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7th November 2013
Duos in Dubai

Having a great time in Dubai. Meeting some new people and catching up with my regulars. Even one very hot duo. For duo bookings please see http://www.luxe-dolls.com/ xx Aussie male escort in Dubai aussie.masseur.in.dubai@gmail.com

5th November 2013
In Dubai

I'll be in Dubai until December 01. Just got here yesterday and already having a great time. Spent the afternoon lying on the beach, reading and tried out the pool and spa at the hotel. Catching up soon with my lovely regulars from the last few times I was here. xx Aussie male escort in […]

17th October 2013
Cork Spa

Forgot to take my speedos to Cork and had to where see-through-when-wet briefs to the spa 😉 xx Aussie male escort in London. 07521577026 ozbigdownunder@protonmail.com

11th October 2013
Cork, Ireland

Staying in Cork, Ireland for a few days. Just about to go try out the hotel spa 🙂 xx Aussie male escort in London. 07521577026 ozbigdownunder@protonmail.com

27th September 2013
New York

I've been invited to go to New York next year as a duo partner for Milady Marla Maples. She's truly stunning and I've always wanted to visit New York. We haven't decided the dates yet but I'll update here when we do decide. She's in London now so let me know if you'd like to […]

26th August 2013
5 days in Dubai

I just got home from my most memorable appointment yet. A booking for 4 nights in Dubai. I met a very nice gentleman when I was there late last year and he contacted me again recently and agreed to pay for my tickets and hotel plus 5 times my daily rate for me to go […]

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