stunning cover image courtesy of Victoria CMT. There's something about that camera angle and pose with the golden light and endless blue sky. It looks like she might ascend into the heavens with a host of harp strumming cherubs at any moment.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Girl On The Net Practical sex tips: blankets, playlists and banishing shame!

Sheets of San Francisco are a real pro tip. Without mine, my poor mattress would have absorbed enough sperm to impregnate the population of a small continent.

Spices of Lust How To Use A Hismith Sex Machine (Solo + Couples)

There’s something very raw and primal about having sex with a mechanical lover and you can’t beat straddling a robot fucking machine for a power-driven ride.

Sex Work

Sex Worker Search E-Commerce for Sex Workers

The search continues for a credit card payment processor that will work with sex workers. Until we find that mythical unicorn, bank transfers to a business account eg with Tide, in a work name, or crypto, or gift cards seem to be the best options.

Tulsi Tamora Is it normal to feel nervous when seeing a companion?

Tulsi perfectly describes the moment when a nervous client melts into the connection and forgets all about his nerves. I've seen it happen so many times, pride myself on making it happen and get a lot of compliments about being a soothing, calming influence on stressed out, inexperienced, bi curious or kink curious people. Tulsi is a friend of mine and I can guarantee you, no matter how nervous you feel before meeting her, you'll find yourself perfectly relaxed and happy once you're in her company.

Darla Blake From the bizarre to the banal, here’s some things you might not know about me!

If someone tells you their favourite movie is The Shining and/or their favourite series is The Sopranos, that person is awesome. No exceptions.

The Silky Masseuse Setting Good Financial Boundaries

Wise words. The money can be very much easy come, easy go in this business if you let it.

The Lady Phoenix The Boss Calls the Shots

I promised myself years ago I'd never again be an employee. Self employed. All the way. A promise I'd be tempted to break for the Phoenix Corporation!

Catherine Schneider Hentai BDSM

My second favourite word in the Japanese language. Hentai. Number one is "Sukebe". Loosely translates as dirty old man. Honourable mention for "Bukkake".

Product Reviews

Morgan Destera Toy Test - Vibrating Anal Beads

Interesting. I know one client who can't handle much thickness but I suspect he could take a bit more length than the little butt plugs I've been using on him if he was faced with this toy.

Liz Black X Review of the Hermosa: A High-Quality Torso Sex Doll for Men by

Lots of love for torso dolls but I'm holding out for a full size silicone doll if I'm going to do another sex doll review.

Oz Bigdownunder Silver Surfer. Funzze Double-ended Stainless Steel Dildo Review

My review. I can highly recommend this toy.

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J Exploring the Depths of Mindful Intimacy: A Guide to Enriched Connections

I read this while listening to Cardi B - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion in the background which massively enhanced the experience. In the tranquil gooshy embrace one finds solace amidst the chaotic symphony of existence, as the gentle whispers of the present moment dance gracefully with the rhythm of the universe, unveiling the profound essence of inner peace and enlightenment bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass pussy.

Beyond Nonbinary Finding my Womanhood as I Bleed

FEMINA VIVA is recovering from Gender-affirming surgery.

Charli and Margeaux How To Eat My Pussy

Fair enough. Best possible advice. Just listen and do as you're told!

The Disorderly House Men Sharing Their Wives

Do you know the difference between a Stag and a Cuck? A Hotwife and a Vixen? Read on and find out.

Musings of a Switch Sexually Daring

William Wallace gets pegged.

Erotic Fiction

Well Written Smut Co. This is Our Life

Jasmine Gold is back with a new website after the last one got deplatformed by webnode. Welcome back!

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 34

What happens when you belt your fuck table?

Fern River Van reminisces

Fern River Club is a fictional city with a cast of characters living in a digital garden for the erotic imagination. Like looking into a sexy MMORPG.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Super Smash Cache 3 Emotional Needs of Sext Chat & Femdom Enthusiasts

This is a fascinating post and puts into words things I've been observing first hand for decades as a sex worker. Even if you're not into Femdom at all, read this anyway. You might gain a deeper understanding of thoughts, feelings and desiresthat people usually keep secret.


the barefoot sub Airport Exposure With SWL

Mischief managed. In an airport of all places. Impressive.

Writing about writing

Ramone Quides Three Years In and Loving Life

Ever kept a secret so long it seemed impossible to disclose and explain why you didn't disclose sooner? Here's a success story where disclosure led to understanding. Eventually.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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