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21st January 2019
Oz Bigdownunder

Sandra and I are hosting another Bukakke Party this Saturday at our flat in Mayfair for fun and facials.

Any single women also into receiving facials welcome to attend for free.

Just oral and facials this time. We prefer hosting gangbang parties with full sex, anal, DP etc but the higher ticket price of £80 must make a lot of attendees think twice on the day since these events seem to get twice as many RSVPs leading up to the event but less than 10% confirm on the day. It's not worth doing if only 2 guys out of 20 show up. In our experience, the £40 per person bukakke parties have  a much better ratio of genuine guys who actually show up compared to no shows and timewasters.

Fetlife is brilliant for promoting these events and we've just joined fabswingers so hopefully this party will be very well attended.

I've been working on fixing broken links on my site using this Link Checker which crawls any website and locates any links to pages that no longer exist. I managed to reconnect with Katie , who's link didn't work but I still had her number, got in touch, found her new ad and now we're available as a duo again 🙂

Last week I had duos with Sandra and Macy as a trio with a gentleman client who booked the three of us together for a very sexy session.

He'd specified via email that  he "would like a blonde white girl preferably with natural C, D or DD cup. Slim, 20s. As far as budget goes I have seen a wide range from $150-$600 on ads so I was hoping you could make a couple of suggestions of girls that you have worked and have chemistry with. Does that make sense? As far as services I’d really like CIM, OWO and maybe A."

I suggested Sandra, saying "She's slim and blonde and loves anal, owo and cim. Her boobs are B cup."

He replied in the affirmative and asked if I could arrange a second girl with bigger tits who Sandra and I both have good chemistry with. I recommended Macy, sent him some pics of her along with her rates, he agreed. Arranged the time and sent him my address after confirming with Macy and Sandra.

He'd asked to be mainly a voyeur, joining in for touching and oral and wanted me to cum on both girls faces as they kissed for the finale at which point he would kiss both girls and finally he'd cum on Macy's tits.

Macy arrived first, our gentleman caller a few minutes later at exactly the appointed time and then Sandra moments later. Our session went exactly as he'd requested and we all had  a great time. None of us bothered to look at the time and went  well over the hour. He left a very happy voyeur and promised he'll be back for the sequel.

I also did a sissification session arranged via Anna's Angels. His scenario was for his chosen Angel to act as his wife and I would be the young, well hung bull who his wife was having an affair with. He'd come home early from work and catch us in the act. It would transpire that his own inadequacies were to blame for the current state of affairs. Specifically, his tiny, soft cock having failed completely to satisfy his wife. Our roles were played to perfection and just to teach him a lesson we dressed him up in girls clothes to better impart the lesson that a sissy's place is to watch and admire how a real man pleasures a beautiful woman.

Last but not least, I had a cuckolding and forced bi session with Christine Love. Who would guess that such an elegant, sophisticated, well-spoken and rather posh young lady like Christine could be such a sex fiend?! The man of the hour had a thing for the smeared makeup look as modelled to perfection by Christine, resplendent in smudged lipstick and teary eyeliner after a bravura virtuoso performance of deepthroat on my nine inch cock 😉 Christine and I brought the house down (almost literally. The exquisite antique furniture was bouncing off the walls and we may have caused structural damage to the foundations of that boutique hotel with the force of our passions). I left a delighted voyeur nestled headfirst in Christine's recently lubricated decolletage. Thanked them both for an amazing session. Expressed my intention to go find a snowbank to dive headfirst into and took my leave.

A friend asked me to drop by Anne Summers and buy her a riding crop for an upcoming session. I found the perfect implement but it didn't fit in the shopping bag so I rode home up Oxford Street on my bicycle with the handle of the crop poking out of my Anne Summers Bag. One lady saw the crop and gave me a smile while I was stopped at the lights outside Selfridges. She crossed the road and a man coming the other way saw our exchange, spotted the crop then dutifully bent over while his friends watched in amusement as he took a playful slap on the ass cheeks from me still mounted on my bike. So that's an experience. I've now publicly spanked someone from atop my trusty bicycle on one of the busiest thoroughfares on the planet.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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