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Elust 170. Cum Cleanups, Slave Auctions and Breakfast in Bed.

19th February 2024
Oz Bigdownunder

Elust 170 leaping into February with a scorching hot image by Jo Koss and all the best sex blog posts from around the web for your reading pleasure.

Books and Movies

History of BDSM Roman Scandals (1933): The Celluloid Dungeon

The choreographer for the slave auction scene has an interesting body of work.

Erotic Fiction

When Jerry Met Ali Voyeur

Camilla arrived too late. Moments earlier she'd have gotten an eyeful.

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 32

Stephanie, Maires and Master have breakfast in bed.

Jasmine Gold Hyperion Man

Corporate networking gets sexy.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

barefoot sub The Impact Of Running


Pain as Pleasure Burn And Rave At Close Of Day

They say that poem was written in 1947 for Thomas' Dying father. He didn't die until 1952 so he followed the poems advice.

Erotic Non Fiction

Kristina J The Girlfriend Experience: What Sets My Heart Racing and Ignites Desire

The A to Z of GFE.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Buzz Vibes The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Satisfaction for New Couples

I might send this to some couples who contact me. Lots of excellent advice.

Product Reviews

Sex Toy DB E-Stim Systems Large Torpedo Review

That's a beautiful design. Looks like a prop out of a Godzilla movie!

Sex Work

Amelia Swann Couples and Curiosity

The Perfect Threesome.

Fox Digital Can AI Deblur Your Photos And Identify You?

This is why I have cartoon faces pasted onto all my pics. The tech today is scary enough. The tech we'll have in a few more years is a whole other story.

The Lady Phoenix Vision in Crimson

The transformation of Becky the sissy.

Carrie Young Introducing The Working Submissive

I subscribed. This is a much needed resource for pro subs. I don't switch with clients. Dom only. But it's very interesting to learn about.

Sandra Duo with TS Ama

Sadly, Owen the vacuum cleaner robot only lasted a few weeks working to keep our incall location clean before succumbing to overwork. Too dirty. We sent him back to Jeff Bezos. Fairly sure he wasn't actually pregnant. Owen. Not Jeff.

Hellga Latex Fantasy Session with Poppers Gas Mask

Some of the /imagine ideas we send the Midjourney AI as requests for images for it to generate for our sex work blog posts must really test the Turing machine. "Please create an image of two kinky lovers in an embrace wearing latex and gas masks". When the singularity happens and AI gains sentience, Midjourney is going to be one very kink curious entity.

Oz Valentine's Day Voyeur Duo with Kensley

My shenanigans.

Sex Worker Search Clientopedia

As a reddit moderator for the /r/sexworkers subreddit with 283,000 members, you would not believe how often I see people asking, or get directly asked, "how do I safely book an appointment with a genuine provider without getting scammed?" This resource is a work in progress that can already answer a lot of questions.


Musings of a Switch An independent artist search

Depending on your requirements there are a lot of great independent artists available to create images on commission. Or there's always Midjourney or one of the other generative AIs designed to create images from natural language descriptions.

Writing about writing

Ramone Quides Welcoming in 2024 with Writer’s Block

Happy New Year Ramone. I always enjoy Ramone's erotica, especially anything cuckolding themed.

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