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Forced-Bi Interview

17th October 2020
Oz Bigdownunder

Forced-Bi Connoisseur recently conducted an interview with me and published it alongside a series of interviews with Mistresses on the subject of Forced-Bi.

Call me Bigdownunder. Oz.. Bigdownunder. I was originally called Aussie. Then later shortened it to Oz and then when Anna's Angels Agency asked me for a surname for my profile on their site I came up with Bigdownunder and everyone liked it so much I've been using it as my brand ever since.

Forced-Bi Male Escort

The last two points about being the top independent site in results on search engines for search terms like "forced bi male escort" and the fact that all my duo partners say I'm the best male duo partner they've ever worked with, are two of my proudest achievements in life. I know it's not exactly curing cancer or feeding the starving millions but these things mean a lot to me.

He likes a good pun this connoisseur. Cunning linguistics is right up my alley. It's possible that's not the only interest we share. Maybe one day I'll be right up his alley.

That blue link up there won't work since it's a screenshot from the original interview so here is a link to Mistress Volga.

And here's Sandra.


Stunt Cock

My own powers of persuasion are formidable. Alongside my Mistress duo partners I am often the stunt cock and the speaking role is primarily hers. An arrangement I'm quite happy with. The physical aspect is certainly my forte.

Snowflakes. Yes. Each one precious and unique in their own beautiful way. And inclined to instantly melt when they meet with a big hot cock.

If you click the word "COUPLES" you'll find a history of blog posts where I've met with some perfect examples of what I describe in my answer to that last question.


An excellent approach to take to all life experiences in my opinion.



I'm planning to do another reddit IAMA after my site redesign goes live and then email the editors of every publication I can get hold of an email address for offering to do a free interview in exchange for a do follow link on their site linking to mine.


This is something about me I can't imagine ever changing. If I switched professions tomorrow and became a deep sea diver or an astronaut, you'd soon find me in the clutches of a sea of tentacles at an Octopod gangbang or double teaming a Xenomorph with Captain Zapp Brannigan. There's no path into the future I can foresee that doesn't involve me balls deep in threesomes and group sex.

Just don't. Don't take my word for it. I'm no medical professional. Do some research into the risks. The NHS website would be a good place to start.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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3 years ago

Interesting interview. I'm going check where I am on the Kinsey scale.

Agreed labels can be stifling, it makes things seem too black and white. There are always people that fall in the in between or as you said it may only apply in one situation and never again.

Can't wait to see your other interviews!

Mary Wood
3 years ago

Funny interview

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