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Halal in the Streets, Haram in the Sheets

15th February 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

Oz Bigdownunder is back in the sandpit and ready for some sunshine, non-lockdowned restaurants and cafés  and plenty of hot, Haram, Dubai duos.

I'm on tour with Sandra. As regular readers may have guessed, I'm partial to a week or two of perfect weather and all the flash, glam and bling Dubai does best. Sandra is in consumerist heaven in the shopping malls here. We've both had a busy week so far with all the naughty, kinky Emirati and expat boys.



We're staying in JBR just over the road from the beach in a spacious, luxury room with a view of the sea.


My friend Amanda Hunt is in town too. She's brilliant at roleplays and very kinky. We've had some awesome duos here before. See the Amanda Hunt Duos category for some past duo-tastic erotic encounters.

Amanda Hunt dubai duos

I spoke to my friend Makiyo when I got here. We've had some fun Dubai Duo sessions together before. See the Makiyo tag for some of our past adventures. She's up for more duos of course and also asked me to come and film some shared content video clips together.


I updated my profile on Mistress Dubai and contacted all the Mistresses listed there to say I'm in town and available if they need me for duos, eg forced-bi sessions with their clients.

I got replies from the following Mistresses =

Melisande Sin

Melisande Sin Dubai Duos

Melisande and I did a duo together in London where I took her slave's virginity. Is deflowering a male virgins tight asshole with a giant Aussie cock haram? Pretty sure that's called haram as fuck. Good fun though. Hope we get some action here too.

Kinky Domina Christine

Kinky Domina Christine Dubai duos

Sandra and I went for a coffee with Christine when we first arrived here. And both instantly became her fans. Look at those nails! Top of her list of likes is Long Stiletto Nails Worship & Scratching (Face & Body) and Cock and Ball Torture with Nails. I know a CBT slave or two who'd gladly have their delicate little scrotums impaled on those.

ps I read a thread on the Erotica Authors subreddit the other day where someone was asking for help coming up with romantic sexy words for testicles. Post in the comments here if you can think of any. Spunknuggets?

Maya Sin

Maya Sin duubai duos

One of Maya's favourite things is =

"Coerced-bi fantasies: interact with another man on my command, for my pleasure."

As in, her wish is your command. Now do as you're told or see her site for details of all the punishments that await if you disobey.

Queen Kali Raine

So far I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kali. We might have a duo together this weekend but I'm not sure what her guy has asked for exactly. I hope it involves bondage. I love the ropework pics on her website.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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