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18th September 2018
Oz Bigdownunder

I made a charitable donation of my time recently as a voluntary teacher for a special needs timewaster.


I love genuine foot fetishist bookings. Nothing like getting paid to receive foot massages. My feet are large, aesthetically pleasing to the eye of any and all would be foot worshippers, in perfect health and always perfectly pedicured.

However, anyone who asks for pictures is already giving of warning signs of being a timewaster. Poor spelling and grammar also ring alarm bells. Reluctance to commit to a day, time and location paired with enthusiasm for chatting about something they're turned on by = almost guaranteed timewaster. All of the above and you have a confirmed and verified wanker on your hands.

There must be a thrill to pretending to be interested in booking an appointment with an escort, requesting pictures, receiving said pictures and then not making an appointment but rather proceeding to repeat the process with another escort and another and so on.

A link to pictures does nothing to satisfy a timewaster.  It has to be a picture an escort has deliberately sent specifically and deliberately to that individual timewaster. There's plenty of free porn on the internet so a freely available online pic has no value but any time and effort wasted by the escort has some value and thus it feels like a small victory to waste our time in this way.

Addictive behavior can result from almost anything where a stimulus that is both rewarding and reinforcing results from the behaviour. In this case the timewasters little synapses light up every time he receives a sexy pic. Mix in some dopamine and seratonin, repeat enough times et voila obsessive compulsion. The psychology must be "I'll trick this escort into sending me a sexy pic... hurray it worked. I'll do it again to another escort." Rinse and repeat.

If you're an escort reading this, please don't encourage timewasters. If you're a timewaster reading this, please stop. Try to be a better person. Being selfish, rude and inconsiderate is it's own punishment. If you behave this way, not only with escorts but with an equivalent level of shitty behaviour in a variety of your interactions, you'll find that everyone who can avoid you will do so. We are social creatures and it's horrible to be lonely. Please take responsibility for yourself and quit timewasting.

On a more positive note, New York was brilliant as always. I stayed in a nice apartment by Columbus Circle. Met some very polite, charming and sexy people. Visited an apartment in a modern highrise in battery park with a spectacular view of the whole city and accommodated in my own apartment. Received rave reviews from everyone I met, promises to meet me again in London and requests to save their numbers and txt them anytime I come back to NYC. I don't proactively txt anyone unless I get these requests. Better to assume everyone prefers privacy and discretion unless they indicate that I'm welcome to get in contact.

I'm back in London now and I'll be here until November and then away for most of the European winter.

I had a very nice welcome back to London last night from my favourite dirty couple Mr and Mrs D in Chelsea. Mr and Mrs met me out front on their way home from a romantic dinner at a restaurant nearby. Mr D quickly changed into stockings for some crossdressing bi threesome fun and then entered his living room almost horizontal thanks to a slippery spot on the floor. I too must also wax the floor in the entrance of my flat to make  a super slippery booby trap such that all guests enter my home like Kramer from Seinfeld.

I relayed my in taxi experience en route where I'd been watching porn on my phone. A nice hardcore DP scene with a young lady very much enjoying two  extremely large cocks. Only to look up and realise that the reflection of my phone on the side window of the taxi was magnified to an A3 sized projection beaming out at passing pedestrians. Oh well it's always nice to share.

And Share we did. Mr D and I shared Mrs D's tight pussy. The tight grip of her stretched over both our thick cocks felt amazing for both of us and judging from how wet and wild she was riding us, moaning, screaming and cumming all over us, Mrs D rather enjoyed the experience too.

They're the sexiest, kinkiest, dirtiest and most fun couple. Always a pleasure.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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