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31st January 2020
Oz Bigdownunder


Someone once said "work sets you free" that someone was Adolf Hitler and he can chortle my balls . I prefer "do what you love and never work a day in your life." Mark Twain. But it sounded better when Wayne from Letterkenny said it.

I know. I'm a veritable suppository of wisdom 😉 Enough of my sage-like pronouncements.

Adolf and Mark aside, I am a professional by definition but having far too much fun for what I do to ever feel like work. I absolutely love sex and especially sex involving more than two people. I adore couples and can't get enough of duos.

A wondrous occurrence the other day. A Trio. Myself, Taylor and Abby.

I took a taxi there and got a message en route to say the gentleman would like to record some video clips of me with his girlfriends.

I'm always happy to be the star of the show, trip the boards, be under the spotlight etc. I love to perform. Videos are always welcome provided my face isn't showing. Taylor was also happy to be filmed without her face in the clips. Fortunately Abby had masks for both of us. A catwoman mask for Taylor and an executioners hood for me.

I have my own collection of masks at home for this purpose so if anyone let's me know in advance they want to make videos in an outcall, I'll always bring one with me.

I reviewed the ads of my prospective duo partners. Splendid. Arrived. Did my best to discreetly reposition my erection as I exited the taxi. Ascended. Knock knock. Who's there? Raging boner in my underwear.

Attempted to retain a modicum of decorum as  I met the gentleman of the hour and my convivial colleagues.

I'd never met Abby or Taylor before but it was a serendipitous meeting.


Taylor is an extremely cute 20 year old with a certain incorrigible mischief about her. A real naughty Schoolgirl thing going on.

I told her the cat mask suited her and that I'd love to see her in a latex catsuit. And was duly rewarded with the most sultry of smiles. I got the impression she may have actually been purring. Her body language as I drew closer was not unlike a cat arching and leaning into wrap herself around he by whom she wishes to be stroked.

Naked, she is flawless. Literally. Her skin is perfect. Her tits and ass small and gravity defyingly perky.

Something obscenely cute about the little kitty ears on her catmask. No tail. Probably just as well. I pull more tail than a hyperactive boy on redbull at a petting zoo.


The fact that Abby was clearly the kind of girl who keeps a catwoman mask and executioners hood on hand, I felt, would bode extremely well for our relations. Indeed, she also has an overflowing toy box and keeps her personal favourite, a doxy magic wand in her bedside drawer. The same place I keep my Hitachi. Clearly a nymphomaniac after my own perverted heart.


With her Nordic features, blonde hair, pale skin, and slim build, it's difficult to discern whether Abby is a delicate Princess who could be held captive by an evil monster and used to entertain his every carnal whim. Or with a fraction of a change in the light, the angle, her expression she could be a Viking warrior Goddess hurling lightning bolts down at you from Valhalla.

Her website assures us she's far from frail with a prodigiously high pain tolerance. Magnificent.

I believe the first words she said to me once we'd entered her boudoir were in response to my complimenting her delicious derriere. The exact words were "would you like to spank me?" Affirmative. Very much so. The next words I heard were "Harder! Please! " My kind of girl.

The ensuing sucking, fucking and eventual money shot were all Academy award winning work. Our new gentleman friend was very happy with the resulting cinematic masterpiece. He had another thirty minutes with the girls so i kissed my co-stars goodnight. Shook the directors hand, took a bow and exited stage left.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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2 years ago

You certainly live the life Oz! I'm not sure I'll ever expand my services that far past sensual massage but who knows - all sorts of doors(and legs) may open for me in the future. Indeed, I'm not even sure I would have your stamina but with a lovely couple like that, anything is possible I guess.


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