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12th May 2019
Oz Bigdownunder

A magazine specialising in articles relating to sexuality, sex advice and sex positivity, recently asked to interview me.

Here's a copy of the unedited interview=

Interview Topic: What To Know About Forced Bi

What are your personal views towards kink and alternative lifestyles?

Hi , thank you for inviting me to feature in your article on forced bi. I'm a male escort and Pro Dom. I specialise in forced bi sessions and I'm the preferred duo partner of dozens of Mistresses in London who all regularly invite me to join in their sessions when clients ask for a male escort.

I was kinky before I started escorting and my sex life outside of sex work is far from vanilla.

My own sexual preferences are complicated and ever changing. I love new experiences in all things. Especially sex.

As far as other peoples kinkiness, if someone isn't kinky at all and enjoys their vanilla sex life, I'm happy for them. Why not? Not everyone needs to be kinky. If they are kinky and they're having fun exploring their fetishes and fantasies with other consenting adults, that's great too. And if they have fantasies but don't have anyone they feel comfortable exploring those fantasies with, then I hope they contact a professional and make their fantasy a reality!

Fortunately for me, I'm very good at what I do and there's a large market for the services I provide.

Finding a good male escort for forced bi isn't easy. You should expect at a minimum that he can reliably show up to a session on time, not be high on drugs or desperate for his next fix, understand that the session is about the client's enjoyment not his own, and be able to get hard, stay hard and cum. Guys who can perform under pressure with anyone and everyone are rare. Those who start in the industry with this ability often quickly lose it due to burnout and/or drug abuse. Fortunately, I have zero interest in drugs, a massively high libido and modest financial targets. This means I usually see just a few people per day and feel zero pressure to accept bookings when I’m tired.

What is forced bi and what do you enjoy about it?

Forced bi is a popular fetish role-play scenario involving a man being “forced” into sex acts with another man. Usually a Dominant woman is doing the “forcing.” The scene is one that has been requested by the man and the details of the scene have been negotiated beforehand so there's no real force involved. Everything is consensual.

Many submissive men who see professional Mistresses, enjoy doing one on one role plays whereby he can explore his curiosity about sex with other men by having a Mistress verbally humiliate him with talk of how she's going to invite a man to come over and use him sexually.

This fantasy role play is usually played as a kind of humiliation scenario. ie in the fantasy, he's a straight man who doesn't want to have sex with men but is being "forced" to do it. Like many fantasies that male clients visit female professional Mistresses to explore, it's about power exchange. Giving up control. Submitting oneself before a powerful, dominant woman and then exploring different fantasies within that context.

Some men with this fantasy go so far as to request toys and strap-ons up their asses. Some want bondage. Some want sissification whereby the Mistress dresses him up in women's clothes. And some go all the way and arrange to pay for a male escort like me to join in the session.

Plucking up the courage to take this step of inviting a male escort to join in a duo session with himself and his Mistress can take years or even decades for some men. It's a big deal to them and I don't take this lightly.

When I'm invited I do everything I can to make sure that client has the best possible session tailored exactly to their needs. I want these guys to enjoy themselves and it's very important to me to maintain my reputation amongst Mistresses as the best of the best when it comes to forced bi.

What are the misconceptions about forced bi?

Clients who request me to come and join in a Forced Bi session all know exactly what Forced Bi is. The Mistresses I do duos with are all very Professional so the session wouldn't be happening if they weren't sure that the client knew exactly what he was getting himself in for.

I guess if someone was encountering the concept for the first time they might be confused about the “forced” part and worry that some kind of assault is implied. In fact I'm always very tuned into a clients reactions and always looking for any sign that he might be struggling or in any state of distress or discomfort. I always make sure any client of mine knows he can opt out at any moment.

What typically happens in forced bi play and sessions?

It's different every time depending on the clients wants and needs. Some Forced Bi sessions involve sissification, humiliation, bondage, impact play etc. I've done forced bi scenes where the guy has been suspended with his back in a sling and wrists and ankles cuffed. I have one regular who I see with one of my Mistress duo partners who's an adult baby so he's in a big nappy whenever I see him. When we do forced bi with him he calls her mummy and I'm mummy's friend. In most cases they want to be told to suck my cock and/or to bend over and take my cock up their ass.

Are there any things one must know before trying out forced bi?

If a forced bi client wants anal, most Mistresses will make sure he knows how to use an anal douche, or shower hose attachment to clean inside their ass beforehand. Some Mistresses will physically assist with administering an enema or similar. The anal sex should never be messy or painful. We always start slow eg with a finger in a rubber glove, plenty of lube, start with smaller toys, Mistresses strap-on etc and work up to being able to take my cock only once he's used to the sensations and relaxed and ready.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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James E
4 years ago

I love new experience in sex about all things.

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