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Anal Action Duo with Vanessa and Mr & Mrs S Couple

22nd October 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

Vanessa met me at the lobby bar. Walked through reception in a fishnet body stocking with a long coat open at the front.

The coat was enough to ensure no civilians would be exposed to her vulva or nipples but still super sexy.

As I stood up to greet her with kisses, she let the coat fully open to show me her slim, toned, ultra fit, naked, body.

We got in the lift and couldn't keep our hands and lips off each other. The coat opened up again. The angle of the cctv camera in the lift would have revealed us kissing and groping each other but probably missed out on the full frontal view from my perspective.

*ding!* the doors opened and we detached in time to exit and let a nice couple into the lift after us. I hope they had as much fun in there as we did.

We found our way via a labyrinth of corridors to the top floor suite accommodating Mr and Mrs S. I've met these two reprobates many times. They're incorrigible. Two of my favourites. Last time was with Aysha for a very hot foursome and the time before, Mrs S and I made a video to send to Mr S.

On this occasion they'd asked me to choose a bisexual female escort with dark hair and a fit, toned body who likes to take it up the ass and who's as naughty as I am.


The coat came off and Mr and Mrs S got to see Vanessa in all her Instagram fitness model looking splendour.

She's as firm all over as a ripe peach and just as juicy. I've been spending a bit of time at the gym lately too and am currently so hard you could ice skate on me.

Vanessa announced that she'd come wearing a butt plug and had been grinding her ass in the back seat of the taxi all the way here in anticipation of a good butt-fucking. That more or less set the tone for the evening.

Our congenial hosts poured us drinks and we exchanged chit chat, compliments, pleasantries, witty repartee (when Mr S commented on the thud Vanessa's bag made when she put it down, I told him that's his butt plug weighing it down.

"She brought a butt plug for you too. It's as big as a traffic cone.").

The girls exchanged conspiratorial whispers and disappeared off together leaving Mr S and I to discuss the finer points of renaissance architecture.

Actually, that wasn't what we discussed. I told him I'd mentioned to Vanessa that he's heroically strong and bucks like a rodeo bronco. And that I once saw him lift a 70kg woman like a tray of drinks and fuck her ass while holding her aloft in the barbell bicep curl gripped under the buttocks position. She may, or may not have, had a gushy orgasm just from imagining herself in this scenario.

Mrs S and Vanessa reappeared and it transpired that they had conspired. To perform a strip-tease for us. And strip they did. I think the stripping was going to segue into lap dances but they got distracted. A French kiss that Vanessa later told me was scripted to end the performance somehow caused both strippers to completely forget about their audience and lose themselves completely in their lust for each other. Neither Mr S nor myself were going to interrupt them. They were having way too much fun and we were both enjoying the view.

Eventually they did come up for air and Mr S and I grabbed a soaking wet stripper each. Good times! Mrs S did her party trick of making my cock disappear. Down her throat. Vanessa removed her butt plug in preparation for some anal action. I missed that bit as I was busy humping Mrs S's larynx. She might have discreetly popped it out but knowing Vanessa she could just as easily have yanked it out like King Arthur drawing Excalibur from the stone and held it aloft roaring to the heavens as lightning bolts rent the skies to strike down furiously on her vorpal ass bauble.


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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