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Cuckold and Hot Wife

20th August 2016
Oz Bigdownunder


Last night I had a memorable duo booking with Carlton from Anna's Angels Agency. We were to entertain a couple who were driving all the way from Somerset to see us for a 1 hour cuckolding/hot wife session. It was to be a present arranged by Mrs Hot Wife for her husband, Mr Cuckold. They were nervous when they arrived, not really knowing what to expect as they were quite inexperienced having only tried MMF once before, many years ago with a male friend.

I got them drinks and sat down to chat with Mr Cuckold whilst his hot wife went to get changed in the bathroom. I did my best to set the mood as no pressure, let him know they'd be in control and the session would be all about them having a great time. I'm told I'm a very calming influence, especially with nervous, inexperienced types. By the time Mrs Hot Wife came out from the bathroom, with her impressive cleavage busting out from a tight little black dress, Mr Cuckold seemed much more at ease. After a chat with the two of them about their likes and dislikes, limits etc I contacted the agency to make sure Carlton was on his way. He arrived soon after.

From his Anna's Angels description-

Carlton Dickson is a very open-minded, handsome and masculine black British/American escort with a muscled and horny body to die for!! He is intelligent, young and a has an enormous amount of charm, creativity, charisma, and versatility. He is a gentle guy but can be rough when the occasion requires it.

Carlton Dickson is also a certified masseur and offers an extremely relaxing and intensive full body massage. He is also a professional stripper and offers the stripper gram service. He has a huge range of outfits and there will certainly be something among them to amuse you and tickle your fancy. If you have any other ideas please air them as Carlton is always looking to broaden his horizons.

He promises to always deliver services at a high standard with optimum satisfaction leaving his clients yearning for more. He is the awesome total package offering all services to females and couples.

Between the two of us (literally) we gave Mrs Hotwife the best fuck of her life and Mr Cuckold the best birthday present ever. He got to watch while we kissed and caressed her all over. She loved having her big tits played with. Especially having her nipples sucked on. Carlton and I teased her with our expert attention until she was begging to be fucked. Mr Cuckold couldn't take his eyes off the erotic scene unfolding before him.


Soon she had Carltons cock in her mouth and mine in her pussy. She was soaking wet and grinding her hips to take my full 9 inches deep inside her. After only a few minutes of my cock gliding in and out of her, and my fingers working her clit while she greedily sucked Carltons cock, I could feel that she was close to cumming. I sped up the rhythm and sure enough she was soon bucking her hips wildly, shaking and gasping, writhing and arching her back as a huge orgasm sent her whole body into involuntary spasms of pleasure. She was very sensitive to touch for a moment after. But soon she was ready for more and raring to go.

We quickly swapped positions with Mrs Hot Wife now giving me a very enthusiastic and very sloppy blow job. Mr Cuckold handed Carlton a powerful Magic Wand vibrator from Mrs Hotwife's handbag. He went to work with his cock pounding her hard and the big vibe on her clit. Soon bringing her to another body rocking full body orgasm. Each time she came, we'd high five, swap ends and go again. I've never known any woman to be that multiple-orgasmic.

At the end I asked her what she'd be asking for on her birthday. She replied- "Same again, only 3 hours next time!"


Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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