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12th January 2020
Oz Bigdownunder


What winks and fucks like a tiger ? *winks*;) RRawwrrr. Makiyo and I had a duo with a couple last night here in Dubai. Always a business doing pleasure with Makiyo. I'm madly in lust with her perky tits, peachy ass, long dark hair and pretty China doll face. Also she has nipples you could hang a pair of wet raincoats off of.

Mr and Mrs G had found my website and researched my blog and overall Web presence in great detail and arrived at the conclusion that as silly as my blogging may be it does give the impression I'm having a lot of fun. They could see that I'm professional and put a lot of time and effort into promoting myself whilst at all times taking delight in what I do and in writing about it.

Indeedly doodly and last night much fun and delights were had.

Makiyo and I took a taxi together to their extremely posh even by 5 star Dubai standards hotel. Showed our ID at reception as is necessary at all high end hotels here. Had someone keycard the lift for us and soon arrived at their top floor penthouse.


I knocked and we waited until I realised my error. Top floor 5 star penthouse. As in enormous. As in they can't hear me knocking from where they're sitting about 200 metres away. I found the doorbell and soon heard footsteps approaching from afar.

Mrs G came to greet us and Makiyo and I were both dazzled by how ridiculously hot she looked. Like a petite Pocahontas. A Princess of the Aztecs or some kind of Mayan Goddess.

Mr G appeared. Also very good looking and bubbling over with excitement and eagerness. He discreetly handed us cash, offered us drinks and gave us the grand tour then we all sat down together for a chat, got to know each other.

I love seeing couples. Especially when I can tell they have a very open and honest relationship, zero jealousy, genuinely care about each other and love seeing their partner experiencing all kinds of pleasure. Mr and Mrs G are all of the above and were both very complimentary and flirty with Makiyo and I. The feeling was mutual. All four of us seemed to reach the same conclusion simultaneously. Time to move to the bedroom or else we were likely to destroy a lovely dining room setting by enacting an orgy right there and then.

The scenario requested was for Makiyo and I to put on a show on the bed for Mr and Mrs G to enjoy as their own bespoke live action porno from the vantage point of a sofa by the window.

Makiyo and I undressed post haste. She actually disrobed even quicker than me and dropped to her knees in perfect unison with the dropping of my pants and the flopping out of my Bigdownunder.

And out it flopped.

Like a 12-ounce cut of pork tenderloin hangin there

Like a 500ml can of red bull

like a 1 litre thermos

like a tube of tennis balls, the 4 pack

Like a policeman's flashlight

Like a deflated football

Like 6 pool balls in a tube sock

(Credit where its due. I may have borrowed some of these quotes from Letterkenny )

There's such a thing as too much horn talk, and a fella ought to be aware of it.

The plan was they'd watch and if either or both of them were moved to do so, they'd join in "probably just for oral today but once we get to know you, I'm sure we'll meet again and maybe full sex, next time or the time after. We'll take things slow" or words to that effect.

I guess they were both more impressed with us than they'd expected. They managed about 5 minutes of look but no touch and then they both charged the bed like they'd been lost in the desert and we were the oasis.

It was not "just oral today" but the part about meeting again seems very likely. Those two are insatiable and now that they've had a taste, they'll be wanting more for sure.

Makiyo and I took turns washing up in their preposterously huge bathroom. I did notice the Jacuzzi therein would be more than spacious enough to accommodate all four of us. Hope they'll call us again before I head back to London so we can frolic in a big bubbly bubble bath together next time 🙂

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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