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Duo with TS Belle. Forced bi frost bite

30th July 2022
Oz Bigdownunder

TS Belle and I had another duo session together with a client of mine recently. Belle was brilliant at the Moulin Rouge orgy and we've had another duo since then too. Always a delight. Belle is stunning, super professional, reliable, fun, open-minded and always willing and able to make any clients wet dreams come true.

I received a special outfit request. To wear lycra shorts.

I do have lycra shorts. Much as I enjoy indecent exposure, I tend not to wear these in public.

The Bigdownunder is not designed for tucking itself discreetly between my legs.

When not in action mode, it prefers to slump in louche indolence, draped across one thigh, halfway to my knee.

All well and good. Cotton or bamboo fabrics are fine for my underwear. Some flopping about is acceptable. But I find it distracting if I wear loose fitting boxers. And everyone is going to find it distracting if I wear lycra in public.

The lycra shorts in question are athletic compression shorts I usually wear under some cotton shorts to the gym so that when I do my Muay Thai workout on the heavy bag, the Bigdownunder can curl up quietly and stay out of the way. As opposed to attempting this in boxers and have the beast thrashing about like a frenzied moray.

The outfit request for Belle was more specific.

"Black or white lingerie, stockings, high heels, patent if possible and her hair in a ponytail."

Belle went with black Lingerie and a corset. Hair tied back as requested and spiky stilletoes.

During a break in the action we were comparing notes about other threesomes and I mentioned that I'm very popular with Mistresses as a preferred duo partner for forced bi sessions.

Belle thought I said frost bite. Some giggles as we got back on the same wavelength.

Forced bi is a kinky request popular with submissive male clients of Pro Dommes whereby they request a male escort to come for a duo. They like their Mistress to "force" them to partake in activities involving a naked man with a big cock. ie they're told to suck a cock or bend over and take it up the ass. Often as a Spitroast with Mistress' strap on at the other end. Often implied or explicit threat of punishment is involved if he doesn't do as he's told, or for reluctance, or lack of skill. The "force" is all in good fun and everything is consensual.

Frost bite is what you get if you attempt forced bi outdoors in winter.

eg "My Mistress cuffed my wrists and ankles, put a sign around my neck saying free blowjobs and made me kneel on the doorstep, naked, in the snow. She said I'm not allowed back inside until a man has cum in my mouth. I got frostbite on my balls and a load of spunk in my throat. Mistress was very pleased."

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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