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Dogging Video With Submissive Asian Anabelle on Hampstead Heath

4th August 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

Anabelle and I filmed some outdoor dogging videos together on Hampstead Heath last weekend.

You can watch the full video here.

We met up at Hampstead tube station and walked to the Heath. The Internet said the best wooded area for our purposes was behind Jack Straws Castle Pub.

There were a lot of cars in the carpark and people out for a stroll in the woods despite drizzly weather.

We passed a few other couples. Wondered aloud whether they were out for a brisk walk, fresh air, communing with nature. Or looking for a good spot for some alfresco fucking.

I do love sex outdoors. It's fucking in tents.

As much as I enjoy an opportunity to make a spectacle of myself, consent is key. I wouldn't want to offend some unsuspecting passerby happening by chance upon me dogging away. My firm naked buttocks in all their splendour as I thrust savagely into my nubile Asian friends tight asshole.

So we found the narrowest, most overgrown paths that would be the least appealing to other walkers and made our way into a secluded area where we'd be unlikely to be interrupted.

Leaving the path altogether we waded through 100m of waist high bracken. Our chosen film set a dense copse of trees completely hiding us from the nearest path. Just the spot for a surreptitious shag au-naturale.

Jungle stealth mode activated. Sniper camouflage. Nobody would see us cumming.

I connected my gorillapod camera holder to a convenient tree branch and aimed it at a spot that looked good as a backdrop for outdoor porn.

We stripped off and filmed about 30 minutes of clips. Forced deepthroat, doggy style anal, ass to mouth and cum on face. Then back to Hampstead in time for tea and scones at a lovely café.

I produced a baggy I'd carried for the purpose of rubbish removal and gathered up all the condoms, wrappers, wipes etc we'd dropped and a few extras left behind by other less environmentally aware doggers.

Captain Planet!

A statue of a man and a statue of a woman stood looking at each other for hundreds of years out in a park. One day a wizard, feeling sorry for the statues, brought them to life for 30 minutes. Right away, the two of them ran into some nearby bushes and you could hear all kinds of strange sounds from there. After a while they came back out, giggling. The wizard told them "You have another 15 minutes left, if you want to have another go." The statues looked at each other and the male statue said to the woman statue "Fine, but this time you hold down the pigeon and I will shit on it."

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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