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Elust 155. Kink, Fetish, Sex Toys, Exxxotica and Erotica.

15th November 2022
Oz Bigdownunder


Elust 155 Cover Image courtesy of Miss Harriet. Photography by Santillo.


Welcome to Elust 155

I'm excited about the latest edition, Elust 155. I'm seeing more and more participants re-posting Elust on their own blogs, adding their own comments next to the links, commenting on other blogs, using the meme image and retweeting the Elust tweets.

This is the direction I've been working to take Elust in since I bought the website in April 2021. One where all participants benefit greatly from visibility of their link on dozens of other sex blogs, expanding everyone's audience, incentivising interaction, collaboration and co-promotion within the sex blog community.

The addition of each bloggers own comments next to the links in their re-posts of Elust has to be better for SEO than if everyone just posts the list of links. I think the monthly prizes have encouraged a lot of people to adopt this practice and they're seeing the value in improved search ranking.

The majority of links this month are from people who have re-posted Elust in the past so I'm confident this will be the most re-posted edition ever.

Elust welcomes back Sinclair Sexsmith and Lucy Ashwood who have been missed in recent months. I'm very pleased to include them here again.

Newcomers Mirror Secret Mirror, Submissive Feminist and Quenby have all contributed brilliant posts. I'd love to see them return and become regular Elust contributors.

Congratulations to Barefoot Sub and Witch of the Wands for winning the monthly Elust Contest for October!

Hope you enjoy your £50 vouchers for Honour/Skintwo and Good Vibes.


Erotic Fiction

Going to the Ball

A vivid depiction of all the sensations of shibari by Lucy Ashwood. Our débutant, Elle, gets her inner leg measured by a sultry seamstress.

Bedroom Eyes 14

Maires receives punishment for being a wayward pupil and Stephanie gets a special minx spanking in the latest installment of Jerusalem Mortimer's BDSM Ménage à Troi.

Sizzling Nibbles: Devilry and Debauchery

Being possessed by a fugitive demon from hell sounds like great fun! Diabolical erotica from Mischa Eliot.


The very welcome return of Sinclair Sexsmith to Elust with a zoom window full of orgasms.

Quickies: I Jerked Off To My Mom's Best Friend Masturbating

A supplemental story to Ambyr Leigh's Niles & Sandra (My Mom's Best Friend) series. Sandra sends Niles a sexy video clip for his viewing pleasure.

All the Mistress Money – Part 4

Read the entire 7 part series by Jessica Seaques for Mirror Secret Mirror. Mistress Stilenskova teaches Dawn the meaning of the word "Dominatrix".


Exxxotica Wrap-Up Part One

Morgan Destera just returned from Exxotica, an American annual three-day adult-themed event. An expo like the various Comic Cons. Booths, performances and seminars from well known names in adult entertainment.

Product Reviews

Review of Je Joue Mimi Clitoral and External Vibrator - Lilac

Liz X reviews a clitoral vibrator. Sort of a flat pebble shape rather than the usual bullet shape. Soft silicone coated, waterproof with deep vibrations. Sounds like a winner.

The Slubb

Witch of the Wands reviews this legendary toy. It's basically a heavy duty power tool with a penis gripping strap on it. Looks like the handle of an angle grinder. It's heavy. It's loud. It oscillates at up to 19000 rpm. I want one!

Stardust by Kreature Adult Toys

Submissive Feminist reviews a Unicorn themed silicone dildo.

Erotic Non Fiction

His Bitch

Pieces of Jade gets permission to cum.

Tinsel In The Letterbox

A Barefoot Sub is re-united with her Sir, returned to the UK. The tinsel is to guide him to the correct front door in a street of identical front doors.

Writing about Writing

Moon Feather Has Been Published!

This is really exciting news! I just ordered the paperback. Delivery date is November 30th. Looking forward to reading the story in it's entirety.

Writing About the Smells and Sounds of Sex

Simone Francis advises on depictions of the olfactory and gustatory senses in erotica.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Cock Cage THESE 3 Types of Kinky Submissives!

Supersmashcache shares thoughts on cuckolds, sissies, gooners and the how and why of the appeal of cock cages to these distinct demographics.

Learning to Handle My Hand Fetish

Violet Fawkes explains what's sexy about hands.

Bathroom Pass

Lillith Avir tells us how it feels to ask for permission to pee.

Sadists Twister: The Party Game For Pain Sluts

Quenby gets creative with a twister game for sadists and masochists/submissives.

Sex Work

Fetish Porn shoot at Blue Door Dungeon

My content creation collaboration with Pure Dommes Stacy Saran, Ivy Maddox, Amber Jayne, and Barbie Sins.

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