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Cuckold Husband in Chastity Buys His Wife a Pearl Necklace

25th January 2022
Oz Bigdownunder

A sexy husband and wife in Dubai found my website and contacted me via WhatsApp to enquire about a cuckold session.

Mr Cuckold Husband and Mrs Hotty Hotwife

They wanted to make a video clip of Mrs Hotwife pleasuring me orally with assistance of her curvaceous girlfriend. Mr Cuckold Husband would be kept locked in his chastity cage and allowed to watch from afar.

Prior to playtime Mr Cuckold Husband and I adjourned to his balcony and for a refreshing beverage. It was pleasant. We imbibed. He confided that his wife enjoys being spanked.

I asked who usually does the spanking. He does not. He literally worships her ass and doesn't feel right about slapping it. He's paid professionals to do so on his behalf. These slappy surrogates have achieved mixed results. Some slapped too softly. Others too hard.

I endeavoured, like Goldilocks, to find the slap that would hit the spot just right.

Mr Cuckold Husband and I talked about their likes, limits and past experiences.

Mrs Hotwife joined us on the balcony and I double checked with her and was happy to find her answers regarding likes, dislikes and limits matched perfectly with Mr Cs. Always a good sign when a couple has good communication and are on the same page with what they want.

Soon Mrs Hotwife's sexy girlfriend arrived. A tripod was erected. Lights, camera, action, and playtime commenced.

Mr Cuckold Husband was on his best behaviour. His teeny weeny ensconced in an extra small chastity cage. Apologised profusely for his small and inferior manhood. Was very complimentary about my endowment and Mrs Hotwife and her friend's fellatio skills.

As a reward for knowing his place and treating his superiors with the requisite level of deference, he was allowed to approach to the edge of the bed and lick the soles of his wife's feet while the other end of her was otherwise engaged.

Her friend fluffed most admirably by way of a squeeze of the base of my cock here, a nipple lick and suck there. At one point administering a firm slap across the face with my bell end. Good Times.

Mrs Hotwife did her best to deepthroat the Bigdownunder. A task best approached with some initial restraint. The throat reflexively lubricates itself when the larynx is being stretched. If this is achieved gradually, the chances of balls deep deepthroat occurring improve drastically.

But sometimes you've been dreaming for months of choking on a big cock.

You've lusted after a good tonsil pounding face fuck. Coveted the promised trouser snake. Then the time comes and you're on your knees and there's a thick 9 inch cock right there. Rock hard and throbbing. You know the optimum approach is slowly, slowly, inch by inch, overcoming your bodies instinctive reaction to gag. But you want it so bad.

Guess what happened next? Did she take it slow and steady? Or did she skull fuck herself with my purple veined custard chucker?

If you guessed skullfuck, congratulations, you win a voucher for a free nipple pinch administered hard, by me. Redeemable at the Oz Bigdownunder outlet of your choice.

Each time she came up for air, I rewarded her with a slap on the ass.

Each time I slapped her ass I gave her some verbal accompaniment to the slap.

"You like how I slap your ass, don't you?" YES. "Suck it deep and I'll give you a harder slap" YES PLEASE. And so on.

If she'd tensed or hesitated or not replied or replied in the negative about wanting harder slaps, I'd have known she was at her limit.

Reading her body language, I could make an educated guess at how hard she could take it. I think the impact was about right.

She could probably take it a bit harder next time now that she knows me. Hopefully I've earned her trust and showed that I'm experienced, safe, sane, respectful of her limits and always seeking consent.

A really hard spanking isn't going to happen on a first date. The second date is another story.

Her delicate rosebud lips caressed me ever so sweetly. Like a ravenous beast from the fathoms swallowing a rampaging jackhammer.

A request from the audience. You sir. With the chastity device.

"Cum on her face".

So I spackled her. Copiously. She loves the caulk.

Didn't see that one coming, did you.

Neither did Mrs Hotwife. She had her eyes firmly shut. Just as well as a rogue strand of baby batter ensnared itself in her luscious lashes.

Like an ectoplasmic arachnid abseiling.

Hanging there like an icicle of sperm. A spermcicle.

A sprog stalagtite. Stalagsprog?

You know how to discern stalagmites and stalagtites? It's like a case of crabs. When the mites go up, the tights come down.

Sorry. 1970s speleologist joke. In those halcyon days of yore, crabs were very much Du Jour. Bush like Chewbacca.

Mrs Hotwife shed tears of joy. More accurately her eyes were streaming in response to what I'd done to her. A joyous occasion but the autonomic nervous system do be like that.

I stroked her hair and congratulated her on a cock well sucked. The words "good girl" resulted in her melting against my thighs in joyous, slobbery post throatgasmic bliss.

Mr Cuckold Husband's expression was one of pride. His Queen. His Goddess. Their eyes met. There were butterflies. Or a tingle of electricity. Or fireworks. Something like that. She went in for the kiss. Sproggletites hanging off her eyelashes. Seen the movie Aliens? She kissed him like the facehugger. More tongue. Less chessbursting.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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10 months ago

In Dubai? I know a few ex pats there…..

10 months ago

Just wondering if the lucky wife was one I know!

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