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Elust 150

19th June 2022
Oz Bigdownunder


Image courtesy of Mistress Ivy .

Welcome to Elust 150

Congratulations @thebarefootsub for winning the monthly Elust Contest for May!

Hope you enjoy your £50 @HonourClothing voucher.

Honour specialises in turning your fantasy into reality. With everything from PVC and latex dresses to leather restraints and harnesses, not to mention a range of satisfying and exhilarating sex toys and costumes.

Congratulations to @WitchoftheWands for winning second prize in the monthly Elust Contest for May!

Hope you enjoy your $50 USD Betty's Toy Box voucher.

Betty's Toy Box sells Quality sex toys for EVERY body! They make pleasure product shopping fun & easy. Because it's nice to be naughty.


Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month.

Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions, it’ll be here at Elust.

Want to be included in Elust #150? Send in a post anytime and I'll add it to the next edition.

Please subcribe to email updates to receive two emails per month from Elust. A reminder once a month on the 1st to send in submissions and a copy of the latest edition of Elust on the 15th of every month.



Featured Post by the Winner of Elust Contest for May, The Barefoot Sub.

Mischief Managed

The Barefoot sub up to some mischief as always. I'm subscribed and get an email notification whenever there's a new Barefoot adventure posted. I always enjoy reading about the tasks set by Sir and this post gives some background as to how the task setting works.

Erotic Fiction

My First Trans Cock

Alfie's dream date with Mistress Yasmine and her well endowed friend, Mistress Cassie.

Beware The Boogie Man

A fucking monster lurks in the dark.

Moon Feather: Part 40: The Unwrapping of Gifts

Joey and her cowboyfriend have been married for one tumultuous week. A few centuries temporal difference between his culture and hers makes for a bit of a minefield for misunderstandings but they communicate well considering. He likes to spank, she likes getting spanked. I think they'll make it work.

Roadside Assistance

A buff mechanic attends a call out to a stranded motorist and finds him polishing his stick shift. Lubricates his rear exhaust, greases up his undercarriage and gives him a full servicing.

The Caning

Six of the best!

Sex Work

Voyeur Duo with Kitty Sinclair

This post has inspired a few gents who'd also like to pet Kitty with me. I've had multiple enquiries and one confirmed booking from people who read this. It was fun writing the post and even more fun making Kitty purr.

Product Reviews

TOY TEST – Sohimi Butterfly Panty Vibe

An insertable vibrator designed to be worn inside the panties and remote control operated for orgasms in public places. I like Sohimi toys. Their clit licker looks fun too.

Forced to Squirt With The Bombex Butterfly Vibe!

Sorry Sohimi, from the sounds of this review, the Bombex is the superior butterfly. With the addition of the clit sucker and whatever this thing is doing to cause all that squirting, I definitely want one.

Ursula tentacle dildo & Mr. Moonlight dual-density dildo from Laphwing

I have a similar tentacle dildo that Big Shocked sent me to review. Testing is completed and my review is coming soon. Big fan of tentacles. Always thought that they're the most erotic of appendages. Built for grabbing, squeezing and penetrating.

Colour Reveal: We-Vibe Nova 2 In Midnight Blue!

Miss Ruby reviews a rabbit vibe.

Looking Back: Galaxy G Review

Rose from On Her Back reminisces about her first toy review.

Erotic Non Fiction

He Cooked Me An Amazing Meal, Then Dined On My Pussy

Ambyr Leigh's date is a good cook and a better pussy licker.


Interview With Oz Bigdownunder: A Male Escort And Pro Dom

My interview with Orgasmic Ways.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Big Resources Dump For the Dating Kinky Class I am Teaching Tonight

Miss Pearl shares some websites and books about Femdom.

How to begin with Domestic Discipline within a healthy BDSM relationship

Liz Black discusses how to get started with DD and how to maintain a healthy DD relationship.

Books and Movies

My Mistress (2014): The Celluloid Dungeon

It doesn't get great reviews but it's Australian and it's about BDSM. Has to be worth a look.

Crashpad Episode 341: Amy Payme And Kay Coole

A sex ed porn review from Witch of the Wands.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Put Your Mouth on It

The Disorderly House presents and oral sex cheatsheet. Beginners guide to cunnilingus and fellatio.

Body Talk and Sexual Health

Question 24 – Masturbation

William from Musings of a Switch answers the question, How often do you masturbate and what works best for you?

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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