Australia Day Bukakke

The Bukakke Party that Sandra  and I hosted yesterday on Australia Day, went swimmingly.

All of our gentleman bukakke party-goers arrived on time at the nearby pub as arranged. They’d been told to look out for Sandra in her black shiny leggings and fur coat. Fortunately no similarly attired young ladies were present or they may have been approached with some odd opening lines eg “are you the girl who’s face I’ll be cumming on?.”

Once we got everyone back to our flat, we poured drinks, put some music on and got everyone comfortable and relaxed. Soon everyone was naked and taking turns enjoying Sandra’s affections. Sloppy blowjobs all round and cum facials to finish. Just the way to spend a cold, wet, London winters evening. Warm and cosy indoors, spunking en masse on the face of a beautiful woman.

Mistress Luna very kindly invited me to join her as her duo partner on one of her sessions the other day. A forced-bi booking at her well-appointed dungeon in Marylebone. I arrived at the agreed time just before the session was due to start and our bi forcee to be arrived soon after. We established that he wasn’t into impact play but loved to be tied up. He’d asked to be penetrated with toys, starting with the smallest butt plugs and working up to larger dildoes until his ass was ready for Master Oz’s giant cock.

Once he was suitably immobilised, I straddled his face and ordered him to open wide. He was soon greedily choking down my full length like a seasoned pro. Mistress Luna expertly stretched his ass for me. Every time she pushed a larger toy deeper up his ass, I’d feel his lips vibrate as an involuntary moan escaped him. And each time I forced my cock into his throat, triggering his gag reflex, Luna would have to grip her dildo tightly as the gag also triggered his other sphincters to clench and push.

The perfect harmony of our synchronised efforts at either end of our bound involuntary bisexual soon had him on the edge of orgasm but we are both infallible in our ability to read how close someone is to cumming and edge them almost to the point of no return without allowing them to climax too soon.

We kept him in this state until he couldn’t bear it a moment longer and then I finally gave him my condomed and well lubricated cock up his ass. Luna sat on his face and with one well oiled hand gripping the head of his cock and a magic wand vibrator running up and down his shaft, she continued to prick tease him, edging him towards his eventual cum shot.

When she finally let him cum it was clearly a release a long time coming. He lay spent and paralysed by the intensity of the past hour for long minutes after we’d untied him. He left a very happy boy. Luna and I had a nice cup of tea and a chat until the time came for her to prepare for her next session.

I got a lovely review on Anna’s Angels from a couple I saw recently=


My new massage table came in the post =

I’ve ordered some business cards =

And I’ve created a new Subreddit  for people to share their own sexwork related blogs or those of others. I’m hoping people will use it as a forum to share ideas about wordpress, SEO, analytics, ideas for content to post, feedback and anything else sexworker blog related people want to use the space for.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

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