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Elust 173. Cuckolding, Shower Sex, Kinks and Ululations.

6th June 2024
Oz Bigdownunder

The cover image for Elust 173 is courtesy of multi award winning adult model Zara Du Rose. Star of Brazzers, Fake Taxi, Harmony, Digital Playground, The English Mansion, Wank It Now & many more. You can chat to Zara on her VIP content page.

Erotic Fiction

Ramone Quides Eggs and Cream

Ramone with a sexy cuckolding story. Is it really possible to seal in the juices with a buttplug in the vagina so that Mr Cuckold can do clean up duties when his Hotwife gets home from her date? This needs to be empirically tested for science.

For Your Heart Only The Shower

That's actually a heroic achievement. Our protagonist and protagonesse somehow manage to bring each other to orgasm simultaneously via manual stimulation in a gym shower. That's going to take impressive dexterity and formidable focus on the tasks at hand not to get distracted, lose the coordinated rhythm or accidentally bang your funny bones together. I'd love to attempt to replicate this one but suspect I'd have a better chance of mixing a cocktail with one hand whilst folding origami with the other.

Jasmine Gold Turnabout is Fair Play

A long short story about a kinky couple exploring their kinks together. I liked the idea of switching their usual roles to deepen their understanding.

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 35

Gruntings and ululations.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Carrie Young The Joys of Erotic Humiliation

Do you know the difference between humiliation and degradation? How about objectification and dehumanisation? Feminisation and bimbification? Cuckolding and cuckqueaning? Read on for all of these definitions, distinctions and more.

Sex Work

Sex Worker Search How to Build a Website

The world needs more sex positive blogging. And if you're a sex worker, there's no better way to promote than regularly writing quality, SEO optimised blog posts.

The Disorderly House How To Be An Escort The Right Way & Have A Thrilling Career

There's some good advice in here eg about self care and social media. There are also some statements I disagree with. Escorting, if you ask pretty much any sex worker, means sex work. Prostitution also means sex work. The difference is prostitution is a word normally used in a legal context or by someone who is speaking against sex work. This article would be a lot better if it was written by a sex worker and stated who that sex worker is and how they are qualified to offer advice.

The Silky Masseuse Mastering the Art of Boundaries: A Pleasure Provider’s Guide

Knowing one's own limits combined with the ability to communicate boundaries to clients in a clear, concise and professional manner is timewaster kryptonite. This is an excellent article with tips that can save you an immense amount of stress and bother.

Beyond Non Binary Being a client with a professional sex worker, and the inherent balance of power

This is beautifully written and expresses the sentiments of the epitome of the perfect client. Someone who gets off on respecting other people's people's boundaries? Sounds like my wet dream client!

Oz Bigdownunder Sexual Equanimity by Podopheleus

My review of Pod's excellent new book.

Product Reviews

Morgan Destera TOY TEST - Funzze Orgasm Monster Pro

A monstrously powerful vibrator.

the barefoot sub The (Bestvibe) Phoenix Rises: Thrusting Vibe

It sure does look pretty and those textures could be a lot of fun.

Tiger Lily Kiiroo PowerBlow Review: The Ultimate Blowjob Simulator

The ultimate in hands free masturbation. Now with suction.

Sydney Screams NS Novelties Inya Grinder Vibrating Grind Pad Review

Can be remote controlled via the Lovespouse app.

Betty's Toy Box Squirting Fantasy Dildos : Centaur and Phoenix Are Ready for Your Next Role Play

They did the monster mash (The monster mash) It was a graveyard smash (They did the mash) It caught on in a flash (They did the mash) They did the monster mash.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

N Likes I don't really like fucking

Thoughtful musings on a subject close to my dingdong.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

LA Jayne The Origin of Pain

I had no idea what vulvodynia was or bartholyn gland cysts. Now I know. Ouch.

Girl on the Net Sensitivity Training: Sexual Feedback for Shy People

Ever had, or given, a blowjob timed to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody?

State of the World

Hannah McKnight Everybody Knows

A nice day out at the museum and theatre. Also, amazing dress and heels.

Erotic Non-Fiction

The Big Gay Review Sexy Thoughts #20: Reflection 

A good clean bathroom wank in the shower and in front of the mirror.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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