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13th October 2016
Oz Bigdownunder


I had another cuckolding booking recently. Mr A was the guest of honour. He loves sex parties and scenes with sissy husband / wife role play. He booked me, a female escort, Christine Love and 3 TS escorts, Alekssandra, Suzanna and Kimora for 2 hours. We met up at the flat of my TS friend, the one and only Alekssandra (a legend on the London TS party and BDSM scenes), where she'd been putting make up on our client and dressing him up to look suitably sissified.

Christine Love




We had a drink and a chat in the dungeon room first and then moved into the bedroom for some fun. Christine started to mock her sissy husband saying he wasn't man enough to pleasure his wife with his cock. His punishment was to be forced to watch me giving her a hard fuck at one end of the bed. At the same time, his mouth and ass were being used by our TS friends. Christine's second biggest turn on is seeing bi, TS on sissy action and her biggest turn on is me, so she was in heaven. I hadn't seen her for weeks and she's my favourite fuck buddy too so I was having a great time pounding her hot wet pussy.

Sissy husband

Our sissy husband managed to satisfy 2 out of three TS but he'd been right on the edge, trying so hard not to cum for so long. In the end it was too much for him and he shot his sissy load. We took pity as it would be too intense for him to take more cock after his orgasm.

I was only too happy to tagteam in to be ass fucked and throat fucked by Kimora. She has a 10 inch cock and is very dominant and fucks very hard. She threw me around the room, bending me into every position she wanted and going balls deep in my ass. Much to the delight of our friends who watched every second of the action. I'd heard Kimora was a very heavy cummer so when she was close I made sure my face was in the porno moneyshot position looking up at her and with me closest to our audience so everyone would get a perfect view of her cumshot. It was all I could have hoped for and more! I was last to cum, all over my own body while licking the last of kimora's cum off her cock.  A perfect end to a perfect fuck party 🙂


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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