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Bi MMF and DP with a Couple. A Double Penetration Threesome

20th July 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

A sexy young couple contacted me last week asking for a Bi MMF threesome and DP. A fit, bisexual English guy with a big cock. And a very sexy Aussie Girl who loves taking two dicks at once. Just like in the gif at the top of the page only with more dicks and fewer tentacles.

The guy had heard of me before thanks to Charlotte who recommended me to him when he went to see her for a session about a year ago.

He'd also found my website and they'd both had a good look at my blog posts about couples.

The bi part of the MMF involved her and him competing to see who could suck my cock the best. She was confident her level of experience would trump his familiarity with a cock being a cock owner himself.

DP MMF Bi Couple Tongue Gif

Thanks to Landidzu for the gifs.

I couldn't pick a winner and announced they'd have to share the gold medal. Before their competitive spirits could incite a small scale riot, I swiftly distracted them. "Did someone say something about DP?" Like a ninja smoke bomb throw down. Worked like a charm.

Mr asked Mrs to choose a position for DP. She quickly chose reverse cowgirl, sitting on his cock and leaning back for me to fuck her kitty. (her choice of pet name. I like it actually. Sounds more complimentary than pussy. You wouldn't call someone a kitty as an insult.) her kitty was deserving of all the compliments and her tight ass too. She took two cocks deep and hard and loved it.

Several iterations of erotic entanglements later, Mr got up as we rearranged ourselves and Mrs pointed out a minor wardrobe malfunction. He had a used condom stuck to his back. Important to change condoms when switching between ass and pussy so in a spirited DP session there tend to be stray condoms and wrappers swirling about the place like a trash vortex drifting on an ocean gyre. It's adorable when couples make these little grooming gestures. Tuck a label in here, pick off a speck of lint there, peel a used condom of one's husband's naked, sweaty back mid DP session. Enchanting.

We switched to her riding me cowgirl with him fucking her ass from behind. A position she announced was even more pleasurable than the first. Actually, I think her exact words were "AAAAAGH THAT'S FUCKING INTENSE!" Happy Kitty.

We railed her like a couple of shinkansens until it seemed she might be cumming. I'm not sure. For clarity she could have screamed I'M CUMMING!" A bit louder. There were people in Antarctica who didn't quite hear her. Mr in his eagerness for simultaneity put in a couple of strokes so forceful they lifted her about 2 feet off the bed. Bigdownunder popped out at this point but I was polite enough not to interrupt at a critical moment by trying to reinsert myself into proceedings.

She had very wobbly legs when she got of the bed and may have been a bit disoriented. She said she was going to take a shower and went to open my front door. I considered letting her stumble into the street stark naked and looking like she'd just been ridden like a rodeo bronco. But I took pity at the last second and led her to the actual bathroom, switched on the water, hung a towel within reach, held her hand as she stepped over the edge of the tub, gave her a slap on the ass. Chivalry innit.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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