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Decadence and Debauchery

7th June 2019
Oz Bigdownunder

Last night was an evening of decadence and debauchery for Sandra and I at a fancy dress orgy 🙂

We got our costumes from Angels Costume Shop Covent Garden.

Their rental tuxedos for men were all a bit on the tatty side so I went with my own black suit and white shirt and bough a black top hat, bow tie and braces from the costume shop.

Sandra opted for a little black latex dress with suspenders and fishnets a black and white collar,  and bought a white fedora, white gloves and a gold cigarette holder from Angels.

We had tickets for the party but not dinner so we timed our arrival to get there just as dinner finished and the stage show began. Loved the fire swallowing and aerial acrobatics performances.

We played with three different couples during the course of the evening. I don't want to publish any details that could possibly identify any of the above sexy playmates so let's call one of the above couples Gatsby and Daisy without saying which of the three couples I'm talking about.

I had to Google Gatsbyesque to decide whether this would be fitting.

Fabulously wealthy, stylish, charming, seductive (all of the above), lives in a gothic mansion (never been to his country house but I like to imagine it's palatial).

Gatsbys Daisy is described as paragon of perfection—she has the aura of charm, wealth, sophistication, grace. Yes!

When the show finished, there was an announcement directing us to proceed to the couples playroom.

Our Mr Gatsby is the naughtiest. An irrepressible pervert. Naturally he was among the first through the door.

Sandra and I took our time, went for drinks, mingled with other kittens and then made our way to the playroom. Gatsby and Daisy had secured a position on a large latex coated divan right in the middle of the orgy. We weaved our way over to where they were enthusiastically fornicating.

They saw us coming and were both obviously delighted and waving us over. We stepped over the intertwined bodies of various coupling couples, swiftly defrocked, stuffed our clothes down the side of the bed in the hope that we'd find everything afterwards waiting right where we left it, and took centre stage as befit the filthiest foursome amidst truly bacchanalian scene of sexual revelry.

By way of greetings we decided to forego conventional cheek kisses and handshakes opting instead for a very sloppy, gagging, deepthroated blowjob from Daisy for me and as Mr Gatsby collided with Daisy she unceremoniously wrestled him onto the divan, flattened him out on his back and proceeded to ride his face, grinding her wet pussy down on him whilst whipping his balls with one of her long white gloves.

Daisy and I were lost in the moment for a while there. I'd grabbed a condom from one of the thoughtfully placed bowls someone had left within easy reach. We were locked in passionate embrace and I have no idea how much time passed but when we re entered the real world we found a few more couples had joined us on the longue du sexbed.

Sandra was bouncing up and down on Gatsbys giant cock and seemed to be conducting the rhythm of the entire soiree like a fuck thrust metronome.

Sandra's beautiful ass exposed on the edge of the bed as she rode Gatsby was all too tempting a target so I quickly re condomed and lubed up intending to play a round Sandra's very favourite party game, double penetrate the Milady.

It was not to be. Mr Gatsby spied me lubing my massive cock and instantly went from prone to standing. I think he might have actually done a ninja handspring. Somehow without launching her ladyship across the room.

A pavlovian response. He dropped to all fours all but panting and drooling, wagging his hindquarters at me. I did the only gentlemanly thing under the circumstances and slammed into him balls deep. Not wanting to waste Gatsbys throbbing erection which always seems to double in size when he has me pounding his prostate, Sandra quite daintily slipped underneath Gatsby and was mounted in turn. Daisy somehow managed to balance in a position where Gatsbys tongue could enter her and with impressive synchronisation our foursome moved more or less in unison. This was despite being buffeted from all sides by a sea of carnality as though our fuckbed were the raft of the medusa adrift on a heaving ocean of rutting hedonists.

Mr Gatsby took a far deeper, harder and more prolonged sodomising in public than he's accustomed to in private. A natural performer he must have been inspired by our audience. The climax was a real crowd pleaser. No dramatic curtain fall or confetti but Daisy did perform a commando roll headfirst off the bed into an occupied beanbag and the front row seats may have been spritzed somewhat.

Mr Gatsby tends to post coitally revert into some semblance of a naughty schoolboy who's just taken a spanking (and loved it). He ran off immediately after, all impish and glowing.

Sandra and I made a few new friends afterwards in the couples room and eventually left the party exhausted and very happy. A good night had by all.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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