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Duos with Diana and Mistress Luna

8th September 2015
Oz Bigdownunder

Last Saturday I met with a very nice couple who'd arranged a duo with myself and the divine beauty, Diana, at Palm Beach Casino. I arrived dressed in my best suit with the lovely Diana on my arm, the two of us turning every head as we entered the casino. We must look like a very striking couple, myself 6'5 and Diana over 6ft in heels accentuating her very long, slim legs. She looked amazing in her little black dress.

We met our hosts for the evening at the bar, also looking very elegant and very pleased to see us. We had a chat and enjoyed Kir Royals before trying our luck on the tables. It was a very nice way to play, with chips provided, experts on hand to tell us how to play and a casino full of people openly curious about the glamorous foursome flirting as much with each others partners as with our own 😉

A few drinks and many spins of the roulette wheel later what few inhibitions we'd arrived with were mostly gone and our 4-way public displays of affection were getting to the stage where casino staff where taking notice, we decided to move to their suite.

They'd been given an upgrade to the nicest suite in the hotel with a spectacular view as a backdrop to some very sexy fun culminating in two beautiful young ladies kissing and touching each other, taking a double money shot (which sounds like it could have been one of the casino terms we learned that night) of mine and his hot cum all over their beautiful tits.


Mistress Luna

I also had a very fun MFF duo with Mistress Luna last Friday. That was the first time I'd been booked for a duo by a single female client. The woman who booked us was attractive and sexy but quite inexperienced and shy.

She'd seen Luna 1-1 before and was nervous but very excited about the idea of having me join in. I'm often told I'm a very calming influence and nervous people do tend to relax when they're with me. I often see first-timers who are shaking and stammering when they arrive. Then within minutes they start to calm down. By the time I've given them a relaxing, sexy massage, they've forgotten all about being nervous and find themselves completely in the moment.

Lady client

In the expert hands of myself and Luna, our lady client reached a stage of arousal that completely excluded any possibility of feeling self-conscious. She became very responsive to our every touch. Her body reacting to our 4-handed caresses. She soon became extremely wet and she was moaning with pleasure.

Her first orgasm came with my tongue on her clit and my finger on her g-spot. An orgasm to soon be followed by multiple screaming orgasms courtesy of Luna and her dildo and magic wand vibrator. Finally she begged for my cock. I found she was only able to take a few inches moving as gently and slowly as possible. Some women have great difficulty enjoying penetrative sex. In her case a lot of care and attention was needed. By staying perfectly in tune with her responses and gently stimulating her body, especially her breasts which were very sensitive, with one hand, while touching her clitoris with the other and using only the first few inches of my cock to very gently touch her g-spot, I was able to bring her to one final, explosive orgasm.

After we'd showered and gotten dressed, I offered to walk her to the tube station which she accepted. We chatted as we walked and the difference in her compared with when she'd arrived was striking. I could tell she was walking on clouds and had an unmistakable glow. I'd be very surprised if we don't hear from her again soon 🙂

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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Jackson Molland
Jackson Molland
8 years ago

I never even knew that escorts will do the duo thing. Great news!

Oz Bigdownunder
Oz Bigdownunder
8 years ago

They sure do. Duos are my favourite.

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