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Foxy Couple

11th August 2022
Oz Bigdownunder

Image courtesy of Taurinfox.

A foxy couple I met once before for a bi threesome outcall invited me to meet them gain last night.

Mr Foxy met me at the door to their Airbnb located in the middle of Covent Garden right next to a row of tables heaving with semi inebriated punters outside a busy pub.

Their flat was on the top floor with no lift. He raced up the stairs ahead of me taking the steps three at a time. His thighs and buttocks were muscular and toned and I commented that he's not skipping legs day.

He turned with a cheeky grin, delighted by the compliment.

We reached their flat and were greeted by Mrs Foxy.

Fully dressed but the second I saw her I'd instantly undressed her in my minds eye and enjoyed every detail of her sexy body anew.

We last met a few years ago at a chic hotel in the Strand where we had a lot of fun and her tits and ass must have made a lasting impression on me as vivid flashbacks of her exact proportions and of our contortions came flooding back.

Speaking of flooding, she had noted the way I was looking at her and was immediately gushing with compliments, opened floodgates on a wave reminiscences about my cock, words of praise for my prowess when last we met cascaded forth. She might have got a bit wet is what I'm saying.

Mr Foxy got us some drinks and returned seconds later to Find Mrs A and I already naked and entwined on the sofa. Cheers!

Mrs Foxy seems to wear the pants in their Foxy Couple relationship. Panties aside, as it were, her commands for Mr A to stroke my cock, suck it, and later to take it up his ass were all dutifully obeyed. The only order he didn't immediately obey was

"Cum on my tits!" "NOW!"

There's plausible deniability that his ejaculatory reticence was not mere disobedience. He'd had a few and was a bit wobbly by that stage. So it's only natural these things could take time.

The side effect of his slightly delayed emission was that Mrs A and I redoubled our efforts to inspire him via putting on a performance of rough riding, ass slapping, titty bouncing, crescendo of screaming so loud the pub goers downstairs and half the population of Soho were treated to a soprano performance.

Performance completed, Mrs Foxy gave me a kneeling ovation. We lay in post coital embrace for a while, chatted, eventually arose, got cleaned up, I got dressed. Mrs A donned panties and throughout all this Mr Foxy just kept on wanking, determined to reach the finish line.

Just when we thought he wouldn't, he did. It was like a Magnum of champagne going off at the finishing line. He drenched Mrs Foxy from hip to toe including a liberal drenching of her panties. "These were clean panties!" "you're washing them for me now!"

The annoyance was belied by her expression, clearly impressed by his perseverance and sheer volume.

I kissed Mrs Foxy goodnight. Went in for a handshake with Mr A. Then thought better of grabbing his hand dripping with spunk and slapped his ass goodnight instead.

I strongly advised Mr Foxy to pursue a career in porn.

A cumshot like that is a highly valued commodity in cinematic circles.

I hopped daintily over the cinematic circle of the spreading pool of semen on the floor and flitted off into the night. Having chosen to forgo a shower since I was cycling, I pedalled home on a vapour trail of Mrs Foxy's pussy juice leaving no doubt every fox in zone 1 engaged in an orgy of frantic rutting on the pheromones of our epic fuck.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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1 year ago

Perseverence is a huge turn on, especially when the reward is so generous!

Liz BlackX
1 year ago

That sounds like a very successful encounter!

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